Best Side Hustles in Alabama

Alabama offers diverse side hustle opportunities, reflecting its rich industrial landscape and evolving job market. Several part-time and contracting options exist, from technical roles like Program Management Specialists at Boeing in Huntsville to Sales Products Representatives for State Farm in Montgomery.

Additionally, the state caters to more flexible roles, such as Sitters in Jones and skilled positions like Airbnb & Residential House Cleaners in Montgomery. These varied opportunities showcase Alabama’s unique blend of traditional industries and emerging sectors, providing ample avenues for augmenting income through side hustles.

33 Best Side Jobs In Alabama To Make Extra Money

Accounting for Medical Practices

Offering accounting services for medical practices in Alabama can be a lucrative side job for those with a knack for numbers and an understanding of healthcare finances. This freelance work deals with medical codes, billing, and other financial aspects of healthcare.

Responsibilities: Managing accounts payable/receivable, preparing financial reports, and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations.

Skills Required: Knowledge of accounting principles, proficiency in accounting software, and understanding of healthcare financial policies.

Potential Employers: Medical practices, hospitals, and healthcare clinics.

Resources: Alabama Association of Accountants, Healthcare Financial Management Association, LinkedIn, Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP).

Accounting for medical practices is a specialized skill. It offers an additional income stream for accountants who want to diversify their clientele while working full-time. To work in accounting for medical practices, you may need specific certifications. 

Airport and Aerospace Jobs (temp and part-time)

Alabama hosts a thriving aerospace industry, providing many part-time jobs and temporary work opportunities in the airport and aerospace sectors. From aircraft maintenance to air traffic control, there are several job roles.

Responsibilities: Vary based on the specific job but can include aircraft servicing, customer service, or air traffic control.

Skills Required: Industry-specific knowledge, attention to detail, and time management.

Potential Employers: Airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturing companies.

Resources: Alabama Aerospace Industry Association, Airport Jobs Online, LinkedIn, Chronicle Of Higher Education.

The airport and aerospace industry are dynamic sectors. Whether part-time or temporary, this side job can be a stepping stone for individuals aiming for a career in aviation or aerospace.

Automotive Parts Reseller

Starting an entrepreneurial venture as an automotive parts reseller in Alabama could be a profitable side hustle. This involves sourcing, selling, and shipping automotive parts (either used or new) to local and online customers.

Responsibilities: Sourcing and buying parts, listing and selling items online, shipping orders.

Skills Required: Knowledge of automotive parts, sales skills, and customer service.

Potential Employers: Self-employed.

Resources: Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association, eBay Motors, Local Alabama Car Clubs.

This side hustle is ideal for automotive enthusiasts looking to earn extra income. It will be a fulfilling venture, combining a passion for cars with the commercial reselling aspect.

Babysitting with Educational Focus

Babysitting with an educational focus has become a popular side job in Alabama. It positions you as a caregiver and an early childhood educator, integrating learning activities within your babysitting service.

Responsibilities: Childcare, planning and executing educational activities, assisting with homework.

Skills Required: Childcare experience, patience, creativity, and training in early childhood education.

Potential Employers: Families with young children.

Resources: Sittercity,, and local parenting groups on Facebook.

Being a babysitter with an educational focus lets you play a crucial role in a child’s development. This is a rewarding way to make money on the side, especially for those with a passion for teaching and childcare.

Career Coaching Services

Offering career coaching services in Alabama can be an excellent opportunity for those with significant career experience and an understanding of job markets. Career coaches help others achieve their professional goals.

Responsibilities: One-on-one sessions, career planning, resume, and interview guidance.

Skills Required: Good communication, knowledge of job markets, counseling skills.

Potential Employers: Individuals seeking career guidance.

Resources: International Coach Federation (Alabama Chapter), LinkedIn.

As a career coach, you could provide valuable guidance and support to people navigating their career paths. This side job can be immensely satisfying while also boosting your income.

Custom Furniture Making (using local wood)

Custom furniture making is a unique entrepreneurial venture in Alabama. Using local wood to create bespoke pieces can be a creative outlet and a means of earning extra cash.

Responsibilities: Build, design, and sell custom furniture.

Skills Required: Carpentry skills, creativity, business acumen.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, interior designers, retail stores.

Resources: Alabama Woodworkers Guild, Etsy, local farmer’sfarmer’s markets.

This side job can be a profitable outlet for those with a talent for woodworking. It allows you to showcase your creativity while using local resources to create unique furniture.

