High Ticket Dropshipping: Best Niches, Products, And Suppliers

High-ticket dropshipping lets you sell products like wedding rings and wine cabinets for a higher profit margin. The global dropshipping industry is continually growing and currently has an overall worth of $150 billion, with a yearly growth rate of 28.8%. Now it’s the best time to start dropshipping high-end products.

What is High ticket dropshipping?

High ticket dropshipping is a form of dropshipping where you sell high-priced products instead of cheaper ones. Unlike the traditional dropshipping model aiming to sell large quantities of inexpensive products, high ticket drop shipping allows high-profit margins. This model relies on local suppliers for better shipping time and overall quality. 

10 STEPS TO CREATE A PROFITABLE HIGH TICKET DROPSHIPPING BUSINESS: niche research, products research, find a supplier, calculate profit margin, write copy and products descriptions, build your store, create a sales funnel, set up customer service, follow up, get return customers

With high ticket dropshipping, it is not unlikely to see products such as automobiles or industrial machinery. And although high ticket dropshipping involves selling fewer products than the traditional method, the profit margins are higher thanks to the value of the products being sold. 

10 Steps To Creating A Profitable High Ticket Dropshipping Business

Here are 10 essential steps you can implement to build your high-ticket dropshipping store:

  • Niche research
  • Products research
  • Finding local suppliers: email, talk on the phone, zoom, skype
  • Calculate profitability and net profit margin (25-30% min)
  • Copywriting skills to write excellent copy that entices sales
  • Build your store 
  • Create a sales funnel
  • Set up customer service and support
  • Follow up with customers to ask for reviews, text, photos, and videos
  • Get return customers

Focus on finding high-quality products to lower refund rates. A great choice will be a product with an established good reputation but not in the niches dominated by huge brands. 

You can utilize Google Shopping, keyword tools, Google Trends, and reverse engineering software to analyze the market and the competition. 

When you start to get consistent sales, it is time to scale and think of hiring a virtual assistant to manage your day-to-day business tasks.

Profitable High Ticket Dropshipping Niches

Although any niche has high-ticket products, it is better to try a beginner-friendly one for your first dropshipping business.

Here are 20 extra niches to consider for high-ticket dropshipping:

  • Backyard tools and equipment
  • Car gadgets and dashcam
  • Electric skateboards, bicycles, and adult tricycles 
  • Gaming equipment
  • Home bar equipment 
  • High-end outdoor sports gear: hiking, mountain climbing, skiing gear
  • Hiking gears
  • Home office furniture
  • Home workout and fitness equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Kids workspace equipment
  • Kitchen gadgets and appliances
  • Outdoor cooking accessories
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Professional photography
  • Smart home dropshipping
  • Smartwatches and accessories
  • Survival gears
  • Tabletop games
  • Water sports equipment

For example, the home décor industry is expected to reach a market value of almost $900 million within five years. Changing consumer behavior and interest in home décor makes it a profitable niche for high-ticket dropshipping. 

Here are some elements you can consider when selecting a niche and products:

  • Earning potential: people are willing to buy my products at higher prices with a minimum 30% net profit margin.
  • Market demand: there will be enough people willing to purchase your products. You can use keyword research tools to check the search volume.
  • Trends and seasonality: Evergreen niches related to health, fitness, sleeping, diet, home & garden are among the best. But do not exclude seasonal niches that peak in Q4 because you can make more than $50k in a few months selling toys. 
  • Your skills and hobbies: taking into account what you can do and like to do is important. But you must also be willing to learn new skills. 
  • Competition: Contrary to popular belief, competition is often a sign that a niche is profitable. However, it would help if you researched who your competitors are. For example, it would be better to avoid selling washing machines to not compete with huge brands like Whirlpool or Samsung.

Although jewelry may seem one of the best products to dropship, other big-size items can be a good fit if you have suitable suppliers.

Different strategies can give good results depending on your level of expertise in marketing. You can sell products with an established reputation or innovative/unique items.

Here are 5 beginner-friendly niches for high-ticket dropshipping

Consumer electronics: electronics are always in demand and make it a profitable niche, coupled with their relatively high price tag. The consumer electronics industry has an expected growth rate of 5.3% annually.

