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Work from home

Working from home also known as working remotely or telecommuting encompasses two main types of jobs. There are jobs that are done at home without extensive use of the internet like woodworking or sewing. And there are jobs that are mostly done online such as web development.

Remote online jobs

Following the development of the internet, we have an increase of online workers. Among them, remote online jobs are ways to earn a living at home that require the use of the internet. Virtual librarians, teleconsultation, and new online jobs like YouTubers are some examples of remote online jobs.

Growth of internet users in 10 countries

The growth of internet users comes with an increase in the number of people working online. Within a decade India has become the number one supplier of online labor. Digital labor platforms are not only on the rise in developed countries like the UK or the US but also in countries like The Philipines or Bangladesh. The word is experiencing a shift from traditional workplaces to web-based jobs. You will find on this page a list of home-based jobs and most of them can be done online.

New technologies create
home-based jobs

The recent events have opened new opportunities for working online. Many people have chosen to stay safe at home and are looking for telecommuting jobs or for side hustles online. Also, companies have more remote workers than ever before. For example, the CEO of Shopify announced on May 21, 2020, that office centricity is over and most of his workers will permanently work remotely.

Industries hiring during coronavirus pandemic

Thanks to CNBC, we have a brief overview of the workforce in the US. Some industries like travel are facing a big crisis while other big online retailers are kept growing.

A considerable part of the workforce is moving from the office to home. For example, all of Twitter's workers can now work remotely. Learn more.

From CNBC television YouTube channel

Benefits of working from home

Working from home can be challenging but has many advantages:

  • saving money on transportation 

  • avoid spending time commuting

  • reduce the cost of eating out

  • no time spend on preparing clothes and getting ready to go to work

  • cook at home and eat healthily 

  • spend more time with your family

  • make it easy to plan your day 

  • can be a flexible job

  • more time to workout 

  • stay safe and avoid contamination

For people who know how to plan a day, the benefits can be huge. 

A home-based job has the power to impact positively your health, social life, and your relationship.

Work from home: planning and be effective

Being a good remote worker is not as easy as people may think. You must deal with many variables like time management, teamwork planning, family life, set up a remote office, communication, videoconferencing software, and so on. The truth is working from home is a skill that can learn. In order to preserve your space and working hours, it is crucial to establish clear boundaries for kids, the spouse, or any person close to you. Find more helpful tips on how to work from home on this video. 

From CNN business YouTube channel

How to make money from home: Home-based job ideas

People who plan to work from home have different possibilities such as:

  • Create a business and work as an entrepreneur

  • Work offline from home with a traditional job like sewing

  • Find a job online as an employee or a contractor

Whether you are looking for a part-time remote job or to make a full-time income from home, here are a sample of the best work from home ideas:

Accounting consultant jobs from home

Ads manager business, ad manager career

Advertising jobs from home

Affiliate marketing

App designer, app developer

Become a reviewer


Call center representative

Customer service jobs

Digital medicine

Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, retail arbitrage

Event and wedding planning

Farming and agriculture

Farming and forestry

Farming and ranching

Flexible fashion jobs

Freelance jobs, freelance work from home

Get paid taking surveys

Get paid to test app, websites, and products

Graphic designer

Home-based contractor jobs

Home-based customer service

Home-based online tutoring jobs

Home-based pet sitting business

Home-based sewing jobs

Home-based tutoring jobs

Home-based writing job

Investment banking

Lead generation specialist jobs

Make money with sponsored posts

Online coaching

Online consulting

Online moderators

Online teaching, create an online course

Personal trainer



Publisher, work for a publishing house

Real estate agent

Real estate investment banking

Remote call center manager jobs

Remote data entry work

Remote online stylist jobs

Remote receptionist jobs

Remote social media evaluator jobs

Remote tailoring

Remote travel agent

Remote telehealth jobs

Sell art craft offline

Sell digital products

Sell homemade meals

Sell physical products online

Selling crafts online, selling craft on Etsy

Selling photos online

Sign up for research studies

Social media influencer, influencer marketing

Social media specialist jobs work from home

Social worker work from home

Start a home daycare

Telemarketing jobs from home


Trader jobs

Transcription jobs online


Video editing services

Virtual assistant jobs

Virtual bookkeeper job

Virtual receptionist jobs

Voice over artist

Web developer, coding

Webinar specialist jobs


Work-from-home healthcare

Writing, academic write-ups

Although all jobs can not be one hundred percent home-based, it is possible to find a flexible job in many sectors.

Some people also have the chance to work a few hours in an office and the remainder they work remotely.


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