Deep Cleaning Jobs

Deep cleaning jobs in Alabama offer a hands-on opportunity for those who enjoy seeing a sparkling clean space. These jobs range from residential to commercial cleaning, requiring deep cleaning tasks beyond everyday tidying.

Responsibilities: Deep cleaning tasks like carpet, window, and grout cleaning.

Skills Required: Attention to detail, physical stamina, knowledge of cleaning products and techniques.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, commercial businesses, and cleaning companies.

Resources: HomeAdvisor, Alabama Cleaning Association, Craigslist, LinkedIn.

Engaging in deep cleaning jobs can provide a regular stream of income. Cleaning jobs are for people who enjoy physically intensive tasks and take pride in creating clean and organized environments.

Delivery Driver for Local Products

Becoming a delivery driver for local products in Alabama can be a flexible way to earn extra income. This gig economy job involves transporting goods from local businesses to consumers’ doorsteps.

food delivery

Responsibilities: Picking up and delivering products, maintaining vehicles, and providing excellent customer service.

Skills Required: Valid driving license, good navigation skills, punctuality.

Potential Employers: Local businesses, restaurants, and farms.

Resources: Uber Eats, DoorDash, Alabama Farmers Market.

A delivery driver position can be a great part-time job, offering flexible hours and the satisfaction of supporting local businesses while making some money.

DIY Workshop Instructor (online and in-person)

A DIY workshop instructor can turn personal hobbies into a profitable side job. Whether online or in-person, instructors can share their expertise on various topics, from home improvement to crafts, cooking, and more.

Responsibilities: Planning and conducting workshops, providing instruction, and marketing workshops.

Skills Required: Expertise in a specific area, teaching skills, excellent communication.

Potential Employers: Community centers, self-employed.

Resources: YouTube, local hobby clubs, Alabama Craft Guild, Meetup.

This part-time job can be a fun and satisfying way to share your skills with others and earn additional income. It can be gratifying for those who love teaching and connecting with others.

Dog Walking Services

Dog walking services are a popular side job in Alabama, especially for animal lovers. Offering to take pets for a walk while their owners are busy can provide a steady stream of income and an enjoyable way to spend time.

Responsibilities: Walking dogs, feeding and water change, playing with pets.

Skills Required: Love for animals, physical stamina, reliability.

Potential Employers: Pet owners.

Resources: Rover, Pet Sitters International, local veterinary clinics.

Dog walking can be a fun and fulfilling side job. It provides an opportunity to earn while enjoying the outdoors and bonding with animals.

E-commerce Store for Local Artisans

Starting an e-commerce store for local artisans in Alabama can be a lucrative online business. By selling handmade goods online, you can support local artisans while earning a portion of the profits.

Responsibilities: Setting up an online store, collaborating with artisans, selling and shipping products.

Skills Required: E-commerce knowledge, sales skills, digital marketing.

Potential Employers: Self-employed.

Resources: Shopify, Alabama Craft Guild, Etsy.

This entrepreneurial venture can be an excellent side job for arts and crafts enthusiasts. You will have a unique opportunity to highlight local talent while earning extra income.

Educational Content Creator (for local subjects)

As an educational content creator, you can create resources on local subjects specific to Alabama. From local history to geography or culture, your content can educate a regional or international audience online.

Responsibilities: Researching, creating, and marketing educational content.

Skills Required: Content creation, subject matter expertise, digital marketing.

Potential Employers: Online learning platforms, schools, self-employed.

Resources: YouTube, Udemy, Alabama Department of Education.

This side job offers a platform to share knowledge while earning extra cash. It suits teachers, historians, or content creators passionate about education.

Freelance Software Development

Freelance software development is a popular side job in the tech industry. Offering your programming skills on a project basis can provide a significant income boost while allowing you to work remotely.

Responsibilities: Writing code, debugging, and maintaining software applications.

Skills Required: Programming skills, problem-solving, and attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Software companies, startups, self-employed.

Resources: GitHub, Upwork, Alabama Association of Software and Internet Developers.

Freelance software development can be a lucrative side hustle. It allows talented programmers to work on many projects and earn well above their usual pay scale.

Garden Consultant

Becoming a garden consultant is a great side job for those with a green thumb. Offering advice on plant selection, garden design, and maintenance can provide a good income and a way to share your passion for gardening.

Responsibilities: Provide gardening advice, create garden plans, and recommend plants.

Skills Required: Horticultural knowledge, creativity, good communication.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, gardening centers, landscapers.

