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Remote Online Jobs: Make Money Online From Home

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Remote online jobs are occupations that require the internet to work at home. Virtual librarians, telemedicine, online freelancing, online teaching, and social media influencers are examples of remote online jobs. Plus, working from home is now more effective with new team management software that facilitates the administration of a home-based workforce.

In 2021, due to the ongoing crisis, it was vital to create multiple income streams. Many people have learned the hard way that the traditional nine-to-five job could not always be viable when forced to stay home. You will find resources related to telecommuting, working remotely, and making money online on this website.

I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it. The ones who build a profitable online business are proactive, skilled, and dedicated.

Real Ways To Make Money Online Working From Home

Earn A Living From Home With Affiliate Marketing

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Beginners can start with launch jacking even on a tight budget. Starting an affiliate marketing business is a smart choice for people who are good at recommending products. You do not have to deal with customer support, shipping, and all the extra tasks needed to sell products online.

It is possible to get great results with free traffic or paid traffic. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online. And investing in an affiliate marketing course can help you get results faster.

Get Started With Dropshipping

If you want to sell products online, dropshipping may be the path to earning consistent income online. Contrary to common belief, it has been around for a long time, and big companies also use it.

With a has a low barrier to entry, dropshipping is a scalable business. Some tools and websites can help you automate the system more effectively and profitably.

Image of dropshipping store

Make A Living From Social Media

Influencers working on their marketing strategies

Social media marketing is on the rise. The number of influencers who make money promoting products on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest keeps growing. Social media offers numerous ways to benefit from an audience and make money at home.

From guest posting to offering various services, digital marketing can help you achieve financial freedom with little experience. Learning how to repurpose social media content to extend your reach and grow your audience is crucial.

Start Earning With Freelancing

Freelance jobs and contingent workers are proven ways to make money remotely since many specialized platforms connect buyers to gig workers.

While many are still considering gigs like side hustles, many independent workers make more than a nine-to-five job. You can easily create a gig on Fiverr or join any other freelance website to offer your services.

Group of businessmen and businesswomen

Make Money From Home Blogging

Blogging icon

Thousands of websites are launched daily, but making money from blogging requires time and commitment. You will not become rich overnight and must be willing to work for months before seeing any result. However, blogging is one of the real passive income streams that can make you over $100 a day.

When you figure out SEO, content production, and how to manage a blog, you are on your way to earning money even while you sleep. More importantly, your website will become an asset that can combine multiple streams of income.

Create Your Online Course

More and more people are looking for online training and education. Whether it is for their kids or personal development, almost everyone has searched for a solution on the internet. You can be the one that helps people to achieve a specific goal.

Regardless of what people think, you do not need a fancy online course to make a consistent income. Instead, a course must provide value and a clear answer to what people want.

There is no need to be tech-savvy to create a course because platforms like Podia, Teachable, and Kajabi are built specifically to help you build a profitable knowledge business.

Sign telling about success for course creators

Start Consulting And Coaching From Home

Group of people working towards a same goal with a business coach

Consulting is a high-paying job that you can do at a home office. A high level of expertise is required to guide and provide the best advice to your future customers. Many companies hire consultants to supplement their staff and enhance productivity.

There are various types of coaches, from sports coaches to life coaches. What they do daily may vary, but the final goal remains to empower and help people improve. Successful coaches can make $200 for a single session.

Learn How To Sell Products Online Successfully

There are different ways to earn from selling products online. Becoming an Amazon seller, starting an eBay seller business, and creating an Etsy shop are the most popular ones. Whether you are willing to offer physical products or downloadable ones, there are ways to benefit from growing online markets.

Just like a brick-and-mortar business, there are marketing techniques that skilled sellers use to boost their sales. Learn how to scale your business to six figures selling digital products while working from home. Using online retailers’ platforms and launching an eCommerce website are the main ways to start selling online.

Business plan infographic for selling products online

Master Trading To Start Making Money From Home

women shopping and trading

Mastering trading can replace your income and make you over $100 daily. Before getting too existing, remember that trading has nothing to do with chance or good fortune. It might take you some time to learn how to trade effectively.

And like most skills, it is better to learn from experts with years of experience, like the day trading academy.

Depending on your choice, you may need to acquire trading skills, find a reliable trading platform, choose your currencies, and decide between short-term trades and long-term investments. You may use a trading bot designed explicitly for the forex market to make it more profitable.

Programming, developer, and designer

Web and app development encompass diverse jobs. Web design and development, app design, iOS development, Android development, smart device creation for home improvements, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity are some most common ways to make money coding.

However, many jobs that involve the internet or developing websites do not require mastering coding. As a matter of fact, I built this website without using a single piece of code.

As you may work by project, your income depends on how your customers value a given project. You also must position yourself as an expert and show your client how much they will benefit from your work.

two programmers working on their computers at home

There are two ways that your dream customers will find you: either they’re going to search for you or they’re going to interact with things that interest them where you will interrupt them.

