Best Side Hustles in Wyoming

Looking for ways to boost your income and make the most of your spare time in Wyoming? You’re in luck! The state offers many side hustle opportunities that allow you to earn extra cash, explore your passions, and have flexible schedules. Wyoming has something for everyone: part-time jobs, freelance opportunities, or online gigs.

Best Side Hustles in Wyoming: A young woman working on her laptop

With its stunning natural beauty and friendly communities, Wyoming provides the perfect backdrop for pursuing your side hustle dreams. So, let’s dive into the top-earning side gigs in Wyoming and discover the exciting possibilities that await you!

Key Takeaways:

  • Wyoming offers a variety of side hustle options for earning extra money.
  • Popular side hustles in Wyoming include freelancing, pet-sitting, blogging, and tech setup services.
  • Utilize freelancer portals, pet-sitting apps, and blogging platforms to market your services.
  • Consider obtaining certifications and using handyman apps for tech setup services.
  • Start exploring the best side hustles in Wyoming today and unlock your financial potential!


If you’re looking for a flexible and rewarding side hustle in Wyoming, freelancing is a great option to consider. With the freedom to choose your projects and set your rates, freelancing allows you to work on your terms and earn extra income.

Numerous freelance opportunities are available across various fields such as graphic design, writing, web development, and more. Whether you have a knack for creating eye-catching designs, crafting compelling content, or building functional websites, there’s a freelance gig waiting for you.

Freelancing allows you to offer your skills and services to clients both locally and globally. With platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and, you can easily market your freelance skills and connect with potential clients. Don’t forget to create your own website to showcase your portfolio and build your professional brand.

Freelancing offers the flexibility to work as much or as little as you want, making it ideal for those looking for a part-time gig or additional income. Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home parent, or someone with a full-time job, freelancing can fit into your schedule and help you achieve your financial goals. So why not turn your skills into a successful freelance career in Wyoming?

Table: Top Freelance Jobs in Wyoming

FieldPopular Freelance Jobs
Graphic DesignLogo Design, Social Media Graphics, Illustrations
WritingCopywriting, Content Writing, Blogging
Web DevelopmentWebsite Design, WordPress Development, E-commerce Development
PhotographyEvent Photography, Product Photography, Portrait Photography
MarketingSocial Media Management, SEO Consulting, Email Marketing
  1. Graphic Design: Logo Design, Social Media Graphics, Illustrations
  2. Writing: Copywriting, Content Writing, Blogging
  3. Web Development: Website Design, WordPress Development, E-commerce Development
  4. Photography: Event Photography, Product Photography, Portrait Photography
  5. Marketing: Social Media Management, SEO Consulting, Email Marketing

Finding freelance gigs in Wyoming is easier than ever. Join online platforms, reach out to potential clients, and showcase your skills through your own website. In no time, you’ll be on your way to a successful freelance career and enjoying the benefits of flexible work.

Pet-Sitting and Doggie Daycare

If you love animals and want to earn some extra income, pet-sitting and doggie daycare can be a rewarding side hustle in Wyoming. With pet owners needing reliable care for their furry friends while they are away, you can offer your services as a pet sitter.

Whether it’s providing in-home care for pets or offering daycare services in your own home, there are plenty of opportunities to cater to the needs of pet owners in Wyoming.

You can utilize popular pet-sitting apps like Rover and to promote your pet-sitting services. These platforms connect pet owners with trusted pet sitters in their area. Additionally, consider offering pet insurance to provide peace of mind to your clients and stand out from other pet-sitters.

The Benefits of Pet-Sitting and Doggie Daycare

  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunity to spend time with animals
  • Ability to set your rates
  • Building relationships with pet owners
  • Potential for repeat business and referrals

Being a pet-sitter allows you to combine your love for animals with the opportunity to earn extra income. Whether you prefer caring for dogs, cats, or other pets, pet-sitting and doggie daycare can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding side hustle in Wyoming.

Make sure to research any permits or licenses required in your area for running a pet-sitting or doggie daycare business. Providing a safe and comfortable environment for the pets in your care is crucial for building trust with pet owners and ensuring the well-being of their furry companions.