Resources: Master Gardeners of Alabama, American Horticultural Society, and local gardening clubs.

Gardening consultancy can be a fulfilling and profitable venture. It offers the chance to turn a hobby into an additional income stream while helping others create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Graphic Design Services

Offering graphic design services in Alabama can be profitable freelance work for creatives. From logo creation and making marketing materials to designing websites, graphic designers are in high demand.

Responsibilities: Creating visuals, meeting client expectations, and promoting your services.

Skills Required: Graphic design software proficiency, creativity, customer service.

Potential Employers: Businesses, self-employed.

Resources: The Graphic Artist Guild, Adobe Creative Cloud, local business associations, LinkedIn.

Graphic design services can offer a significant income boost. It is an excellent way to showcase your creativity while helping businesses and individuals with their design needs.

Handmade Crafts Seller (focus on local themes)

Selling handmade crafts focused on local Alabama themes can be a profitable side job. From creating your crafts to selling them online or at local markets, this job allows you to express your creativity.

Responsibilities: Crafting items, marketing and selling items, maintaining inventory.

Skills Required: Crafting skills, sales skills, business acumen.

Potential Employers: Self-employed.

Resources: Etsy, Alabama Craft Guild, local farmer’sfarmer’s markets.

Selling handmade crafts can be a fulfilling way to earn money while expressing your creativity. It offers the chance to celebrate local themes and connect with the community.

Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Becoming a healthcare virtual assistant in Alabama can be a viable side job for those familiar with medical terminologies and practices. This remote work opportunity involves administrative tasks for healthcare facilities.

Responsibilities: Scheduling appointments, managing files, patient communication.

Skills Required: Organizational skills, knowledge of medical terminologies, and communication skills.

Potential Employers: Healthcare facilities, medical practices.

Resources: International Virtual Assistants Association, LinkedIn.

Being a healthcare virtual assistant offers a flexible work option. You can leverage administrative skills in the healthcare industry to earn extra income.

Home Repair Services (focused on eco-friendly solutions)

Home repair services specializing in eco-friendly solutions are a rewarding side job for those with handyman skills and a passion for the environment. It integrates traditional home repair tasks with sustainable methods and materials.

Responsibilities: Performing home repairs and renovations, sourcing eco-friendly materials, and advising customers on energy-efficient options.

Skills Required: Handyman skills, knowledge of eco-friendly materials and techniques, and customer service skills.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, property managers, eco-conscious businesses.

Resources: Handyman Matters, GreenBuilt Home Maintenance in Huntsville, LinkedIn.

A side job in eco-friendly home repair can be a fulfilling way for handymen to earn extra income while promoting environmental sustainability. It’s perfect for those who enjoy working with their hands and advising on energy-saving solutions.

Homemade Food Delivery (local cuisine)

Providing homemade food delivery service focusing on local Alabama cuisine can be a delightful side job for food enthusiasts. It combines culinary expertise with the convenience of home delivery.

Responsibilities: Cooking, packaging, and delivering meals.

Skills Required: Cooking skills, knowledge of local cuisine, driving ability, customer service.

Potential Employers: Busy professionals, families, and elderly individuals.

Resources: Alabama Department of Public Health, Postmates, Facebook Marketplace

Homemade food delivery is an excellent way for those who enjoy cooking and sharing their local cuisine to earn money on the side. It can also serve as a platform to showcase culinary talent and local cultural heritage.

Language Tutoring (especially for immigrants)

Offering language tutoring services to immigrants in Alabama can be a meaningful side gig. It plays a significant role in helping new residents acquire language skills vital for their integration.

Responsibilities: Providing language lessons, creating learning materials, and tracking progress.

Skills Required: Proficiency in one or more languages, teaching skills, and cultural sensitivity.

Potential Employers: Immigrants, families, and nonprofit organizations.

Resources: iTalki, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Alabama Association for Public Continuing and Adult Education.

A side job in language tutoring can be financially and personally rewarding, helping immigrants bridge communication gaps and aiding their adaptation process. It’s suitable for polyglots with a knack for teaching and a desire to make a difference.

Local Tour Guide (historical and cultural sites)

Becoming a local tour guide specializing in historical and cultural sites in Alabama can be an enjoyable side job for history buffs and outgoing individuals. It offers a unique way to showcase the local heritage and meet diverse groups of travelers.

Responsibilities: Conducting tours, providing site information, and ensuring guest safety.

Skills Required: Knowledge of local history and culture, public speaking skills, and customer service.

