Best Side Hustles in Florida

If you want to boost your income in Florida, you’re in luck! We have selected the best side hustles that can help you earn extra cash. Whether you’re after the best-paying gig or one popular among Floridians, there’s something for everyone. The options are diverse and enticing, from delivering packages with Amazon Flex to investing in real estate.

profitable side hustles in florida

If you want to boost your income in Florida, you’re in luck! We have selected the best side hustles that can help you earn extra cash. Whether you’re after the best-paying gig or one popular among Floridians, there’s something for everyone. The options are diverse and enticing, from delivering packages with Amazon Flex to investing in real estate. 

Florida’s diverse economy presents many opportunities for supplemental employment and entrepreneurial ventures. In 2022, the trade, transportation, and utilities sector became the state’s largest employer, engaging about 1.93 million people. It has created many opportunities like Rideshare Driving at West Palm Beach Airport or delivery driving side hustles. 

In this dynamic economic environment, opportunities like temp cleaning jobs in Tampa emerge, catering to the evolving needs of the real estate and hospitality industries.

Part-time Bartender Jobs in Miami Beach capitalize on thriving tourism and vibrant nightlife, offering avenues for skill monetization and financial independence. Many part-time and temporary jobs are also available in the healthcare sector. 

61 Profitable Side Hustles In Florida To Supplement Your Income

Everglades Jobs

Everglades jobs are a unique side hustle opportunity in Florida that allows you to work in a unique environment and directly contribute to conservation efforts. The jobs available can range from guide positions to wildlife monitoring.

Responsibilities: Guiding tourists, monitoring wildlife, general maintenance, and conservation efforts.

Skills Required: Knowledge about local wildlife and ecosystems, excellent communication skills, physical fitness, and willingness to work outdoors.

Potential Employers: Everglades National Park, local tourism companies, and conservation organizations.

ResourcesUS National Park Service,, Jobs in Wildlife, Local Florida job postings

Working in the Everglades allows you to earn money while working in an outdoor environment. These jobs provide a unique opportunity to meet interesting people from around the world while contributing to keeping Florida’s unique ecosystem preserved.

Bartender Jobs Miami Beach

Bartending in Miami Beach isn’t just a job – it’s an experience. This side hustle combines customer service with the vibrant nightlife of Miami, creating opportunities for significant earnings while socializing.


Responsibilities: Preparing drinks, handling payments, maintaining a clean bar environment, and providing top-notch customer service.

Skills Required: Knowledge of mixed drinks, cash handling, customer service, and multitasking.

Potential Employers: Hotels, restaurants, and bars in Miami Beach.

Resources: Miami Beach job postings, Bartending School of Miami, LinkedIn

Being a bartender in Miami Beach can be as exciting as it is profitable. This job allows you to meet new people every night and work in one of the liveliest nightlife scenes in the country.

Street Vendor

Being a street vendor in Florida allows you to work outdoors, interact with different people, and sell items you are passionate about. It’s a challenging side job. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports an hourly mean wage of $17.06 and an annual mean wage of $35,480 for News and Street Vendors in Florida.

Responsibilities: Selling goods, setting up and tearing down stalls, handling cash, and customer service.

Skills Required: Salesmanship, customer service, cash handling, and knowledge of the products sold.

Potential Employers: Self-employment or local markets.

Resources: Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Local markets, and entrepreneurship resources. Permit and license requirements (for example, street vendors in Jacksonville must have a permit from the city or county).

Being a street vendor can provide a creative outlet, allow you to work independently, and provide a lucrative income based on your sales ability and the appeal of your products.

Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)

Launching a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) in Florida is an excellent side hustle for individuals passionate about marketing and social media. It involves managing social media campaigns for businesses to boost their online presence and meet their marketing goals.

Responsibilities: Developing marketing strategies, managing social media accounts, creating content, and tracking performance.

Skills Required: Social media management skills, strategic planning, content creation, and knowledge of social media trends.

Potential Employers: Small to medium-sized businesses, online entrepreneurs, and influencers.