– Russell Brunson

If you want to be successful find somebody who’s successful and do what they do and you’ll get what they got.

– David Sharpe quoting Tony Robbins in an interview


Building and growing a blog is an excellent way to make consistent passive income while working from the comfort of your home. Blogging requires upfront work before seeing any result, but after 6-24 months, you should be able to start making some money. It is a convenient occupation for stay-at-home parents and digital nomads.

Copywriters create written content for advertising purposes. The sales copy or copy is the end product intended to make visitors do a specific action called a conversion. It is an in-demand high-income skill indispensable for any eCommerce and online entrepreneurs.

Copywriting is a real way to make more than one thousand dollars a year working from home. You can check the copywriter brain training program if you need to improve your skills.

Digital content creators are skilled workers providing online services for businesses who need to create videos, written content, infographics, and audio. Online content creation is vital for growing social media, websites, eCommerce, YouTube channels, and any digital platform.

Online content creators can work remotely for a company, create their own agency, and offer their services as contractors. You can start by using tools like Canva and Visme.

Online evaluators check processes, examine results, and provide feedback. They help to decide if a product meets all the requirements and works as expected. Here are some specific occupations you can do remotely with online evaluators:

  • become an ABET program evaluator
  • social media evaluator
  • social media accessor at Lionbridge 
  • Google quality rater
  • search engine evaluator 
  • customer service evaluator jobs

A proofreader examines written content to correct grammar, wording, spelling, style, and typography. Proofreading is often a well-paid remote online job and constitutes the final step in an editorial cycle. You can work for journals, authors, publishers, and bloggers.

Rental properties are a tremendous home-based income stream, but they take some upfront work and investment. Renting a commercial building, a residential real estate property, or simply an extra room through Airbnb are ways people make money from rental properties.

Self-publishing can generate passive income while staying at home. You do the work once to produce your content and get royalties each time a copy is sold. Paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks are widespread products you can self-publish using online platforms like Amazon KDP, Audible, PublishDrive, and Apple books.

Making money from stock portfolio investment requires having money to buy financial assets. You will earn if the value of your bond or stock increases. Dividend investing can be a profitable passive income stream but has some risks, and you may need to take a course to start the right way. 

Experienced investors know how to diversify through exchange-traded funds to maximize profits. Your earnings rely on multiple factors, but investing in dividend stocks is straightforward when using online brokerage accounts like CMTrading, acorns, and betterment.

Virtual assistants are usually independent contractors offering services like social media management or any task small business owners want to delegate. Most virtual assistants work remotely and provide their services using the internet. It is an effective way to make extra cash or even a full-time income at home.

Creating a YouTube Channel is a legitimate way to earn a living at home. It is a straightforward process based on simple principles like creating valuable videos and producing content for a specific audience.

If you make two videos weekly, you will usually need 8-12 months to get accepted into the YouTube Partner program. But there are several other ways to make money off YouTube, even with less than 1,000 subscribers

Why You Need Tools To Develop Your Online Business

A funnel builder software is designed to create all the web pages required to build an online sales funnel. It helps increase sales and convert leads into customers. 

Many sales funnels revolve around these four elements:

  • landing page + form
  • thank you page
  • pages to visit in a specific order
  • follow-up emails
How to use funnel builders to increase your revenue online

A marketing funnel is essential for converting cold traffic and upselling. Having a good product is not enough, especially when people discover your offer for the first time.

Many studies show that, on average, a person should be exposed to your product seven times before making a purchase. A funnel builder software like ClickFunnels is a helpful tool to increase eCommerce earnings or boost affiliate sales.  

learn how to build a sales funnel

Goal-oriented email templates

10 Effective Ways To Find A Job And Start Earning From Home

Employment websites are search engines displaying job openings. Employers use job boards to show their job vacancies so that job seekers can find them based on keywords or types of careers. Although they serve the same purpose, there is a slight difference between job aggregators and job boards.

Job aggregators like Indeed combine multiple job listings from various online sources, whereas job boards like FlexJobs (best for finding remote jobs) generally concentrate on a specific industry or type of employment.

A career social media site LinkedIn is highly effective for networking and finding job opportunities online. Plus, most social media platforms facilitate contact between job seekers and firms looking for new employees. For example, many Facebook job search groups are trendy and are real ways to help you start making money from home.

You may need to contact recruiters and hire managers directly via cold emails or phone calls. In this case, you need to get the person in charge of recruiting to get a positive answer. It is essential to contact the right person and choose a convenient time.

You can go straight to the career page of a specific company to find job openings. Most reputable businesses have a section on their website showcasing the positions they want to fulfill. It is beneficial if you know exactly the company name. For example, Automattic is among those websites offering remote jobs. 

Crowdsourcing is a way businesses source tasks and services among a large group of people to obtain cumulative results at a low price. Many crowdsourcing websites allow you to work from home and are a great way to earn extra income online, for example, Kickstarter and MTurk. 

