Best side hustles in Montana

Montana provides many opportunities for high-earning side jobs. Whether it’s earning $15–$35 an hour as a Mystery Shopper with Intouch in Kalispell, taking a temp job as a House Sitter in Great Falls for $240 a day, or opting for flexible work as a Housekeeper and Room Attendant at Hilton Hotels in Bozeman, Kalispell, or Helena, there’s potential for substantial extra cash. 

Best side hustles in Montana

This blog uncovers the best side hustles for Montanans looking to supplement income while working full-time, demonstrating the potential for multiple streams of income even without a degree or previous experience.

Top 51 Ways to make extra money In Montana

Administrative Assistant

The role of an Administrative Assistant encompasses a variety of organizational and clerical tasks that support management and staff. In Montana, such positions in government agencies, educational institutions, and local businesses offer a reliable source of supplementary income.

Responsibilities: Scheduling meetings, handling correspondence, updating databases, preparing reports, and managing office supplies.

Skills Required: Excellent organizational skills, proficiency in MS Office, strong communication skills, and multitasking ability.

Potential Employers: Monster, LinkedIn, Geebo, Montana Tech – JazzHR, Big Country Jobs, KSNT Jobs, LC Staffing, law firms, schools, hospitals, real estate offices, small businesses, and government offices.

Resources: Montana State Jobs, Express Employment Professionals, LC Staffing, University of Montana Employment Opportunities, Careers At Touro University – ICIMS, Montana Nonprofit Association Job Board, Montana Hospital Association.

Supplementing your income as an administrative assistant in Montana can be accomplished through several part-time or temporary opportunities. Consider roles at Federal Defenders of Montana in Helena, Montana Frontier Sandstone in Roundup, W-S Companies in Billings, or Montana Tech in Butte. These side jobs offer competitive pay, and some even provide additional benefits. 

AI-Assisted Content Creation Services

AI-assisted content creation services involve harnessing artificial intelligence tools to generate content for clients. This burgeoning field supports businesses and creators worldwide with text, graphics, audio, and video, catering to the growing demand for digital content.

Responsibilities: Understanding client needs, using AI tools for content generation, ensuring content quality, and revisions based on feedback.

Skills Required: Technological proficiency, creative mindset, basic understanding of AI content generation tools, adaptation to new software.

Potential Employers: Marketing agencies, publishing companies, independent authors, bloggers, online platforms.

Resources: Lumen5,, Montana High Tech Business Alliance, Big Sky Economic Development, Jasper AI, ChatGPT, InVideo, OwlyWriter AI, and other AI tools.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for content creation is a high-earning, cutting-edge side hustle that keeps you at the forefront of technological advancement and opens avenues to work with diverse industries.

Amazon Audible and KDP Seller

Parlay your storytelling or expertise into revenue by becoming an Amazon Audible and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) seller. Montana’s picturesque landscapes can inspire many narratives or how-to guides that resonate with listeners and readers worldwide.

Responsibilities: Writing or sourcing content, formatting for Audible and KDP, marketing your books, and managing sales.

Skills Required: Writing skills, basic audio recording and editing, understanding of the Amazon platforms, and marketing savvy.

Potential Employers: Self-employed with Amazon as the primary platform for distribution.

Resources: Amazon KDP, Audible ACX, designrr, Audacity, LOVO AI,,, Speechify,, and Narakeet.

This remote side hustle allows you to channel your inner author or narrator, with the vast expanse of Montana’s nature serving as an idyllic backdrop for conjuring up the next bestseller or hit audiobook.

Associate Jobs (Seasonal, Temp, and Part-Time)

Seasonal, temp, and part-time associate jobs in Montana cover a spectrum of industries, from retail to hospitality, especially booming during peak tourist seasons or holidays. These roles are ideal for those seeking a flexible work arrangement.

Responsibilities: Assisting customers, stocking shelves, processing transactions, maintaining cleanliness, and following company policies.

Skills Required: Customer service, basic math skills, teamwork, adaptability to various tasks, and time management.

Potential Employers: State of Montana, Thrivent, IMEG, Montana Medical Association, Montana Frontier Sandstone, Simple Cremation Montana, and AWARE Inc, retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, resorts, and ski lodges. 

Resources: Montana Department of Labor & Industry, Visit Montana Tourism Jobs, Local Chamber of Commerce job listings.

You can make extra money with these side job ideas like temporary associates at Walgreens in Kalispell, Amazon delivery station warehouse associate positions across Montana, and bike & ski sales associates for Glacier Cyclery & Nordic in Whitefish, MT.

Associate Veterinarian

For those passionate about animal care, an associate veterinarian position in Montana’s rural or urban settings can be a rewarding temporary job. It’s an opportunity to deliver essential services to pet owners and farm operations.

Responsibilities: Conducting exams, diagnosing conditions, performing surgery, prescribing medication, and providing emergency care.

Skills Required: Veterinary degree, state licensure, strong communication, compassion for animals, problem-solving skills.

Potential Employers: Associated Veterinary Services, Moore Lane Veterinary Hospital, Pet Emergency Center – Missoula, Montana, Lower Valley Veterinary Clinic, iVET360, Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center, Atlas Consultancy Group, veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, animal shelters, ranches, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Resources: Montana Veterinary Medical Association Job Board,, Geebo, AVMA Veterinary Career Center,, Snagajob, Montana Veterinary Medical Association, VetMedTeam, and local veterinary clinic websites.