Potential Employers: Travel agencies, museums, and historical sites.

Resources: Alabama Tourism Department, National Park Service, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

Being a tour guide is ideal for supplementing your income while sharing your knowledge and passion for Alabama’s rich history and culture. It’s a fitting role for those who enjoy outdoor activities and have an engaging personality.

Mobile Car Wash (eco-friendly focus)

Running a mobile car wash service with an eco-friendly focus is a suitable side job for those looking to provide a valuable service while caring for the environment. It combines convenience with sustainable practices, serving the increasing demand for eco-friendly services.


Responsibilities: Washing and detailing vehicles, ensuring efficient water usage, and using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Skills Required: Detailing skills, knowledge of eco-friendly cleaning methods and products, and driving ability.

Potential Employers: Private vehicle owners, fleet managers, and environmentally conscious businesses.

Resources: EcoCarWash, GreenClean Mobile Auto Detailing in Mobile, LinkedIn.

An eco-friendly mobile car wash service is a perfect way to earn extra cash while contributing to environmental conservation. It’s apt for individuals with a detail-oriented mindset and a desire to promote sustainable practices.

Online Personal Shopping Assistant

Offering services as an online personal shopping assistant can be a lucrative side job for those with a knack for style and online shopping. It involves assisting clients in finding and purchasing items that suit their preferences and needs.

Responsibilities: Research product trends, finding items based on client preferences, placing orders, and processing returns.

Skills Required: Knowledge of online shopping platforms, fashion sense, attention to detail, and customer service.

Potential Employers: Busy professionals, elderly individuals, and fashion enthusiasts.

Resources: Personal Shopper School, LinkedIn, Shopify.

A side job as an online personal shopping assistant can be a profitable way to utilize your fashion sense and online shopping prowess. It’s ideal for people with a keen eye for style who enjoy helping others look and feel their best.

Online Tutoring (focus on in-demand skills)

Providing online tutoring focusing on in-demand skills such as coding, data analysis, or digital marketing is an excellent side job option in today’s digital age. It allows tutors to share their expertise and help others grow their skill set.

Responsibilities: Teaching chosen topics, creating learning materials, and tracking student progress.

Skills Required: Expertise in a particular skill, teaching abilities, and tech-savviness.

Potential Employers: Students, professionals looking to upskill, and educational institutions.

Resources: Wyzant,, LinkedIn.

Online tutoring allows you to earn a substantial income while sharing your expertise to help others succeed. This can be an ideal part-time job for those with a good grasp of in-demand skills and a passion for teaching.

Personal training (online and in-person)

Providing personal training services, both online and in-person, can be a rewarding side job for fitness enthusiasts. It offers a chance to help others achieve their health and fitness goals while earning additional income.

Responsibilities: Creating workout plans, tracking client progress, and providing nutrition advice.

Skills Required: Fitness knowledge, motivational skills, customer service.

Potential Employers: Private clients, gyms, wellness centers.

Resources: National Council on Strength & Fitness, LinkedIn, EXOS in Birmingham.

Personal training is a fulfilling way to earn money while promoting a healthy lifestyle. It suits fitness enthusiasts who enjoy motivating and guiding others in their wellness journey.

Photography (agriculture, automotive, local landscapes)

Photography that specializes in agricultural, automotive, or local landscape scenes can be a profitable side job for creatively inclined people in Alabama. It allows for exploring various photographic themes and can serve artistic and commercial purposes.

Responsibilities: Taking photos, editing images, selling, or licensing work.

Skills Required: Photography skills, editing skills, and knowledge of photography markets.

Potential Employers: Farmers, car dealerships, local businesses, magazines.

Resources: Professional Photographers of America, LinkedIn, for photography groups.

Photography is a fantastic way to monetize your creative skills and explore different themes. It’s ideal for individuals who appreciate the beauty in everyday scenes and enjoy capturing these moments through their lens.

Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is a promising side job for photographers looking to tap into the thriving real estate market. It involves showcasing properties in their best light to attract potential buyers or tenants.

Responsibilities: Taking photos of properties, editing images, and collaborating with real estate agents.

Skills Required: Photography skills, editing skills, understanding of property features.

Potential Employers: Real estate agencies, property developers, and individual property owners.

Resources: Real Estate Photographers of America, LinkedIn, and local real estate agencies.

Real estate photography is a beneficial way to earn extra income, particularly for those keen to capture property features. It’s a fitting job for photography enthusiasts interested in the real estate industry.