Resources: SMMA course (Facebook Blueprint, Google Skillshop), LinkedIn, Upwork. Sendible, Hootsuite, and Buffer are helpful tools.

SMMA is a profitable but challenging way to build an extra income stream while working from home.


Dropshipping is an appealing side hustle for those interested in e-commerce without the hassle of inventory management. It involves selling products online, where the supplier directly ships them to customers.

Responsibilities: Finding suppliers, setting up an online store, promoting products, and customer service.

Skills Required: E-commerce knowledge, customer service skills, marketing, and sales skills.

Resources: Shopify, Oberlo, AliExpress, WooCommerce for WordPress.

Dropshipping is a low-risk business model with the potential for high rewards, particularly for those good at marketing and sales. It’s more complicated than some influencers claim, but it’s a proven way to make extra money online worldwide.

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Content Creation allows creative individuals to make money on the side in Florida. It involves crafting captivating content explicitly designed for social media platforms to engage audiences.

Responsibilities: Creating visually appealing images or videos, writing engaging captions, and posting content regularly.

Skills Required: Graphic design, photography, video editing, writing, and a good understanding of social media platforms.

Potential Employers: Brands, influencers, small businesses. Resources: Canva, Adobe Spark, LinkedIn, Freelancer, ChatGPT, InVideo, Synthesia, OwlyWriter AI.

Social Media Content Creation allows you to work flexibly and remotely. This can be an enjoyable and lucrative side job if you enjoy expressing your creativity and are knowledgeable about engaging with online audiences.


Transcription services are in demand in Florida, making it a practical side job. It involves listening to audio tracks and typing out what is said precisely and accurately.

Woman using a laptop to transcribe files

Responsibilities: Listening to audio files, typing out content, proofreading transcripts.

Skills Required: Fast typing speed, attention to detail, good listening skills, excellent grammar.

Potential Employers: Legal firms, healthcare services, media companies, research institutions.

Resources: Scribie, TranscribeMe, Upwork, Freelancer.

Transcription is an ideal side job for those who prefer working alone and have excellent attention to detail. Plus, it offers plenty of flexibility, and you can work from anywhere.

Online Coaching

Online coaching is a valuable side hustle in Florida for those with a wealth of knowledge in a particular field. This side job entails providing guidance and advice to clients via video calls, email, or online platforms.

Responsibilities: Assessing client needs, developing tailored advice or programs, monitoring progress.

Skills Required: Expertise in a specific field, communication, patience, and motivational skills.

Potential Employers: Individuals seeking guidance or advice, businesses needing expertise.

Resources: Passion.ioUpcoach,, LinkedIn, Thumbtack, Upwork.

Online coaching is a rewarding side job if you enjoy empowering others to achieve their goals. It allows flexible work hours, and you can reach clients globally.

Cash Flipping

Cash flipping is a side hustle that involves investing a small amount of money with the promise of significant returns in a very short time. Note that this side job comes with a high level of risk and requires due diligence.

Responsibilities: Researching investment opportunities, managing risks, and tracking investments.

Skills Required: Understanding investment markets, risk management, and financial skills.

Potential Employers: Individual investors or investment groups. 

Resources: Robinhood, Acorns, Stash, E*TRADE.

Cash flipping can provide attractive returns if executed correctly. However, it’s essential to research and only invest money you can afford to lose, as it’s not a guaranteed source of income.

Trash Can Washing

Trash can washing is a profitable side job in Florida, particularly during the hot summer months. This side hustle involves cleaning residential or commercial trash cans, improving hygiene, and reducing unpleasant odors.

Responsibilities: Cleaning and sanitizing trash cans and maintaining cleaning equipment.

Skills Required: Physically fit, detail-oriented, customer service skills, basic knowledge of cleaning materials.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, small businesses, property management companies.

Resources: Local classifieds, Facebook Marketplace, LinkedIn, Thumbtack, word of mouth, networking.