Explore additional income opportunities as an Associate Veterinarian in Montana. Consider positions at Associated Veterinary Services in Great Falls, Moore Lane Veterinary Hospital in Billings, Pet Emergency Center in Missoula, or iVET360 in Helena. Some positions offer health insurance, dental insurance, and paid time off.

Barber and Stylist

Barbers and stylists in Montana can tap into the local culture, offering personalized grooming services. From traditional cuts to modern styling, these roles provide steady extra cash while working in a creative and social environment.

Responsibilities: Cutting hair, styling, shaving, maintaining a clean workspace, and building customer relations.

Skills Required: Barber or cosmetology license, hand-eye coordination, creativity, excellent interpersonal skills.

Potential Employers: Great Clips, Bishops Cuts/Color, Headwaters Salons, LLC, Tristate Salons, LLC, Dillard’s Salon & Spa, Maurices Incorporated, The Beautiful Group, barbershops, salons, spas, resorts, hotels.

Resources:  Great Clips Careers, Maurices Careers, Montana Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists, Montana Beauty Schools, and local salon job postings on social media.

Boost your income as a barber or stylist in Montana with these alternative job opportunities. You could work part-time at Great Clips in Bozeman or at Bishops Cuts/Color in Billings. Alternatively, consider Headwaters Salons, LLC in Billings or Dillard’s Salon & Spa in Missoula for full or part-time roles.


Cashier roles in Montana offer a straightforward way to earn additional income, which is valuable for students or those seeking flexible work options. These positions are prevalent in retail, food service, and hospitality.

Responsibilities: Process payments, handle cash, provide customer service, and maintain a clean work area.

Skills Required: Basic math skills, friendly demeanor, reliability, and ability to operate a cash register.

Potential Employers: Supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, gas stations, tourist attractions. J. C. Penney, Ranch and Home Supply, LLC, BJs, Super 1 Foods, Bass Pro Shops, Reef Technology Inc., Costco.

Resources: Bass Pro Shops Jobs,, Walmart Careers, LinkedIn, Michaels Stores, Salvationarmytucson, Montana Retail Association, local business websites, and community bulletin boards.

Consider cashier roles at J. C. Penney in Kalispell, part-time positions at Ranch and Home Supply, LLC in Helena, or explore opportunities at Montana Owned and Operated – Ace Hardware in Butte. Additionally, BJs in Bozeman often have full and part-time cashier vacancies.

Caregiver and Nursing Aide

Caregivers and nursing aides fill essential roles in Montana, providing compassionate care to seniors, infants, and those with special needs. These jobs are an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others while earning supplemental income.

Responsibilities: Assisting with daily living activities, medication management, companionship, and monitoring health changes.

Skills Required: Empathy, patience, physical stamina, basic healthcare knowledge, CPR certification.

Potential Employers: Qualicare MT, Providence, Home Instead, Ashlyn’s Caregiving, Visiting Angels, FC Angels, Addus, home care agencies, senior living facilities, private residences, and daycare centers.

Resources: Montana Health Care Association,, Comfort Keepers Jobs, LinkedIn, local hospital career pages, community service boards.

To boost your income in Montana as a Caregiver or Nursing Aide consider side hustle ideas like Caregiver/PCA/CNA at Qualicare MT in Bozeman, a Resident Assistant or CNA at Providence in Missoula, a part-time PCA at Ashlyn’s Caregiving in Anaconda, or a Visiting Angel in Helena.

Content Creator for Social Media or YouTube

Montana’s stunning landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for social media or YouTube content creators. Whether you’re capturing the great outdoors or sharing your daily life, this gig economy role enables creative expression and the potential for monetization.

Responsibilities: Developing content ideas, filming and editing videos, engaging with followers, and analyzing performance metrics.

Skills Required: Creativity, video production, social media savvy, consistency, brand development.

Potential Employers: Self-employed with various social media and video platforms for distribution and monetization.

Resources: YouTube Creator Academy, Social Media Examiner, local creator meetups, Montana Film Office.

Embrace the role of a digital nomad in Montana, utilizing the beauty and culture around you to create compelling content.

Content/Copy Editor and Proofreader

Content and copy editors and proofreaders ensure that written materials are error-free and communicate the intended message effectively. Montana’s businesses and authors can benefit significantly from these meticulous professionals.

Responsibilities: Reviewing text for grammar and punctuation, ensuring tone consistency, fact-checking, and improving readability.

Skills Required: Strong command of the English language, attention to detail, knowledge of style guides, and time management.

Potential Employers: Publishing houses, marketing agencies, independent authors, educational institutions, and corporate communication departments.

Resources: Upwork, Publishers Marketplace, Reedsy, Freelancer, Cambridge Proofreading and Editing LLC, The Muse, Scribbr, Freelance Writing Jobs, Twitter, Editorial Freelancers Association, local writer’s guilds, and university writing centers.

With the rise of online business and self-publishing, skilled editors and proofreaders are in high demand, offering a stable source of extra income while working from the serenity of your Montana home.

Courtesy And Rideshare Driver

Leverage your vehicle and driving skills by becoming a courtesy or rideshare driver in Montana. Meet new people and explore different parts of the state while providing a valuable service to locals and tourists alike.

Responsibilities: Transporting passengers, maintaining vehicle cleanliness, navigating routes, and providing excellent customer service.

Skills Required: Valid driver’s license, clean driving record, navigation skills, friendly demeanor, and vehicle maintenance knowledge.

Potential Employers: Rideshare companies, hotels, airports, private transportation services.

Resources: Uber, Lyft, local hospitality industry contacts, Montana Department of Transportation.

