11 Affiliate Marketing Courses To Create An Affiliate Business

I have a curated list of 15 affiliate marketing courses to learn how to make affiliate commissions. It includes training for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers. Each lesson teaches you how to use different strategies and traffic sources successfully.

Although affiliate marketing is a straightforward concept, there are many pieces to put together to succeed. It takes time to learn all by yourself. A course will help you create your affiliate marketing business fast and avoid many rookie mistakes.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

All these training programs can help you build a profitable affiliate business, but results are not typical and guaranteed. You will learn proven strategies to make affiliate commissions, but your level of success depends on your commitment.

The course choice depends on your budget, background, niche, and other factors. Here are a few elements to consider while choosing an affiliate marketing course:

  • course curriculum
  • step-by-step & over the shoulder training
  • the price
  • the instructors’ background
  • up-to-date methods, no outdated content
  • reviews and testimonials

Getting traffic is one of the major issues while trying to make money online. And despite all your effort, you will only make money if the course does not teach you how to drive traffic effectively.

traffic + offer + conversion = money

Here are some common elements included in many courses:

  • how to be successful in affiliate marketing
  • how to choose the best niches for affiliate marketing
  • how to join an affiliate network
  • how to find products for affiliate marketing
  • how to apply for an affiliate program and get accepted
  • how to get an affiliate link
  • how to set up an affiliate marketing website
  • how to start an affiliate marketing blog
  • how to create content for affiliate marketing
  • how to make simple affiliate marketing videos
  • how to write emails for affiliate marketing
  • how to build an email list
  • how to get traffic for affiliate marketing
  • how much does it cost to start an affiliate marketing business
  • how to start high-ticket affiliate marketing
  • how to do affiliate marketing without followers
  • how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest
  • how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook
  • how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube
  • how to make money using PPC affiliate marketing
  • how to do affiliate marketing with no social media
  • how to use social media platforms for affiliate marketing
  • how to affiliate marketing without a website
  • how to use ClickFunnels or another funnel builder for affiliate marketing
  • how do you find the best free and paid tools for affiliates

These 11 platforms will show you step-by-step how you can become a successful affiliate marketer, and you will learn how to launch a profitable affiliate business.

Aversity training courses and services

Aversity is an excellent platform to learn affiliate marketing, suitable for beginners and advanced. They offer paid and free training covering everything you need, from product selection to creating a high-performing sales funnel. As a member, you will access one of the best communities for online business, digital marketing, affiliate marketing courses, and much more. 

aversity website

They have offered multiple types of business development services for over a decade. 

Home Business Academy (HBA) 

HBA is among the best educational platforms for people looking to create a profitable home business. They focus on information and affiliate marketing. Home Business Academy offers multiple memberships, including: 

Home Business Academy

Home Business Academy is for anyone who wants to build a highly profitable business at home.

Watch testimonials here!

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive platform for creating a profitable online business. Since 2005, Kyle and Carson have provided comprehensive training to over 2.6 million members. Wealthy Affiliate education is designed to help you turn any hobby or idea into a livelihood. Besides the training courses, WA can also help you build and host your website.

Wealthy affifiate website
  • Online entrepreneur certifications (the OEC includes five courses and 50 lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp including 7 phases (phase 1 is open to free memberships)
  • Training HQ and classrooms exclusively for premium or premium plus members.
  • Seven different services & tools host, build, manage, and grow your website. 
  • SEO tools for keywords research and website ranking
  • Help center, live chat, support, and private messaging.

You can join for free or with a premium membership

Affiliate Marketing Dude Course Overview

Marcus is a practical and realistic marketer that knows all the tricks and tips for making money online. He has been making affiliate earnings from affiliate marketing for many years and is a master of converting traffic. You will have to choose the right program among his 4 different courses:

  • High Ticket Niche
  • Simple Sites Big Profits
  • Blog Profit Network
  • Done For You Premium Domains
Affiliate marketing Dude website

His training focuses on long-term strategies, including free and paid traffic generation. Here are some elements you can get:

  • video training
  • high-ticket niche
  • niche market ideas
  • affiliate networks and products selection
  • keywords research
  • domain name selection
  • plugins and marketing tools
  • content creation
  • coaching calls
  • live support
  • website creation
  • blog support forum
  • domain auctions

Marcus shows you how to find the best keywords to rank fast and convert visitors into customers.