Internships are great ways to start a career and get some experience, especially for recent graduates. College students can also benefit from federal internships on USAJOBS. It is also possible to apply online, for example, through Square internships

We all know that some of the best job openings are reserved for a selected group of people. You must be part of a specific network to apply for these positions. For example, some high-ticket affiliate programs only accept super affiliates (or on invite-only), like the affiliate program of The ENTRE Institue.

Recruitment fairs (or job fairs) are events where employers give job seekers information relative to the company. They take place either on an online platform or in a physical venue. People can go from booth to booth to interact with recruiters.

Current employees refer a potential candidate that matches the profile of a job opening. This type of recommendation helps find new candidates. Some companies offer extra benefits or incentives for employees who can refer someone that fits the company’s expectations.

Staffing agencies like Kelly Services aim to find the best applicants for any job opening. Staffing services are usually free for job seekers since businesses pay the agencies. The role of external entities such as recruitment agencies is to find convenient candidates for employers. 

From Side Hustle To High-Income Business

Group of people working together

Did you know that our school system is most effective at training future employees? I have learned this shocking reality during my 15 years of teaching young and older students.

Although there is nothing wrong with being an employee, the idea of trading time for money keeps us from seeing the truth. Wealthy people value time over money. Instead, rich entrepreneurs:

  • trade skills from money
  • invest to gain more money back
  • delegate
  • create automated systems to earn even while they are not working

Unfortunately, most people struggle to make money online to achieve financial freedom. But for you, things could be different. Keep reading to find out how.

Working from home, also known as working remotely or telecommuting, encompasses two main types of jobs. There are jobs that are done at home without extensive use of the internet, like woodworking or sewing. And there are jobs that are mostly done online, such as web development.

Bar chart showing work from home trends in the US from 2000 to 2018

The recent events have opened new opportunities for working online. Many people have chosen to stay safe at home and are looking for telecommuting jobs or side hustles online. Also, companies have more remote workers than ever before.

For example, the CEO of Shopify announced on May 21, 2020, that office centricity is over and most of his workers will permanently work remotely.

Industries hiring during the coronavirus pandemic

Thanks to CNBC, we have a brief overview of the workforce in the US. Some industries, like travel, are facing a big crisis while other big online retailers are kept growing.

A considerable part of the workforce is moving from office to home. For example, all of Twitter’s workers can now work remotely. 

Benefits of working from home

Working from home can be challenging but has many advantages:

  • saving money on transportation 
  • avoid spending time commuting
  • reduce the cost of eating out
  • no time spend on preparing clothes and getting ready to go to work
  • cook at home and eat healthily 
  • spend more time with your family
  • make it easy to plan your day 
  • can be a flexible job
  • more time to workout 
  • stay safe and avoid contamination

The benefits can be huge for people who know how to plan a day. A home-based job has the power to positively impact your health, social life, and your relationship.

Work from home: planning and being effective

Being a good remote worker is not as easy as people may think. You must deal with many variables like time management, teamwork planning, family life, setting up a remote office, communication, videoconferencing software, etc.

The truth is working from home is a skill that one can learn. To preserve your space and working hours, it is crucial to establish clear boundaries for kids, the spouse, or any person close to you. Find more helpful tips on how to work from home in this video from the CNN business YouTube channel. 

Become an online entrepreneur

Home-based job ideas

Due to the ongoing crisis, many office workers struggle to make money. People who plan to work from home have different possibilities, such as:

  • Create a business and work as an entrepreneur
  • Work offline from home with a traditional job like sewing
  • Find a job online as an employee or a contractor

Whether you are looking for a part-time remote job or to make a full-time income from home, here are a sample of the best work-from-home ideas:

  • Publisher, work for a publishing house
  • Real estate agent
  • Real estate investment banking
  • Remote call center manager jobs
  • Remote data entry work
  • Remote online stylist jobs
  • Remote receptionist jobs
  • Remote social media evaluator jobs
  • Remote tailoring
  • Remote travel agent
  • Remote telehealth jobs
  • Sell art crafts offline
  • Sell digital products
  • Sell homemade meals
  • Sell physical products online
  • Selling crafts online, selling crafts on Etsy
  • Selling photos online
  • Sign up for research studies
  • Social media influencer, influencer marketing
  • Social media specialist jobs work from home
  • Social workers work from home
  • Start a home daycare
  • Telemarketing jobs from home
  • Telemedicine
  • Trader jobs
  • Transcription jobs online
  • Translator
  • Video editing services
  • Virtual assistant jobs
  • Virtual bookkeeper job
  • Virtual receptionist jobs
  • Voice over artist
  • Web developer, coding
  • Webinar specialist jobs
  • Woodworking
  • Work-from-home healthcare
  • Writing, academic write-ups

Although all jobs can not be one hundred percent home-based, it is possible to find a flexible job in many sectors. Some people also have the chance to work a few hours in an office, and the remainder works remotely.

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