Driving as a rideshare or courtesy service is an excellent way to supplement your income with a flexible schedule, all while discovering hidden gems across Montana’s vast and scenic landscapes.

Customer Service Associate

Customer Service Associates are the frontline of assisting customers with inquiries, orders, and issues. In Montana, retail, tourism, and remote work opportunities abound, catering to a culture known for its friendliness and hospitality.

Responsibilities: Answering customer queries and processing orders. Handling returns and maintaining a positive company image.

Skills Required: Strong communication skills, problem-solving, patience, proficiency with computer systems, and multitasking.

Potential Employers: Retail stores, call centers, e-commerce businesses, tourism companies.

Resources: Montana State Job Bank, local business websites, regional tourism association job listings.

A position as a Customer Service Associate provides an extra income stream and a platform to enhance your interpersonal and problem-solving skills, crucial for career growth in any sector.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives are essential in ensuring a positive customer experience, addressing concerns, and upholding the company’s brand. Montana offers positions in sectors ranging from tech support to financial services.

Responsibilities: Handling customer inquiries, resolving complaints, providing product information, and documenting interactions.

Skills Required: Excellent communication skills, empathy, adaptability, knowledge of customer service software, and conflict resolution.

Potential Employers: Banks, insurance companies, tech firms, government agencies, retail businesses.

Resources: Montana’s Job Service offices, local company career webpages, and professional networking events.

Becoming a Customer Service Representative can help you build a reputation as a problem-solver and communicator, vital traits highly regarded in Montana’s community-centric marketplaces.

Delivery Driver

The role of a Delivery Driver in Montana’s vast landscape is challenging and rewarding. This job is perfect for those who enjoy the open road and prefer an active workday over a desk job, offering competitive pay and flexible hours.

Responsibilities: Safe operation of vehicles, timely delivery of packages, effective communication with dispatch and customers, navigation, and route planning.

Skills Required: Valid driver’s license, clean driving record, ability to lift heavy objects, time management, reliability, and good communication.

Potential Employers: Local courier companies, restaurants, retail stores, florists, and large delivery service providers.

Resources: FedEx Careers, UPS Jobs, Domino’s Pizza Delivery Jobs, local Montana courier service websites, Montana Job Service.

Delivery Driving in Montana can provide a considerable additional income stream, especially during the holidays when there is a high demand for prompt delivery services. It’s a great way to explore more of the state while earning extra cash.


Auto Detailers in Montana take pride in rejuvenating the appearance of vehicles, ensuring they look their best. This gig can offer flexible hours, often with the ability to work independently or with a small team.

Responsibilities: Cleaning vehicle interiors and exteriors, applying protective coatings, vacuuming, polishing, and performing minor touch-ups.

Skills Required: Keen eye for detail, familiarity with cleaning supplies and equipment, physical stamina, and customer service skills.

Potential Employers: Car dealerships, auto body shops, car rental agencies, and private vehicle owners.

Resources: Local dealership career pages, Montana Auto Detailers Association, Highline Auto Detailing, local car wash employment opportunities.

A Detailer job can be perfect for those who take satisfaction in seeing their immediate results and enjoy working with their hands. The flexibility of the work can complement your primary income nicely.


A Dispatcher in Montana is integral to coordinating transportation, emergency services, freight, and logistics. This role is crucial for ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently in real time.

Responsibilities: Answering calls, scheduling and dispatching units, tracking vehicles, and providing route assistance.

Skills Required: Strong communication, multitasking abilities, problem-solving, knowledge of dispatch software, and geographical knowledge.

Potential Employers: Police departments, fire departments, emergency medical services, trucking companies, taxi services.

Resources: Montana Government Careers, local transportation company career pages, Montana Ambulance Association, non-emergency medical transportation services.

Being a Dispatcher is best for individuals who thrive in high-pressure environments and seek to play a pivotal role in critical operations. It’s a side job that demands attention to detail and offers a sense of accomplishment.

Driver Partner

Montana’s scenic drives are a perfect backdrop for Driver Partners, who provide ride-sharing services. This flexible side job lets you set your schedule while meeting new people and earning per trip.

Responsibilities: Providing safe transportation for passengers, maintaining vehicle cleanliness, using rideshare apps to accept rides, and managing payments.

Skills Required: Valid driver’s license, personable demeanor, navigation skills, vehicle maintenance knowledge, and smartphone proficiency.

Potential Employers: Uber, Lyft, local rideshare startups, private clients.

Resources: Uber Partner, Lyft Drive, local Montana community boards, social media networking groups.

Driver Partner gigs offer a dynamic way to supplement your income, giving you control over when and how much you work. It’s an ideal job for those valuing independence and interpersonal interactions.

Event Planning

Event Planning in Montana leverages the state’s picturesque landscapes and unique venues for special occasions. Planners here can specialize in anything from weddings to corporate retreats, with seasonal variations offering diverse opportunities.

Responsibilities: Coordinating with vendors, managing budgets, creating event timelines, overseeing event setup and takedown, and client consultations.

Skills Required: Organizational skills, creativity, negotiation, problem-solving, attention to detail, communication.

Potential Employers: Event planning firms, hotels, resorts, private clients, convention centers.

Resources: Montana’s Event Planner Association, local Montana wedding venue websites, Missoula Events Planning Careers.

Event Planning can be a lucrative side job, especially for those passionate about creating memorable experiences. It offers a blend of creativity and logistics that can be both challenging and rewarding.