Retail Arbitrage (focus on healthcare and automotive products)

Engaging in retail arbitrage, mainly focusing on healthcare and automotive products, can be a viable side job. It refers to buying products at a lower price and then selling them at higher prices to make a profit.

Responsibilities: Identifying profitable items, purchasing products, and reselling online.

Skills Required: Knowledge of product pricing, negotiation skills, and online selling skills.

Potential Employers: Online shoppers and small-scale retailers.

Resources: eBay, Amazon Seller Central, LinkedIn, local retail stores.

Retail arbitrage can be a great way to earn extra cash, especially for those with a knack for finding deals and understanding market trends. It requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a firm grasp of online selling platforms.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

Offering resume and cover letter writing services can be a rewarding side gig for those with excellent writing and editing skills. It involves helping job-seekers present their skills and experiences effectively to potential employers.

Responsibilities: Writing and editing resumes or cover letters. Consulting with clients.

Skills Required: Writing skills, understanding of job markets, ability to present information effectively.

Potential Employers: Job seekers, career centers, recruitment agencies.

Resources: Resume Writers’ Digest, Certified Professional Resume Writers, LinkedIn.

Providing resume and cover letter writing services is a rewarding way to use your writing skills to help others land their dream job. This side job is apt for communicative individuals who understand the job market and recruitment trends.

Sell Agricultural Products Online

Selling agricultural products online, from fresh produce to homemade preserves, can be a profitable side job, especially for those with a green thumb or a culinary flair. It can transform a hobby into an income stream.

Responsibilities: Growing or making products, setting up an online store, fulfilling orders.

Skills Required: Knowledge of agriculture, online selling skills, and customer service.

Potential Employers: Consumers, local businesses, farmers markets.

Resources: Etsy, Alabama Farmers Market, LinkedIn, Local Harvest.

Selling agricultural products online is an exceptional way to earn extra money while appreciating the fruits of your labor. It’s perfect for those passionate about agriculture, home cooking, or preserving local food traditions.

Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

Social media marketing services for local businesses can be a valuable side job. It uses social media platforms to connect businesses with their target customers and increase their online visibility.

Responsibilities: Managing social media accounts, creating content, and tracking engagement.

Skills Required: Social media savvy, content creation skills, ability to analyze social media metrics.

Potential Employers: Local shops, restaurants, small businesses.

Resources: Social Media Examiner, Chamber of Commerce, LinkedIn.

Social media marketing is an excellent way to earn additional income while helping local businesses grow their online presence. It’s for individuals who enjoy crafting engaging content and understand social media algorithms.

Video Editing for Educational Content

Offering video editing services for educational content can be a lucrative side job. This role is perfect for those with expertise in video editing and an interest in educational materials.

Responsibilities: Editing video materials, syncing audio, adding effects or captions.

Skills Required: Video editing skills, familiarity with editing software, and understanding of educational content.

Potential Employers: Educational institutions, e-learning platforms, individual educators.

Resources: American Society of Cinematographers, LinkedIn, local schools, and universities.

Video editing for educational content is a way to earn extra income while contributing to students’students’ learning experience. It suits tech-savvy individuals with a creative flair and a passion for education.

Virtual Event Planning (for local events)

Virtual event planning for local events can be a lucrative side job, particularly for those who enjoy organizing and coordinating. It’s about managing all aspects of an event, from planning to execution, in a virtual format.

Responsibilities: Coordinating event details, booking virtual platforms, managing invitations and attendee interaction.

Skills Required: Organizational skills, knowledge of virtual platforms, and problem-solving abilities.

Potential Employers: Local nonprofits, businesses, and universities.

Resources: Eventbrite, LinkedIn, American Association of Certified Wedding Planners.

Virtual event planning can be an exciting way to earn money on the side while bringing people together for various causes or celebrations. It’s a fitting role for those who enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of organizing successful events.

Final Thoughts

Alabama’s job market is ripe with diverse side hustle opportunities for those looking to supplement their income. From caring for children as a part-time nanny in Birmingham through Wyndy to embracing the outdoors as a horticulturist at Bellingrath Gardens in Robertsdale, these roles cater to various interests and skills. 

Other unique options include working as an on-call Technician in Aviation Services in Shelby County or as a Passenger Service Agent at the Huntsville Airport. Additionally, Madison City Schools offers temporary positions for Career Coaches, reflecting the dynamic and flexible employment landscape in Alabama. 

This range of side hustles demonstrates the state’s ability to offer varied and rewarding opportunities for its residents.

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