Profit copilot quick review

I have taken two profit pilot courses. Each course focuses on one specific aspect of making money online, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, copywriting, and more. The methods are easy to follow, and Mick provides plenty of value.

Profit copilot ensures free training on their YouTube Channel that focuses on free sales funnel and tips on driving free traffic to your affiliate links. You will find multiple ways and websites to use to get more visitors.

The paid pieces of training give you all the tools required to start or grow an affiliate website. These are not some get-rich schemes but comprehensive methods to help you build a real online business.

Savage affiliates overview

It is an affiliate marketing course by Franklin Hatchett. Although I did not yet personally take the course, I have followed his YouTube channel for a few years, where he has excellent content on affiliate marketing. He does know the subject and has made hundreds of thousands with affiliate marketing.

Franklin is a ClickBank expert. His course will teach you the basics and the most advanced techniques. He teaches how to build a passive income machine for reaching financial freedom.

Savage affiliates website

The savage affiliate training course consists of 10 different modules. Here are some elements of the program:

  • products selection
  • best affiliate networks
  • how to generate passive income from an affiliate website 
  • email marketing automation
  • affiliate funnels 
  • how to create a Clickbank website
  • ClickBank funnels
  • free and paid traffic blueprint
  • done-for-you funnels
  • learn how to make traffic from Clickfunnels
  • case studies and blueprint
  • how to make money with Amazon affiliate
  • master free Google traffic
  • launch jacking
  • webhosting affiliate commission

The training comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the course is suitable for beginners and advanced marketers.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

The course teaches you how to build a profitable affiliate marketing blog. The making sense of affiliate marketing training is for bloggers who struggle to make money online and want to follow a proven system. It is a step-by-step training course suited for beginners and intermediates to help you elaborate a clear marketing strategy. 

Combining blogging with affiliate marketing is among the best ways to start a passive income stream. Getting traffic from search engines takes time, but you will make money while you sleep if you manage to do it. 

The course has over 30 lessons comprised of 6 modules. You get to access a helpful community with their active Facebook group. You get everything necessary to start an affiliate marketing business, including: 

  • the foundation of affiliate marketing and how it works
  • the reasons why affiliate marketing is an excellent income stream
  • a case study showing how Michelle earned $300K from one blog post
  • affiliate products selection
  • how to improve conversions
  • how to become trustworthy and keep followers
  • mandatory disclosures 
  • the best tool for affiliate marketing
  • various strategies for affiliate products promotion
  • using Pinterest for affiliate marketing 
  • etc.

This step-by-step affiliate marketing course shows you how to grow your affiliate revenue and make more money from your blog. It shows bloggers and influencers how to maximize affiliate marketing earnings. Many of their students reported significant income growth just after a few months. 

The course costs $197, which is an excellent value for money. You can also choose the two payments option if you are on a tight budget. 

The Six-Figure Affiliate Bootcamp

The Six-Figure Affiliate Bootcamp by Liam James Kay teaches you how to build a highly profitable affiliate marketing business from the comfort of your home. Liam shows you exactly how he was able to become a successful affiliate marketer and gives you all the steps to take to replicate his success. 

The course is suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced affiliate marketers. It’s a one-time fee of $997, giving you lifetime access to all the course materials. 

A payment plan is available at checkout if you are on a tight budget. Plus, you get six bonuses:

  • Extra email support & coaching 
  • Super cheap traffic secrets training 
  • Facebook ads training by expert 
  • Invite to the VIP mastermind group
  • List of top affiliate products
  • 2 months of high-converting email sequence

On top of that, when you buy the course, you will unlock the 2-tier 10% affiliate commissions.

Besides the main course, The Six-Figure Affiliate Bootcamp, you can purchase other valuable pieces of training that will help you get results fast and boost your earnings. For example, you can get the Google Ads Bootcamp or the Super Cheap Traffic Secrets if you are only interested in learning how to get traffic from your offers.

Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero is a platform providing training to help entrepreneurs achieve bigger goals quickly. They market the program as a three-step system designed to generate thousands of dollars daily while working online from home. 