Freelance Photography Services

Montana’s breathtaking landscapes provide the perfect canvas for Freelance Photographers. With a demand for capturing natural beauty, events, and portraits, photographers can turn their passion into a profitable venture.

Responsibilities: Capturing high-quality images, editing photos, managing client relationships, scheduling photo shoots, and maintaining equipment.

Skills Required: Photography techniques, proficiency with editing software, creativity, business acumen, communication.

Potential Employers: Media outlets, private clients, event organizers, real estate agencies, tourism boards.

Resources: Professional Photographers of Montana, local photography workshops, Montana arts and culture directories, and photography equipment rental services.

Freelance Photography in Montana is an excellent choice for those looking to channel their artistic skills into a side job that can offer flexibility and the joy of working in various locations.

Front End Cashier

cashier working in a shop

Front End Cashiers are the welcoming face of retail establishments in Montana, providing customer service and handling transactions. It is a straightforward job that can easily fit around other commitments.

Responsibilities: Process payments, greet customers, and handle returns and exchanges. Maintaining a clean and organized checkout area.

Skills Required: Basic math skills, customer service, reliability, ability to handle money, familiarity with POS systems.

Potential Employers: Grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, local shops, supermarkets.

Resources: Local Montana retail association job listings, community bulletin boards, and retail chain career pages like Albertsons and Walmart.

As a Front End Cashier, you can enjoy interacting with the community while earning extra cash. It’s a role suited for those who appreciate a structured environment with direct customer engagement.

Health Aide

Health Aides provide essential care and assistance to individuals in Montana, particularly in more rural areas where healthcare services might be less accessible. This role can be pretty fulfilling and offers a stable source of supplemental income.

Responsibilities: Assisting with personal care, medication reminders, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and appointment transport.

Skills Required: Compassion, patience, physical stamina, basic healthcare knowledge, communication.

Potential Employers: Addus HomeCare Corporation, Aya Healthcare, North West Home Care, Inc., All Ways Caring HomeCare, State of Montana, Intermountain Health, Community Medical Center. Home health agencies, senior living facilities, private households, and rehabilitation centers.

Resources: LinkedIn, Learn4Good, Aya Healthcare, Lifepoint Health,, Adzuna, Nursa. Home Health Aide Training programs, local community health centers, Montana Health Care Association.

Earn extra money in Montana through health aide jobs such as a Night Shift MS RN position with eTeam in Billings, a Float Pool CNA role at Bethesda Health Group in Fallon, a Travel CNA job with Aya Healthcare in Columbia Falls, or a caregiver position at North West Home Care in Billings.

Health Information Management Clerk

Health Information Management Clerks in Montana play a critical role in managing patient data and ensuring the smooth operation of healthcare facilities. This position requires attention to detail and offers a professional work environment.

Responsibilities: Organizing patient records, ensuring data accuracy, handling information requests, maintaining confidentiality, and using healthcare software.

Skills Required: Knowledge of medical terminology, proficiency with electronic health records, organizational skills, data entry, and understanding of privacy laws.

Potential Employers: Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and healthcare systems.

Resources: Montana Health Information Management Association, local healthcare facility job portals, vocational school listings.

Being a Health Information Management Clerk is a great side job for those interested in healthcare and data management. It provides insight into the medical field without direct patient care.

Homestay and Rental Property

Montana’s tourism industry allows for profitable Homestay and Rental Property management, especially near national parks and ski resorts. Owners can turn their properties into income-generating assets, capitalizing on seasonal demand.

Responsibilities: Managing bookings, ensuring guest satisfaction, property maintenance, marketing listings, and coordinating with cleaning and repair services.

Skills Required: Customer service, marketing, property management, financial acumen, multitasking.

Potential Employers: Airbnb, VRBO, local property management companies, tourists, and travelers.

Resources: Airbnb Host, VRBO Owner, Montana Lodging and Hospitality Association, local real estate groups.

Entering the homestay and rental property market in Montana can be a highly lucrative side job. It’s an opportunity for homeowners to leverage their assets and hospitality skills to cater to the state’s robust tourist trade.

House Sitter

House sitting in Montana offers peace of mind to homeowners while they’re away and provides house sitters with temporary accommodation and sometimes payment. This gig is best for those who enjoy a change of scenery and have flexible lifestyles.

Responsibilities: Maintaining home security, collecting mail, caring for plants and pets, general upkeep, and reporting any issues.

Skills Required: Trustworthiness, reliability, communication, ability to follow instructions, pet care (if applicable).

Potential Employers: Private homeowners, real estate agents, house-sitting websites, friends and family.

Resources:,, GreatAuPair, local community noticeboards, social media house-sitting groups, and word-of-mouth referrals.

House sitting can be a serene and simple way to earn additional income or save on living expenses. Explore options on in Billings, MT, offering up to $450 a day; Bozeman, MT, with rates of $75 an hour; Montana City, MT, for full-time positions; and Whitefish, MT via GreatAuPair for pet sitting roles.

Housekeeper and Room Attendant

You can earn a good income with side jobs like a Housekeeping Assistant at The Goodman Group, LLC in Billings, Room Attendant at Red Lion Inn & Suites Polson, Housekeeper at Sweet Grass Ranch in Montana, and House Cleaner at in Billings.

Responsibilities: Cleaning guest rooms, restocking supplies, making beds, sanitizing bathrooms, and responding to guest requests.

Skills Required: Attention to cleanliness, efficiency, physical stamina, ability to work independently, customer service.