And the rise in consumer income has led to increased consumer spending on electronic goods. Examples of high-ticket consumer electronics are speakers, drones, DSLR cameras, smartphones, and “smart” techs. 

Hair extensions: the hair extension niche is an evergreen segment because there will always be a demand for hair. In 2017, it raked in a net worth of almost $6 billion, and during the peak of the lockdown, it accounted for 63% of the eCommerce dropshipping global market. The growth of this industry is due to the increasing beauty awareness and standards of consumers.

Lawn and Garden care: on a general note, the lawn and garden care niche is a great place to find high-ticket products that can boost your dropshipping portfolio. It is also home to numerous sub-niches that one can explore to attract a narrower target audience.

Water sports: the water sports industry is worth roughly $45 billion and has seen an increase in participants by 30% in the last four years. The rising interest in water-related sports means this niche has a broader audience willing to purchase products. Products in this niche can include kayaking equipment, paddleboards, or anchors.

Fitness equipment: thanks to the ever-evolving beauty standards and health concerns, the fitness niche will always be profitable. Increasing health issues, alongside the year of indoor stays thanks to the coronavirus, people are more concerned about their fitness and are looking to indoor remedies.

For this reason, the fitness equipment niche is booming and is currently valued at $10.7 billion presenting an avenue for eCommerce stakeholders to tap into.

16 high-ticket dropshipping products

These are the top profitable niches for high ticket dropshipping, and they consist of a wide variety of products that your store can carry. Below is a list of easily accessible and lucrative high-ticket dropshipping products you can start with;

Large Wall Paintings: large wall paintings account for almost 30% of the wall décor market share. These are the sort of products that sell themselves. 

Small portable projectors: technological advancements are great, and home entertainment is the center of it all. Projectors, in this regard, offer a fun way to spruce up any home, but the ones that deliver quality images can end up being large and difficult to carry. A mini projector is brilliant because it shows high-quality images and can still fit into a bag for commuting.  

Air fryers: air fryers are becoming all the rave thanks to consumer interest in healthy eating, social media promotion (TikTok), and cookbooks with endless recipes that recommend them. 

Laser hair remover epilator: beauty products are always in vogue and thus stand as an evergreen niche. The laser hair remover tool is a great high-ticket product because of the increasing demand for non-invasive hair removal treatments that last. 

Dumbbell Sets: home workouts are increasing, especially after almost a year stuck indoors. Dumbbell sets cater to the health nuts of high-ticket drop shipping customers. These sets allow users to carry out full-body workouts from the comfort of their homes.

  • Backyard gazebo and backyard shed
  • Cigare cabinet
  • Dashcam
  • Greenhouses and large tents
  • Home theater seating 
  • Home security camera and ring security system
  • Indoor golf simulator
  • Massage chair
  • Outdoor fitness station
  • Trampoline 
  • Wedding rings
  • Wine cabinet, wine refrigerator

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Ticket Dropshipping

No business model is completely risk-free, especially if you want to generate a reasonable profit. High ticket dropshipping is a profitable field with its drawbacks as well. And we will be covering the pros and cons in this section.

Advantages of high-ticket dropshipping

Higher profits for each sale: with traditional drop shipping, the quantity of products you sell determines how much profit you make. With high ticket dropshipping, a single sale can generate a significant profit. A higher profit margin prompts reinvestment in the business and requires fewer sales to keep your business afloat.

Limited competition: high ticket dropshipping is not a fully explored field, making it less competitive compared to traditional dropshipping. This model focuses on unique products over trendy ones, limiting the audience but reducing competition. 

Lower resource cost: because high ticket dropshipping deals with select items, the inventory is reasonably smaller and easier to manage. A smaller inventory means managing and diverting funds/resources to manage other aspects of the eCommerce store is easier.

Targeted Marketing: The traditional dropshipping model markets products using a scatter-gun approach targeting a large audience, while high ticket dropshipping has a select audience. This unique audience makes it easier to streamline marketing strategies targeting a specific individual. Targeted marketing leads to increased chances of sales.


Disadvantages of high-ticket dropshipping

Higher startup capital: the cost to start and maintain high ticket dropshipping is considerably higher than the traditional model. You can develop an appealing website at an affordable price but running advertising campaigns is costly. Plus, you may need extra cash to purchase high-ticket items. 