So, if you’re passionate about animals and looking for a flexible side hustle in Wyoming, consider offering pet-sitting and doggie daycare services. It’s a great way to earn extra income while spending time with adorable four-legged friends.

Dog Walking: A Flexible Side Hustle for Additional Income

Dog walking is an excellent side hustle in Wyoming that allows you to spend time with adorable furry companions while earning extra cash. Dog walking offers a rewarding opportunity to make additional income on your terms.

With the rise of pet services and dog walking apps, finding clients and managing bookings has never been easier. Platforms like Wag!, TimetoPet, and Rover connect dog walkers with pet owners needing regular or one-time walks.

You can set your rates, choose the number of dogs you’re comfortable walking, and determine your availability, making it a highly flexible side gig for those with busy schedules.

One of the advantages of dog walking is its low startup costs. As most owners provide the necessary leashes and harnesses, your primary investment will be your time and energy.

Additionally, dog walking can be a great way to stay active and improve your fitness while enjoying the company of furry friends. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the dogs you walk.

Benefits of Dog Walking as a Side Hustle

  • Flexible scheduling: Set your hours and availability.
  • Stay active: Get exercise while providing a valuable service.
  • Build connections: Meet fellow dog lovers and expand your network.
  • Extra income: Earn money doing something you enjoy.

Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home parent, or someone looking to make additional income outside of your full-time job, dog walking can be a rewarding and profitable side hustle. So grab your walking shoes, leash, and treats, and start exploring the dog-walking world in Wyoming!

Tech Setup Services

Are you a tech-savvy individual with a knack for setting up home networks, smart devices, computers, and cell phones? If so, why not turn your skills into a profitable side hustle in Wyoming?

By offering tech setup services, you can help individuals and families navigate the often complicated world of technology in the comfort of their own homes. Whether they need assistance with Wi-Fi installation, device synchronization, or software updates, your expertise will be in high demand.

To attract clients for your tech setup services, start by marketing your skills through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Showcase your knowledge and expertise by sharing helpful tips and tricks.

Additionally, consider joining handyman apps such as HelloTech and TaskRabbit, where users can easily find and book your services. Having a professional website is another great way to establish your online presence and build credibility with potential clients.

While formal tech certifications are not essential, obtaining relevant training and certifications can enhance your credibility. Consider completing courses or workshops in networking, device setup, and troubleshooting.

This extra step can go a long way in boosting your reputation and attracting more clients.

Benefits of Offering Tech Setup Services:

  • You can work from the comfort of your client’s homes, eliminating the need for a physical office or workspace.
  • There is a growing demand for tech assistance as more people rely on technology for work, communication, and entertainment.
  • Flexible working hours allow you to schedule appointments that fit your availability.
  • Your services can be tailored to suit each client’s needs and preferences, providing a personalized experience.
  • You can build long-term client relationships by offering in-home services, leading to repeat business and referrals.

Start your tech setup services side hustle today and help others embrace the benefits of modern technology with ease and confidence. You can establish yourself as a trusted tech expert in Wyoming by providing valuable assistance and exceptional customer service.


If you have a passion for writing and want to share your knowledge and experiences with others, starting a blog can be a rewarding side hustle in Wyoming. Blogging allows you to create online content in your chosen niche, whether it’s travel, food, beauty, fashion, or any other topic that interests you.

Blog monetization allows you to turn your passion into a source of income. To start a blog, you must choose a domain and a website hosting platform like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace.

These platforms offer user-friendly design tools and templates that make creating a visually appealing website easy. Once your blog is set up, you can create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

Write engaging articles that provide value and address your readers’ interests and pain points. Consistent publishing of valuable content can attract a loyal following and increase your blog’s visibility.

To monetize your blog, you can incorporate various strategies such as display advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products or services. These income streams can help you generate revenue as your blog grows in popularity.

Senior Sitting and Companion Services in Wyoming

If you have a compassionate nature and enjoy spending time with seniors, offering senior sitting and companion services can be a fulfilling and lucrative side hustle in Wyoming.