Potential Employers: Hotels, resorts, lodges, vacation rentals, private residences. The Goodman Group, LLC, Sweet Grass Ranch, Key Montana Property Management, Zoot Enterprises, Boyne Resorts, Homewood Suites by Hilton Kalispell, Red Lion Inn & Suites Polson.

Resources:, LinkedIn,,, WJHL Jobs, Boyne Resorts Careers, Hospitality Online, Wizehire. Montana Hotel & Lodging Association, local resort career pages, and housekeeping agencies.

Working as a Housekeeper or Room Attendant provides a steady extra income and often comes with flexible shift options. 

In-Home Product Assembly

In-Home Product Assembly, contractors in Montana help residents by putting together furniture, exercise equipment, and other household items. This is an ideal side job for those who are handy and enjoy working on a project basis.

Responsibilities: Reading and following assembly instructions, using tools to assemble products, maintaining a clean work area, and providing customer service.

Skills Required: Technical skills, problem-solving, time management, customer service, and tool proficiency.

Potential Employers: Furniture stores, home goods retailers, assembly service companies, and private clients.

Resources: Local Montana hardware stores, freelance job postings on community boards, direct contact with furniture retailers.

Product Assembly is a fantastic way to monetize your knack for building and fixing things. Offering these services on a contract basis can provide a satisfying and practical source of extra income.

Landscaper and Gardener

Landscaping and Gardening services are in demand in Montana, where property owners value their outdoor spaces and often require assistance maintaining them. This job is perfect for those who love working with nature and desire physical activity.

Responsibilities: Lawn mowing, planting, weeding, trimming, garden design, seasonal yard clean-up, and equipment maintenance.

Skills Required: Knowledge of plants and lawn care, physical fitness, operating landscaping equipment, creativity.

Potential Employers: Residential homeowners, commercial properties, schools, parks, and garden centers. Integrity Landscape LLC, Valley of the Flowers Landscaping Inc., Stillwater Landscape, Earthscape, EOS Hospitality Chico Employee LLC, The Resort at Paws Up, Yellowstone Club.

Resources: LinkedIn,,, Learn4Good, H2 Job Board. Local landscaping company job boards, Montana Nursery & Landscape Association, community gardening clubs, flyers, and local ads.

Montana offers ample opportunities for Landscapers and Gardeners to make extra money. Companies like Integrity Landscape LLC, Valley of the Flowers Landscaping, Inc., and Stillwater Landscape in cities like Bozeman and Kalispell offer full-time jobs with wages ranging from $15 to $30 an hour.


Laboring jobs in Montana’s dynamic seasons offer robust opportunities for physical work in breathtaking outdoor settings. These roles vary from construction projects to agriculture, tapping into the state’s rich natural resources and ongoing development.

Responsibilities: Manual labor, construction site assistance, loading and unloading materials, and basic machinery operation.

Skills Required: Physical fitness, ability to follow instructions, teamwork, hand-eye coordination.

Potential Employers: Construction companies, farms, ranches, landscaping firms, local municipalities.

Resources: Montana Contractors’ Association, local farm cooperatives, Montana Department of Labor & Industry, personal networks, local bulletin boards, transient job agencies.

Laborers can capitalize on Montana’s seasonal construction boom and agricultural needs. With the right physical conditioning and a willingness to tackle challenging work, you can find a lucrative temporary job that takes advantage of the state’s seasonal cycles.

Maintenance Worker and Handyperson

In the role of a maintenance worker or handyperson, your skills in upkeep and repair can create a stable additional income stream, mainly as Montana’s harsh weather necessitates regular property maintenance.

Responsibilities: Repairing, troubleshooting, painting, carpentry, and general property upkeep.

Skills Required: Versatility, problem-solving, technical knowledge, tool proficiency, and customer service.

Potential Employers: Property management companies, residential homeowners, commercial businesses, resorts, schools.

Resources: Local community boards, Montana Building Industry Association, vocational school job placement programs, social media groups, Montana State Parks.

Boost your income as a Maintenance Worker with these side jobs: Interim Facilities & Maintenance Technician with Park County in Livingston, Maintenance Worker at Indian Health Service in Wolf Point, Maintenance Technician at Rainbow Ranch Lodge in Big Sky, and Maintenance II Technician at HomeFront in Billings.

Marketing Intern

Montana businesses, especially in tourism and retail, seek marketing interns to help capture the essence of Big Sky Country and sell it to the world. These positions are stepping stones to career advancement and practical learning.

Responsibilities: Social media management, content creation, market research, promotional campaigns, and data analysis.

Skills Required: Creativity, communication, analytical skills, knowledge of marketing principles, and proficiency in digital tools.

Potential Employers: Tourist attractions, retail companies, advertising agencies, startups, and event management firms. Cape Air, Whitefish Outfitters and Shuttles, The Buckle, Inc., Staples, Vector Marketing, Williamson Heckt, Advantage Solutions.

Resources: CampusReel, LinkedIn, Montana Chamber of Commerce, local university career services, professional marketing associations in Montana, networking events, and local business incubators.

Explore side jobs in Montana, such as a Part-Time Regional Marketing Manager at Cape Air in Billings, a Digital Marketing Specialist for Whitefish Outfitters and Shuttles in Whitefish, a Sales role with The Buckle, Inc. in Missoula, or a Print & Marketing Associate position at Staples in Missoula.


nanny telling a story to two children in their bed

The demand for reliable childcare is a constant in Montana, especially for seasonal workers and busy professionals. Nannies provide a nurturing environment for children, often with flexible scheduling to meet varied family needs.

Responsibilities: Childcare, educational activities, meal preparation, transportation to extracurriculars.

