Does Pinterest Pay You? Creator Fund Vs Creator Rewards.

Pinterest pays creators who successfully participate in the creator rewards program. You will not be paid for views or followers, but if your idea pin meets all the requirements, you can earn up to $1000. As of 2022, the creator fund and the creator rewards are the only ways to get paid by Pinterest. 

does Pinterest pay you as a creator

How the Pinterest creator rewards works

You can earn money directly on Pinterest by creating idea pins. The platform has just launched the creator rewards program that pays creators for making original and inspiring idea pins. Pinterest will create monthly reward goals for creators that enter the contest. The ones that produce the most relevant content can receive some money, usually between $100 and $1000. 

Now, I will give you my top tips to create idea pins that can get accepted and become one of the few creators that receive money from Pinterest. It would help if you learned how to meet the expectation of monthly reward goals by asking you to produce fresh content in a specific way. 

Here are some elements you should consider:

  • learn how to create an idea pin
  • editorial requirements
  • the reward goal criteria
  • organic engagement and number of clicks
  • create a fresh new pin and original content
  • first publication of the idea pin (do not submit twice the same pin)
  • comply with Pinterest guidelines and best practices
  • disclose your participation in the creator rewards goal
  • do not boost manually your content
  • remember that Pinterest is a search engine just like Google 
  • Produce inspirational, educational, and helpful content
  • Do not include paid, sponsored, or promoted content

You have a topic to cover every month since the platform wants to reach new audiences and expand its reach. They expect you to produce a specific format and content to differentiate yourself from other users that are created mostly the same type of pins. 

Pinterest uses the creator rewards as a way to motivate creators to create more idea pins (formerly story pins). It is also crucial for the platform because Tiktok/Instagram users have shown they enjoy watching this type of short video content. 

Even though idea pins are not clickable, they can widely participate in growing your audience. If you can post viral idea pins, most people will discover your boards and may engage with your other pins. Plus, it is an excellent way to get more followers. 

If you want to grow fast, you need to help the platform grows. In other words, if Pinterest wants you to create more idea pins, then you should give it a try because they will reward you either financially or with audience growth. The creator rewards are a massive opportunity for Pinterest influencers. 

Short vertical videos are trending—TikTok, Instagram reels, and now YouTube shorts. Therefore, we know that the pin ideas format will help engagement and your account growth. 

Many companies have understood the importance of using Pinterest pin ideas for brand awareness and advertising. If you can not get paid by Pinterest, you may consider offering your services to help businesses manage their social media accounts. 

How to access Pinterest creator rewards

Please read all the terms and conditions to see if you are eligible before applying. You will be asked to provide many documents and follow strict guidelines. Although the creator program was primarily available for US residents, you may be eligible if you live in another country.

Step 1: Apply to join the creator rewards program.

You should have a Pinterest business account and apply for creator rewards here. If you get accepted, you will be able to participate in monthly reward goals by making and submitting your pin idea. 

Step 2: Access the creator hub

Access the creator hub through the Pinterest app on your mobile phone. As of 2022, the creator hub is only accessible on a mobile device. Download the app and go to your profile page. The creator hub (red) button is right below your stats and bio. 

Step 3: Access the earn tab and your creator reward area

Tap on earn at the top of your screen. Take the time to read Pinterest’s tips in the welcome section. Then press gets started to enter the creator rewards area, where you can find all the active, available, and completed reward goals. It tells you what idea pins Pinterest expects you to create.

  • The active goals section shows all the idea pins you are currently participating in
  • The available section encompasses all the idea pins that are currently available on Pinterest for creators who want to participate in the rewards program.
  • The completed section includes all the updates and earnings you may receive for participating in the reward program.

Remember that not all participants will get paid even though they meet the requirements. They can only reward a certain number of people for each goal. It is more like a contest to incentivize people to produce the best content.

Step 4: Add your payment information if you have not already

Pinterest may require you to have a US bank account to process the payment. Plus, you must fill out a 1099 tax form depending on your location. 

Step 5: Create and submit your idea pin

Idea pins are suitable for tutorials, DIY, educational, and informational content to convert visitors into followers. They should contain at least five slides. Here are nine tips for creating high-performing idea pins:

  • Brainstorm and create a pin outline including at least five parts
  • Decide how you are going to use all the features (video, voice-over, music, image, call to action, text, title) 
  • Gather all the raw content (text, video, and image)
  • Open the Pinterest app (it could be done on a desktop, but it seems that there are limited options available on a desktop)
  • Create each slide following your outline (try to add variety by creating different types of slides, and your last slide should include a call to action)
  • Add a title (find a keyword-optimized title for the search engine) 
  • Add related tags
  • Allow comments to increase engagement and help your idea pins rank higher.
  • Publish your idea pins and make sure to include them in the correct board

You can use new videos and pictures of yourself and repurpose content from Instagram, TikTok, blog posts, or YouTube shorts. 

How to benefit from the Pinterest creator fund

The Pinterest creator fund is relatively recent and focuses on helping underrepresented creators. The fund aimed to provide educational and financial support for eligible creators: disabled, people of color, and all communities included in the LGBTTTQQIAA. 

Since April 2021, the Pinterest creator fund has offered a new opportunity for influencers to have a more diverse and inclusive platform. You can get specific resources, financial aid, and training if you are selected. You will get access to a 4-week workshop that will help you be successful on the platform and can receive a $25,000 grant split between ad credits and cash.  

 You can join the creator newsletter to get notified whenever they open a new session of the creator fund. 

Final thoughts: Get paid to pin idea pins

Pinterest wants to reach a new audience by developing ideas pins. They have launched the creator rewards program to encourage users to create more video and idea pins. You can get paid to create idea pins. It will be more like an extra income stream. 

Some influencers claimed to have made over $10,000 a month from the Pinterest creator rewards. However, most people should expect to earn a few hundred dollars. Both creator funds and rewards are two great ways to supplement your income while helping the platform grow. 

If you want a more profitable way to earn money online, you can try affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

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