Remote Data Entry Jobs

Internet growth and the development of new technology have created an increasing need for data entry jobs from home. With the current situation where people are asked to stay at home, businesses have no choice but to offer more remote positions.

If you are interested in a job that can be done online, from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere with a stable internet connection you can begin your research by typing one of these phrases in your search engine:

  • Remote part time data entry jobs
  • Telecommute data entry jobs
  • Full-time income data entry jobs from home
  • Home-based or remote data entry clerk
  • Remote data entry jobs with no experience
  • High paying data entry job from home

In order to personalize your research to find a job near you, it is a good idea to complete these phases with your location, for example, “telecommute data entry job in New York”. Keep reading this article to find more job openings ideas.

Data Entry Jobs From Home: Man typing on a computer in home office

What Are Remote Data Entry Jobs (RDE)?

The Job is done away from their office, either at home or in some other place, equipped with necessary tools. Data entry jobs from home are very self-serving, just like onsite data entry jobs: staff update and manage databases by accessing and monitoring current data thoroughly and in detail.

Remote Data entry jobs include data processing, typing, transcribing, scanning activities related to organizing company files into a computer system, and input data jobs. Data entry, known as “Keylogging,” is seeing a resurgence in popularity as more and more businesses outsource clerical services.

You will usually need a fast internet connection, a powerful computer, and a home office to do your job effectively. It would be better to have some experience and take a data entry course to access the best-paying remote data entry jobs. For example, you can earn a professional data management certificate on Edx.

What Does Data Entry Mean?

Data entry is a broad term covering a variety of careers, it is an area where workers provide electronic data, review, edit, etc. Most businesses require staff in electronic environments to transcribe notes from meetings, put raw data into databases and incorporate sales statistics many times during a working day.

Requirements for Data Entry Jobs [Data Entry Jobs Training and Certification]

To apply for most entry jobs, you do need a high school degree. But you can improve your chance of getting accepted by taking college lessons or even group classes in related areas.

While some positions require experience of 1-5 years, beginners can apply for remote data entry jobs with no experience. Having no experience means that you previously haven’t worked as a freelancer or associated with any company, but you have the required skills.

If you are not sure to meet all the expectations of a future employer to get a job I highly recommend that you check out one of these certification programs (Accounting Clerk Certification, Office Clerks/Data Entry Clerks, data entry keyer certification program, etc.):

In addition to academic qualifications, candidates are expected to know how to use a spreadsheet, a word processor, and some specific data processing tools.

9 Companies Offering Data Entry Jobs

9 remote data entry jobs: AccuTran Global, Axion data entry services, capital typing, clickworker, MTurk Amazon data entry jobs from home, Google jobs, Walmart remote jobs,

AccuTran Global jobs

Other than typical data entry jobs, AccuTran Global primarily hires transcribers. However, even though you have little experience in transcription, the organization will hire you as long as you have successfully analyzed your application. AccuTran Global pays for each phrase and provides bonuses for challenging tasks at times. In the USA, the UK, and Canada, workers are employed. They offer legitimate data entry jobs at home.

· Time involvement: At least 3 hours a day must be committed.

· Qualifications: 75 WPM type of speed.

· Who can apply: U.S. or Canadian citizens.

Axion Data Entry Services

You must be licensed with the firm and include details on your previous work on data entry to be considered for a role. Axion is searching for employees with 2 to 3 years of experience and 50 words per minute typing average. Contractors will be paying per piece.

Engagement time: 20-25 hours a week. You can expect to earn 5-19 dollars an hour.

Capital Typing jobs

Capital Typing is an outsourcing business with an office in South Carolina. The business provides transcription service, electronic customer assistance, market analysis, translation, and secretarial services as well as its data entry employment at home. Homeworkers are hired as independent employees.

Cass Information Systems Inc. Data Entry Jobs

The last time I checked, Cass Information Systems has 26 job openings for Data entry, and many of them are remote positions. You can be responsible for entering data accurately and perform various clerical tasks, for example:

  • Data entry clerk 
  • Offsite Invoice Payment Specialist
  • Sr. Database Developer
  • Customer Service Support Representative 
  • Managed File Transfer Specialist
  • Production Support Specialist

Since the company is based in Ohio, you may have to be near the states to apply for some job offers of Cass Information Systems

Clickworker data entry jobs

Clickworker is a platform for crowdsourcing that links authorized employees with data entry, writing, analysis, and translation tasks. These activities are typically micro-jobs and compensation is generally less than a dollar per task.

There are no clear qualifications suggested but the applicants must be interviewed. You need to complete a skill assessment to register with Clickworker.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk data entry jobs

The Mechanical Turk platform then allows staff to pick small salary tasks, including data entry. This job is often low-paid, but typically can be performed without prior experience. Learn more with my blog post on working from home for Amazon.