Trash can washing is an in-demand service, and you can earn a decent income in your spare time. If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty and enjoy a physically active job, this could be the side hustle for you. CENTRAL FLORIDA BIN CLEANING and Sparkling Bins are two examples of trash can cleaning businesses operating in Florida.

Lost Luggage Delivery Service

Operating a Lost Luggage Delivery Service in Florida, a popular tourist destination with multiple airports, can be a profitable side job. This task involves picking up lost or delayed luggage from the airport and delivering it to its owner.

delivery driver-checking-the-paper-while-carrying-the-packages

Responsibilities: Picking up the luggage from airports, delivering to specific addresses, and maintaining a reliable vehicle.

Skills Required: Good driving record, customer service skills, reliability, and geographical knowledge.

Potential Employers: Airlines, airport services, passengers.

Resources: Local airport websites for contract opportunities, LinkedIn, Upwork. Bags Inc., Reliable Couriers, GoShare, Roadie, Grab My Bag.

You can offer your services at the Miami International Airport (MIA), Orlando International Airport (MCO), Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), or another prominent airport. 

With a flexible schedule and the ability to work independently, lost luggage delivery can be a rewarding side job. Good driving skills, reliability, and customer orientation are essential to success.

Season Ticket Reselling

Season ticket reselling is a lucrative side hustle in Florida, home to several major sports teams. It involves buying season tickets and reselling individual game tickets for a profit.

Responsibilities: Buying season tickets, listing tickets for sale, and managing ticket transfers.

Skills Required: Understanding of sports seasons, sales skills, sound judgment, and negotiation skills.

Potential Employers: Sports fans, tourists.

Resources: StubHub, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, Reddit, Craigslist.

Here are some other options for selling season tickets in Florida:

PanthersSeason ticket holders for the Florida Panthers are subject to specific rules and regulations regarding the resale and transfer of tickets. The team’s website outlines the guidelines and restrictions for selling or transferring season tickets.
Florida Gators FootballPlatforms like TiqAssist offer resale services, allowing ticket holders to list their tickets for sale on various marketplaces.
TiqAssistTiqAssist is a platform that provides season ticket resale services, offering to list tickets on multiple marketplaces and handle the selling process on behalf of the ticket holder.

Season ticket reselling can provide substantial earnings for those with a keen knowledge of sports and market demand. However, it requires an initial investment and comes with some risk.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a fantastic side job in Florida for animal lovers. It involves taking dogs for walks while their owners are away, ensuring they get regular exercise and companionship.

Responsibilities: Walking dogs, ensuring their safety, cleaning up after them.

Skills Required: Love for animals, physical fitness, reliability, patience. Potential Employers: Dog owners, pet sitting companies.

Resources: Walk This Way Pet Services offers part-time pet sitter/dog walker positions through their employment application page in Sarasota, Florida. lists dog walking jobs in various cities in Florida, such as Tampa. Extra resources include Rover, Wag, PetBacker, and LinkedIn.

Based on some research, the top 5 cities to find dog walking jobs in Florida are:

1.   Port St. Lucie: Offers high-paying opportunities for dog walking, with an average annual salary of $39,116.

2.   Fort Lauderdale: Known for its lucrative dog walking jobs, with an average annual salary of $37,396.

3.   Palm Beach: Provides well-paid dog walking positions, with an average annual salary of $37,360.

4.   Lakeland: Offers competitive opportunities, with an average annual salary of $35,752.

5.   Miami Beach: It is also a favorable city for dog walking jobs, with an average annual salary of $35,683.

These cities in Florida provide a range of well-paid opportunities for individuals seeking dog walking jobs, making them attractive locations for pursuing this line of work. Dog walking pays well and allows you to enjoy Florida’s great weather while keeping fit. It’s perfect for those who enjoy spending time with animals and are responsible and trustworthy.

AI Content Editor Jobs

AI Content Editor Jobs are an excellent fit for people competent in technology, Artificial Intelligence, and content editing. This side job is ideal for someone who likes to fix errors and refine AI-generated content.