Higher risk: as the potential profit increases, so does the risks. It is easy to resupply low-cost items lost in transit, but what happens when a high-cost product is misplaced? Losses of that nature would drastically affect your business; thus, entrepreneurs must consider the risks before stepping into this field. 

High-end dropshipping suppliers – Dropship aggregators, directories and databases

The beginning stages can seem challenging for business owners intent on practicing the high ticket dropshipping business model, especially when finding suppliers. A high-end dropshipping supplier should have an excellent quality control process and a seamless service record.

Here are three examples of already-established high-end product suppliers:

Salehoo dropshipping and wholesale

Salehoo helps you find the best products from thousands of trusted dropshipping and wholesale suppliers at a competitive rate. Salehoo offers everything needed to build an eCommerce.

  • Education and training: SaleHoo Educate provides online training courses by expert sellers to help you start a profitable eCommerce store on Shopify, Amazon, and more.
  • The Salehoo directory and lab give you access to 8,000 suppliers in a few clicks. SaleHoo Directory is for entrepreneurs looking for reliable wholesale and dropship suppliers for Amazon, eBay, and other online stores.
  • Salehoo dropship: Add products directly from AliExpress to your new Shopify store. SaleHoo Dropship is one of the best tools for Shopify store owners looking for affordable and trusted Chinese suppliers. 

You can become a Salehoo directory member to get access to vetted and trusted suppliers for a monthly fee of $67 or a one-time payment of $127 that gives you lifetime access. Here are all the plans they offer:

Salehoo directory

Annual $67 price for Salehoo directory to get the best dropship suppliers

Salehoo Dropship

Two plan for Salehoo Dropship: basic plan at $27 and premium plan at $97

Salehoo Educate

$47 price of Salehoo educate to learn drop shipping.

Spocket Dropshipping 

Spocket helps you find various products from thousands of dropshipping suppliers in the USA, Europe, and other locations at a competitive rate.

You can find a winning product to dropship with quick shipping time. It is easy to test the products and the suppliers’ reliability by ordering a sample.  

To save time and improve order fulfillment, it integrates with the most common eCommerce platforms: BigCommerce, Shopify, Felex, Wix, Eciwid, Squarespace, WooCommerce, Square, Alibaba, Aliscraper, and Kmo Shops.

You can start using Spocket for free or try the Spocket academy, where you will learn to build and scale your high ticket dropshipping business:

  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing and list building
  • Analytics basics
  • Shopify masterclass
  • Build an online store with WordPress and Woocommerce
  • Traffic generation

Spocket is a great choice for both beginners and experienced drop shippers.

Spocket monthly pricing and dropship plans:
Free plan, starter plan at $24.99, Pro plan at $49.99, and Empire plan at $99.99.

Dropshipping with Wholesale2B 

Wholesale2B has operated since 2004 as one of the most reliable wholesale platforms for finding suppliers and running a successful dropshipping business. You can use your account to:

  • access the drop shippers directory
  • select suppliers and choose from over 1 million products
  • process unlimited orders 
  • get a one-click order process
  • benefit from automated dropship solutions
  • access analytics tools and tracking syncing
  • manage inventory
  • set up products images and descriptions 
  • use their order fulfillment services

You can dropship using many platforms or eCommerce websites: eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Weebly, WordPress+WooCommerce store, BigCommerce, Ecwid, OpenCart, Magento, 3Dcart, and other marketplaces. Whosale2B pricing ranges from $29.99 to $49.99.

In addition to articles and a video tutorial, Wholesale2B offers a complete dropshipping course accessible to anyone who activates a paid plan.

wholesale2B monthly pricing and dropship plans:
Import to your store at $29.99, import to marketplaces at $39.99, and create a store for you at $49.99.

High ticket vs. low ticket drop shipping: which one is better?

While some may argue that selling high-ticket items will make you more money, it is not always the case. Many giants like Amazon start by selling low-ticket items. 

Both dropshipping models can be highly profitable if you have a good strategy. In addition to having a good product, getting the right traffic and building a proper sales funnel are crucial elements of your success. 

High ticket dropshipping: best niches, products and suppliers.

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