Google data entry jobs from home

A common question is: “Does Google offer remote data entry jobs?”

The answer is yes, but they do not have many openings listed under “data entry.” You need to narrow your research and be more specific about the type of data entry job you want.

In 2021, if you are looking for a job in one of the leading companies, then try google careers by searching instead for:

To effectively do Google data entry jobs from home, you need to learn how to report clean data. If you are a beginner or lack experience, you may consider taking the Google Data Analytics Certificate

From Google Career Certificates YouTube Channel: How to Report Your Clean Data | Google Data Analytics Certificate

Walmart remote jobs

Since Walmart is the second online retailer in the US with more than 14,6 million dollars of revenue they constantly hire in different sectors. While doing your research online on Walmart career you may try some phrases like data entry, clerk, or data processing to find the job you want. jobs is a renowned and vast platform, where data entry projects can be found. Organizations of all types of post job listings for clerks and managers in the database. You ‘re going to have to research each listing carefully, to ensure it is a job you can work from home, as there are a large number of on-site vacancies. It is free to join Monster, but you must register and submit your CV for the work application.

Source – Walmart YouTube channel

How Much Do Remote Data Entry Jobs Pay in the US?

According to PayScale, hourly salaries range from $10 to nearly $17 an hour for data entry jobs, with more high levels for applicants who have the most experience and know-how. Pay per hour is, on average, $12.92.

Certain factors that may decide the compensation for professionals in data entry include the need for additional responsibilities, such as customer care or administration. For example, a data processor might also be asked to maintain a record of customer bookings, including schedule adjustments and cancellations in the hospitality and travel industries.

Average yearly entry salary in the United States on June 28, 2020, for Data Entry jobs.

Estimated Base Salary
Data Entry Supervisor$51,917
Data Entry Clerck II$37,068
Data Entry Clerk$32,933
Data Entry Operator$32,920
Data Entry Clerck I$32,917
Estimated Entry Level Base Salary For Data Entry Jobs

Best Paying Remote Data Entry Jobs

Here are some of the best paying data entry jobs:

Remote Data Entry Jobs For Beginners (and for college students)

These jobs require no prior experience and therefore are the best go-to for beginners. Some of them accept college students. Students’ part-time jobs allow them to get some money and save some time to study. Here are some platforms accepting beginners:


Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

DionData Solutions

AccuTran Global

Transcribe Me!

● GMRtranscription

Working Solutions

Speech Pad

Go transcript



Advantages of remote data entry jobs

There are many advantages to remote data entry jobs that make it a fine selection.

Quick access to jobs: since many companies require data entry workers, employees are also able to find employment quickly.

Opportunities for self-employed contractors: As virtual employees are considerably cheaper to handle than the in-house staff and much more U.S. companies outsourcing jobs, the career prospects in data entry continue to grow for freelancers.

Low entry barriers: The expense and effort needed for data entry are much lower than for many other professions. Low entry barriers.

  • There is easy access to these jobs as there are many remote data entry jobs available worldwide, which allow you to work from anywhere without going through much initial trouble. The Internet gives you access to plenty of companies who hire people for this Job.
  • Your working model is flexible, as you may get to choose your working hours as long as you don’t miss the deadline, and can even choose your assignments if allowed in your working terms.
  • This job builds your skills which help you in the long term even if you don’t aim to adopt it as a full-time career and just resort to it as a part-time job.
  • Data entry job demand a reasonable amount of time and effort from your side as do many other jobs.

A home-based data entry job certainly benefits the worker due to its accommodating nature and non-rigid time schedules. It spared from the nuisance of reaching the office daily and dealing with commute issues.

For students, it proves to be one of the best means to gain money and experience together. They can excel in this field if it suits their interest and continues to work. Since this is the era of computer and technology, online data entry jobs have a great scope. They will be seen getting more outreach in the future as technology leaps forward, giving more opportunities for clever and amateur seekers.

What can Data Entry Lead To?

A data entry job includes handling various aspects of electronic information and working tools, such as a keyboard, which are used by specialists to enter and edit the data. Many professions, like the typist, coder, transcriber, or word processor, exist in this industry. There are different payment forms for employment in this sector.

You can get project rewards, keystroke per minute, keystrokes per term, and keystrokes per hour or hourly wages if you start working in this industry. The payment rate in the entering data is usually dependent on the type-speed, quick typists in this industry would likely earn more money. Discover how to use your data entry skill to become a virtual assistant.

infographic showing 10 best skills for data entry jobs from home: accuracy, attention to details, computer skills, data processing, math knowledge in numeracy, know how to meet deadlines, fast typing skills, multi-tasking, language proficiency, communication skills

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