Skills Required: Childcare experience, patience, first aid knowledge, communication, adaptability.

Potential Employers: Private families, nanny agencies, childcare centers, hotels, and resorts.

Resources:, Inc.,, UrbanSitter,, Sittercity, GreatAuPair, local family services, Montana Child Care Resource & Referral Network, community centers, parenting groups on social media, and local classifieds.

Boost your income with these side hustle ideas for babysitters in Montana: full or part-time babysitting roles in Lame Deer, Crow Agency, Great Falls, and Dillon via, Inc. Opportunities exist across Montana, no degree required, and range from $16-25 per hour.


Montana’s rich natural heritage offers unique opportunities for naturalists. These individuals educate the public on the local ecosystem while promoting conservation and appreciation of the state’s wilderness.

Responsibilities: Guiding tours, wildlife education, conservation advocacy, ecological monitoring.

Skills Required: Knowledge of local flora and fauna, public speaking, and interpersonal skills.

Potential Employers: State parks, wildlife reserves, environmental nonprofits, and educational institutions.

Resources: Montana Conservation Corps, Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation, local nature centers, environmental job boards, and volunteer coordination sites.

Naturalists in Montana can turn their love for the outdoors into a rewarding side job, connecting people with nature and fostering a conservation ethic that preserves Montana’s beauty for generations.

Online Venture

Montana’s vast landscapes are no barrier to the digital economy, with online ventures like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and course creation thriving in the connectivity era.

Responsibilities: Website management, content creation, online marketing, customer support, product sourcing.

Skills Required: Digital literacy, entrepreneurial spirit, marketing knowledge, organizational skills, technical aptitude.

Potential Employers: Self-employment, online marketplaces, digital product platforms, e-learning websites.

Resources: Shopify for dropshipping, ClickBank for affiliate marketing, Udemy for course creation, local entrepreneurial support groups, and digital marketing forums.

An online venture can be an ideal remote side hustle, allowing you to tap into global markets and earn significant income from the comfort of your Montana home base.

Park and recreation jobs

Park and recreation jobs in Montana offer a variety of opportunities to work in beautiful outdoor settings. Positions range from resident coordinators and front desk agents at Yellowstone National Park Lodges to recreation stewards with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. These roles provide engaging work experiences in Montana’s breathtaking natural landscapes.

Resident Coordinator (Temp work)

  • Responsibilities: Assisting residents, overseeing daily operations
  • Skills Required: Strong communication, organizational skills
  • Potential Employers: Yellowstone National Park Lodges
  • Resources:

Front Desk Agent (Temp work)

  • Responsibilities: Customer service, checking in guests
  • Skills Required: Strong communication, customer service skills
  • Potential Employers: Yellowstone National Park Lodges
  • Resources:

Park-Wide Fuel Systems Technician

  • Responsibilities: Maintain and repair park-wide fuel systems
  • Skills Required: Technical and mechanical skills
  • Potential Employers: Xanterra Travel Collection
  • Resources: Xanterra Careers Home

Additional roles include park manager with the City of Great Falls, recreation ranger with the State of Montana, and park ranger with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Pursuing a job in parks and recreation in Montana can lead to a fulfilling career in beautiful natural surroundings. Whether your interests lie in recreation programming, park management, or outdoor stewardship, there are ample opportunities to explore Montana’s park and recreation sector.

Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

Montana’s pet owners often need someone to care for their furry friends. Pet sitting and dog walking are in high demand, providing flexible work options for animal lovers.

Responsibilities: Pet care, walking, feeding, playtime, medication administration.

Skills Required: Animal care knowledge, reliability, time management, physical fitness, compassion.

Potential Employers: Pet owners, veterinary clinics, pet service agencies, and animal shelters. Rover,,

Resources:, AppJobs, Hire At Scale,, local veterinary associations, community bulletin boards, social media pet groups, and neighborhood apps like Nextdoor. and Rover offer numerous part-time, full-time, or contractor positions for pet sitting and dog walking in cities across Montana, such as Billings, Helena, and Bozeman. Wages vary, reaching up to $50 per hour, providing a real opportunity to earn extra money. 

Procurement and Contracts Specialist

As businesses in Montana grow and evolve, the need for procurement and contracts specialists becomes vital. These roles involve the negotiation and management of supplier agreements and contracts.

Responsibilities: Vendor sourcing, contract negotiation, procurement processes, compliance management.

Skills Required: Negotiation, attention to detail, analytical skills, understanding of contract law.

Potential Employers: Government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities.

Resources: National Contract Management Association, Montana Procurement Technical Assistance Center, local business networking events, and professional LinkedIn groups.

Procurement and contracts specialists can find part-time work that leverages their negotiation and organizational skills, ensuring businesses in Montana operate smoothly and efficiently.

Prompt Engineer

As AI and machine learning advance, the role of a prompt engineer is emerging. These individuals craft precise prompts to effectively communicate with AI systems, a skill in high demand across various industries.

Responsibilities: Crafting AI prompts, training AI models, quality assurance, and collaboration with developers.

Skills Required: Technical writing, IT knowledge, machine learning basics, creativity, problem-solving.

Potential Employers: Tech startups, software companies, educational organizations, research institutions.

Resources: AI conferences, tech meetups, online coding boot camps, and professional development courses.

The burgeoning field of prompt engineering offers a unique and high-earning side job opportunity in Montana, tapping into the frontiers of technology and shaping the future of human-AI interaction.

Ramp Service Employee

Montana’s airports are hubs of activity, and ramp service employees play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of air travel. This fast-paced job is perfect for those who enjoy working outdoors and with machinery.

