About us

This website was found to help you on your journey because we know that changing old habits can be very difficult. Some people will tell you that it is very easy to make money online and others will try to discourage you. The reality is that working at home requires commitment, self-discipline, and sometimes hard work. 

How can we help you?

We offer advice and provide you with valuable information. 

  • Training program and courses: it’s essential to learn from successful people and to develop high-income skills
  • Job opportunities: we share with you what we know have given good results.
  • Books and web content to acquire extra knowledge, software, and useful items for working at home

On this website, you will find free resources but also some links to paid pieces of training and offers. We use affiliate links to support the cost of maintaining the website up to date. Feel free to try and don’t forget to send feedback and testimonial. This will help us in knowing which products to keep on the site.  

About the website founder

I am from France.

I am a teacher in secondary school.

I am certified to teach mathematics in French and English.

I am also passionate about making money online.

In my free time, I build websites, blogs, and youtube channels with the help of useful collaborators.