The truth is that commission hero is for people with a large budget who want to get results fast and learn paid to master paid advertising. It can be relevant for beginner and advanced affiliate marketers. 

If you have $2,000 to invest and are willing to spend the time implementing Robby’s strategies, it might be an affiliate course that suits you. He teaches advanced techniques to create profitable Facebook campaigns and how to avoid getting banned. 


Commission hero is a series of videos organized into smaller modules.

  • the basics of affiliate marketing
  • how to set up your Facebook business accounts, including your Facebook page, adding accounts, tracking results, etc. 
  • email marketing best practices
  • live training event
  • marketing materials and tools to help you get more clicks on your affiliate links

Commission hero is not for people on a budget but for online marketers who want results quickly. You need money to invest in your Facebook ads campaigns. Robby will also teach you creative online marketing methods to promote affiliate offers. 

He shows some unique strategies and offers plenty of marketing material to help you become a top ClickBank seller. The course costs $997, and you can access it here.

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

John Crestani is a controversial character due to his unconventional promotional strategies. You had probably seen him flashing money and showing off his luxury car. But it turns out that John is good at marketing and has a legitimate training course teaching you how to be successful at affiliate marketing. 

I don’t believe you will get rich overnight with his course, but you can definitely have results if you follow the training and implement the method. When you become a member of the super affiliate system, you get access to course sections, tabs, and lessons (labeled from week one to week six).

Each tab teaches you a specific aspect of affiliate marketing. Some people may not like how John shows how to promote his own course throughout the program, but these are still relevant methods that you can apply to sell other products. 

Super Affiliate System

You will learn the basics and some more advanced techniques to become a successful affiliate marketer:

  • what is affiliate marketing 
  • niche and product selection
  • finding offers on ClickBank
  • social media marketing
  • solo ads 
  • how to get a domain name and a website
  • landing page set up
  • how to create a funnel
  • Google Advertising 
  • YouTube marketing and advertising 
  • understanding Facebook regulations 
  • how to scale
  • the weekly calls section includes seminars and meetings to learn from experienced affiliate marketers, adding plenty of value to the course
  • special event replays to learn more about Facebook advertising and email marketing 
  • additional marketing materials, including thousands of proven emails used to market business opportunities in the make-money-online niche
  • a folder giving you access to potential clients and niche-specific data

The course provides practical training on affiliate marketing and is legit. It can help you go from a beginner to becoming an advanced affiliate marketer. It also includes motivational content you can skip if you don’t need extra motivation.

However, despite all the hype, you must be highly dedicated to seeing great results. The good thing is they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can grab the course here.

Super Affiliate Network Review by Misha Wilson

The Super Affiliate Network has evolved because it was initially only open to paid members. Due to law regulations and new orientation, affiliates can join the program for free. The training is best for people who plan to promote the Super Affiliate Network and have some money to invest in cheap paid traffic.

They have two entry-level products designed to attract people and three mid-to-high-priced offers. All the products are valuable, but you get what you pay for. There, the $7 products contain just enough to get you started, but it would be better to purchase a higher plan if you have bigger goals. 

The courses teach you some of the latest digital marketing techniques to create an affiliate marketing business online but also contain basic information. 

The super affiliate network
  • The IM Profit Formula shows you how to launch a profitable e-business, even if you are a beginner. 
  • The Solo Ad Success Formula is a step-by-step home study course that teaches you how to generate leads with Solo Ad Marketing. 
  • The Super Affiliate Inner Circle allows you to access advisors and the profit boot camp for a year. You can also benefit from weekly coaching. 
  • The PRO Breakthrough Accelerator & The Ignition Accelerator are designed to give you results fast with a year of virtual implementation coaching. 

To be honest, solo ads usually have a low conversion rate, and you can spend a lot of money before making a profit. Unfortunately, only a few percent of marketers manage to create a long-term business based on solo ads or Facebook advertising. 

But Misha has plenty of traffic generation experience, which might work for you. The prices range from $7 to $9,999. You can purchase a program that suits your needs or start for free as an affiliate here. 

Final thoughts

Contrary to some sayings, creating a profitable affiliate marketing business at home requires hard work, time, and commitment. It only generates passive income after a few years if you manage to put everything together. High-quality products, automated targeted traffic and requires only a few hours a week to maintain your income.