Responsibilities: Aircraft handling, baggage loading, equipment operation, safety inspections.

Skills Required: Physical strength, mechanical skills, teamwork, and adherence to safety protocols.

Potential Employers: Airlines, airports, aviation service providers.

Resources: Local airport job postings, airline career pages, aviation job fairs, community colleges with aviation programs.

Working as a ramp service employee can be a thrilling second job, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the aviation industry and a way to stay fit while earning extra income.

Registered Nurse (Travel/Local Contracts RN, temp RN jobs, part-time)

The healthcare field always needs more hands, especially in places like Montana, where the population may be spread out. Registered Nurses can find travel or local contract jobs that cater to the seasonal influx of patients or temporary facilities needing extra staff.

Responsibilities: Administering medications, monitoring patient health, collaborating with doctors, and providing care. 

Skills Required: Nursing degree, valid RN license, clinical skills, empathy, physical endurance. 

Potential Employers: Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, long-term care facilities.

 Resources: American Mobile Healthcare,, Montana Nurses Association, NurseFly.

These positions are not just about earning additional income; they’re also an opportunity for nurses to travel, experience different healthcare settings, and meet new professional challenges. Contract or part-time RN roles are an excellent way to supplement your income while providing invaluable services.

Resident Assistant or CNA

Resident Assistants (RAs) or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide crucial support in assisted living facilities and homes for older people. With Montana’s significant retiree population, these roles are in high demand, especially on a temporary or part-time basis.

Responsibilities: Assisting with daily living activities, primary patient care, and support for family members. 

Skills Required: Certification if applicable, communication skills, physical fitness, and patience. 

Potential Employers: Senior living facilities, home healthcare agencies, hospice care providers. 

Resources: Montana Health Care Association, local healthcare networks, community bulletin boards.

This job offers the chance to make a profound difference in the lives of others while earning a side income. Working as an RA or CNA can be fulfilling and provide valuable experience in the healthcare industry.

Retail Merchandiser

Retail merchandisers are the unseen heroes, ensuring products appear in the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantities. Seasonal opportunities abound as stores in Montana prepare for tourism spikes and holiday shopping frenzies. 

Responsibilities: Stocking shelves, setting up displays, inventory management, and price tagging. 

Skills Required: Organization, attention to detail, merchandising knowledge, and basic math skills. 

Potential Employers: Supermarkets, department stores, boutiques, and specialty shops. 

Resources: Local retail chains, mom-and-pop shops, Retail Merchandising Services, Inc., community job fairs.

Stepping into a retail merchandiser role can be smart for those seeking a side job that keeps them active and engaged. It’s a role that offers flexibility and the satisfaction of directly impacting sales performance.

Retail Sales Associate

Retail Sales Associates are the face of customer service in stores across Montana, especially during peak shopping seasons when tourists and locals flock to retail outlets. 

Responsibilities: Customer service, processing transactions, maintaining store appearance, and product knowledge. 

Skills Required: Communication, salesmanship, positive attitude, problem-solving. 

Potential Employers: Clothing stores, outdoor gear shops, electronics outlets, gift shops. 

Resources: Local shopping centers, independent retailers, the National Retail Federation, and community business associations.

It is not just a temp job; being a Retail Sales Associate can sharpen your interpersonal and sales skills, making it an excellent stepping stone for future career aspirations in retail or beyond.

Sales Representative and Seasonal retail sales

Sales Representatives thrive on interaction and persuasion, and Montana’s seasonal markets create a fertile ground for these professionals, especially during high-traffic tourist seasons or agricultural events.

Responsibilities: Lead generation, product demos, closing sales, customer follow-up. 

Skills Required: Sales expertise, negotiation, resilience, customer relationship management. 

Potential Employers: Tech companies, agricultural businesses, tourism services, local startups. 

Resources: Trade shows, local business meetups, Montana Chamber of Commerce, networking events.

Seasonal and part-time sales gigs offer a high-earning side opportunity for those with the gift of the gab and a persuasive streak. These roles can lead to significant supplemental income and valuable networking.

Security Officer or Guard

Security personnel ensure safety and order in various settings. Montana’s seasonal events and year-round institutions often require additional security staff on a temporary or part-time basis. 

Responsibilities: Monitoring premises, reporting incidents, controlling access, and enforcing policies. 

Skills Required: Vigilance, problem-solving, physical fitness, conflict resolution. 

Potential Employers: Event venues, commercial properties, industrial sites, residential complexes. 

Resources: Allied Universal, Central Montana Protection Services, The Home Depot, Talos Security, Surefox North America Inc, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Ochsner Health System, local security firms, and event management companies.

Supplement your income with these side job opportunities in Montana, such as Security for Shopping Center with Allied Universal in Missoula, Security Officer roles with Central Montana Protection Services in Great Falls, part-time Security Guard positions with Allied Universal, or as a Security Officer for The Home Depot, also in Great Falls.


Be a Full-Service Shopper with Instacart or a Mystery Shopper. Earn quickly with a flexible schedule and help everyone access the food they love. You will need consistent access to a vehicle and a recent smartphone.

Responsibilities: Visit stores, evaluate customer service, report on shopping experience, and check product placement. Mystery Shoppers are asked to assess the cleanliness, condition, customer service, and compliance of client locations. 

Skills Required: Observational skills, reliability, transparent reporting, objectivity, discretion.

Potential Employers: Instacart Shoppers, Walmart, Sinclair Customer Metrics, Intouch, Albertsons, Kashkick, Safeway. Market research firms, retail chains, independent businesses, and service providers.