With the increasing number of families choosing to keep their aging relatives at home, there is a growing demand for reliable companions to provide care and support when primary caregivers are away.

You must be well-prepared and equipped with the necessary skills when providing senior sitting and companion services.

Consider taking courses in CPR and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) to enhance your credibility and ensure you can provide the best possible care. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the Medicare savings program to help families navigate potential cost-saving options.

To promote your services and attract clients, utilize caregiving apps such as, Sittercity, and These platforms provide a convenient way for families to connect with you and evaluate your qualifications.

Take advantage of the built-in features for managing bookings and payments, or consider using Square, a versatile tool that simplifies financial transactions for small businesses and individuals.

“Providing senior sitting and companion services is a rewarding way to make a difference in the lives of both seniors and their families. Your presence and companionship can bring joy and comfort to those in need, while allowing primary caregivers to have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are well cared for in their absence.”

Benefits of Senior Sitting and Companion Services

  • Providing companionship and emotional support to seniors
  • Assisting with daily tasks such as meal preparation and light housekeeping
  • Monitoring and ensuring the safety and well-being of seniors
  • Engaging in meaningful activities and conversation
  • Offering respite for primary caregivers
Cost of Senior Sitting and Companion Services in WyomingAverage Hourly Rate
In-home senior sitting and companion services$20 – $25
Overnight senior sitting and companion services$150 – $200
Senior Sitting and Companion Services


Looking to boost your income in Wyoming? Explore the best side hustles in the state and start earning extra money today! Whether you’re a freelancer, pet lover, tech-savvy individual, or a passionate blogger, plenty of opportunities are waiting for you.

Freelancing is a popular and flexible option that allows you to showcase your skills and offer services in various fields. Pet-sitting and doggie daycare provide a rewarding side hustle for animal enthusiasts, while dog walking allows you to enjoy the company of furry friends while earning additional income.

If you’re tech-savvy, consider offering tech setup services and helping others set up their home networks and devices. Blogging is a creative avenue to share your knowledge and experiences, with the potential to monetize your content.

And for those who value human connection, senior sitting and companionship services are in high demand.

With the best side hustles in Wyoming, you can pursue your passions while boosting your financial situation. Start exploring these side gigs today and embark on a journey towards financial success.


What is freelancing?

Freelancing is offering your skills and services in various fields such as graphic design, writing, editing, website development, and more, on a project basis, typically without being permanently employed by a single employer.

How can I market my freelance skills in Wyoming?

You can market your freelance skills through personal networks, freelancer portals like Fiverr, Upwork, and, and create your own website for professional branding and online invoicing.

What is pet-sitting?

Pet-sitting is providing care for pets while their owners are away. This can include offering in-home care or providing daycare services in your own home.

How can I promote my pet-sitting services in Wyoming?

You can promote your pet-sitting services through popular apps like Rover and, and consider offering pet insurance to your clients.

What is dog walking?

Dog walking is offering your services to walk dogs for their owners. It is a great side hustle option for those who enjoy the company of dogs and want to earn extra cash.

How can I find dog walking clients in Wyoming?

You can utilize dog walking apps like Wag!, TimetoPet, and Rover to find clients or manage your own bookings and payments using Square’s free tools.

What are tech setup services?

Tech setup services involve assisting individuals in setting up home networks, smart devices, computers, and cell phones. It requires knowledge and expertise in technology.

How can I market my tech setup services in Wyoming?

You can market your tech setup services through social media and handyman apps like HelloTech and TaskRabbit. Consider obtaining tech certifications, providing insurance and bonding, and using Square for bookings and payments.

What is blogging?

Blogging is creating and managing a blog, where you can share your knowledge, experiences, and opinions on various topics. It is a popular and creative side hustle option.

How can I monetize my blog in Wyoming?

You can monetize your blog through ads and affiliate sales. Invest in a domain, build a website using platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, and utilize user-friendly design tools and templates.

What are senior sitting and companion services?

Senior sitting and companion services involve offering companionship and support to aging individuals when their primary caregivers are away.

How can I market my senior sitting and companion services in Wyoming?

You can market your services through caregiving apps like, Sittercity, and, or manage bookings and payments using Square.