Resources: SaluteMyJob, Snagajob, AppJobs,, Adzuna, BeBee. Market Force Information, Secret Shopper®, local retail associations, consumer feedback organizations, Montana Retail Association.

Find side hustle opportunities in Montana, like being your boss and shopping with Instacart Shoppers in Stevensville, part-time mystery shopping with Sinclair Customer Metrics in Bozeman, or in-store shopping at Albertsons in Livingston. You can also try gig work for Intouch in Kalispell.

Snowplow Operator (Winter Seasonal)

When winter blankets Montana in snow, snowplow operators become essential to keeping the state’s roadways clear and safe. These seasonal positions are critical in maintaining transportation infrastructure during the snowy months.

Responsibilities: Operating snowplow equipment, clearing roads and pathways, and coordinating with transportation authorities. 

Skills Required: Equipment operation, situational awareness, adherence to safety protocols. 

Potential Employers: State and local government, private snow removal companies, and airports. 

Resources: Montana Department of Transportation, local municipal job postings, airport authorities.

Snowplow operation is a unique seasonal job that offers the satisfaction of keeping communities functional during harsh winter. It’s suitable for those who enjoy operating heavy machinery and braving the elements.

Trading and Investing

Trading and investing can be a lucrative side hustle for those in Montana with a knack for market analysis and risk tolerance. Whether focusing on stocks, commodities, or real estate, the financial market provides various opportunities for supplemental income.

Responsibilities: Market research, portfolio management, risk assessment, buying and selling assets. 

Skills Required: Analytical thinking, decisiveness, financial literacy, regulatory compliance. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed, investment firms, financial consulting agencies. 

Resources: Local investment clubs, Montana Securities Division, Investopedia for educational purposes.

Diving into trading or investing requires a strategic mindset; for those with the skill, it can become a significant source of extra cash. It’s an ideal remote side hustle for the financially savvy.

Truck Driver

truck driver operating white dump truck in the countryside

The vast expanses of Montana require goods to be transported over long distances, making truck driving a vital and in-demand profession. Seasonal shifts often require part-time or temporary drivers to handle increased loads.

Responsibilities: Safe operation of trucks, timely delivery of goods, vehicle maintenance, log keeping. 

Skills Required: Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), navigation, time management, mechanical knowledge. 

Potential Employers: Logistics companies, construction firms, agricultural businesses, retail chains. 

Resources: Local transport companies, Montana Motor Transport Association, community college CDL programs.

Truck driving offers a stable and often well-paying second job option. It’s perfect for those who love the open road and prefer a job that keeps them moving.


Tutoring is a rewarding and flexible way to earn extra income in Montana, where students may need additional help with their studies, especially in rural areas with limited educational resources. 

Responsibilities: Providing academic assistance and creating lesson plans. Assessing student progress and offering test prep. 

Skills Required: Expertise in a subject area, communication, patience, adaptability. 

Potential Employers: Families, educational centers, online tutoring platforms, schools. 

Resources: Community education centers, local libraries, Wyzant,

As a tutor, you can shape students’ future while working full-time in another career. It’s an excellent choice for educators or experts in specific fields looking to share their knowledge.

Virtual Assistant

The rise of remote work has skyrocketed the demand for virtual assistants. In Montana, businesses and entrepreneurs seek VAs to manage tasks from afar, offering flexibility and diversity in workload.

Responsibilities: Scheduling, email management, data entry, and customer support. 

Skills Required: Organizational skills, proficiency in office software, time management, and communication ability. 

Potential Employers: Online businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, and small companies. 

Resources: Personal and professional networks, Virtual Assistant Forums, and local business associations.

Becoming a virtual assistant is a remote side hustle that provides a broad range of experiences and the convenience of working from anywhere. It’s ideal for organized individuals with a talent for multitasking.

Voice Over Artist

Voiceover work is an exciting and creative side job. In Montana, opportunities may include local advertisements, audiobook recordings, or national campaigns looking for a specific regional accent.

Responsibilities: Recording voiceovers, script interpretation, audio editing, and collaborating with producers. 

Skills Required: Vocal talent, clear diction, acting ability, audio recording knowledge. 

Potential Employers: Advertising agencies, production companies, publishers, and independent clients. 

Resources: ACX, local recording studios,, acting guilds, freelance platforms.

Voiceover artistry can offer a lucrative per-project basis income for digital nomads. It’s a field that allows for artistic expression and can be done alongside a primary career.

Youth Counselor

Youth Counselors in Montana play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of young people, especially during the summer months when camps and youth programs are in full swing.

Responsibilities: Mentoring, organizing activities, providing emotional support, and developing programs. 

Skills Required: Empathy, leadership, conflict resolution, youth engagement. 

Potential Employers: Summer camps, schools, nonprofit organizations, recreational facilities. 

Resources: American Camp Association, local youth organizations, and educational institutions.

Working as a youth counselor is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to impact the next generation positively. It’s well-suited for individuals passionate about helping young people grow and learn.

Final Thoughts

Montana offers several lucrative opportunities to supplement your income while working full-time. Driving for Uber in Bozeman can net you an impressive $25.80/hr. Taking up a security gig at a Missoula shopping center or a part-time sales representative role with Vector Marketing from the comfort of your home are other excellent ways to earn extra cash. 

These side jobs provide the flexibility to work from anywhere in The Treasure State. Whether seeking an entry-level position or a high-paying side job, these opportunities offer multiple income streams.

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