Responsibilities: Reviewing and editing AI-generated content, identifying common errors, and training AI algorithms to improve.

Skills Required: Strong writing and editing skills, understanding of AI and machine learning, ability to analyze data and patterns.

Potential Employers: AI startups, tech companies, online publishers, bloggers.

Resources: LinkedIn, Greenhouse, Upwork, WIRED Hired, Workopolis, WANE Jobs.

The demand for AI Content Editors is expected to grow as AI advances. The release of ChatGPT has opened new opportunities to make extra money online using AI.

Video Editing Services

Video editing services can be a lucrative side hustle for those with creative minds and technological proficiency. This state’s thriving entertainment industry offers many opportunities for skilled video editors.

Responsibilities: Cutting footage, sound editing, adding effects or animations, color correction.

Skills Required: Video editing software expertise, creativity, attention to detail, time management, and storytelling skills.

Potential Employers: Independent filmmakers, advertising agencies, social media influencers, event management firms.

Resources: LinkedIn, Insight Global, ProBlogger Job Board, Local Production Companies like Xanterra Careers Home, and FilmLocal.

The increasing demand for video content platforms makes it a prime time to offer video editing services. The ability to create compelling stories through video is a precious skill.

YouTube Virtual Assistant

As a YouTube Virtual Assistant in Florida, you can assist YouTube creators and influencers by managing their channels and enhancing their online presence. This work-from-home side job is perfect for internet-savvy individuals.

Responsibilities: Responding to comments, video editing, SEO, uploading and scheduling videos, thumbnail creation, growth strategies, managing email and social media.

Skills Required: Understanding of YouTube algorithms, social media management, SEO, video editing, infographic creation, and interpersonal skills.

Potential Employers: Youtubers, Event management companies, PR agencies, Digital Marketing agencies.

Resources: LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Networking.

This job can be incredibly fulfilling and lucrative if you enjoy social media and YouTube. Moreover, it offers remote and flexible work, making it a perfect fit for individuals seeking a balance between work and personal life.

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant in Florida is a promising side job for individuals skilled in e-commerce and customer service. You’ll be handling different responsibilities to help Amazon sellers grow their business.

Responsibilities: Inventory management, customer service, listing products, handling returns, optimizing product listings for SEO.

Skills Required: Knowledge of Amazon Seller Central, customer service skills, data entry, SEO, and proficiency in MS Office.

Potential Employers: Amazon sellers, e-commerce businesses, and online retail brands.

Resources: LinkedIn, Zirtual, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Guru, 20four7VA, eComVA, and MyVA360.

With online shopping being more popular than ever, being an Amazon Virtual Assistant allows you to tap into the booming e-commerce industry. Additionally, it offers the convenience of working remotely, making it an ideal side hustle.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a profitable side hustle in Florida. Affiliates promote products and earn commissions on sales made through their referral link.

Responsibilities: Promoting products or services, tracking sales, and creating engaging marketing content.

Skills Required: Marketing, sales, communication, and social media skills.

Potential Employers: Retailers, e-commerce businesses, affiliate marketing networks.

Resources:  Wealthy affiliate training. Amazon Associates, ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Digistore24.

Affiliate marketing offers flexible working hours and can be done remotely. It’s a great side job for those with solid online networking skills and a knack for sales and marketing.

No-Code Software Development

No-Code Software Development is an in-demand side hustle in Florida for tech enthusiasts. This job involves creating websites, apps, or software using no-code platforms that don’t require traditional coding skills.


Responsibilities: Creating websites or apps, testing functionality, troubleshooting issues, and maintaining projects.

Skills Required: Good understanding of no-code platforms, problem-solving, creativity, and patience.

Potential Employers: Businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals needing software solutions.

Resources:, Bubble, Creatio, Microsoft Power Apps, Zendesk Sunshine, and Adalo. WeLoveNoCode (WLNC), Toptal, Contra, and Upwork to find freelance development jobs.

No-Code Software Development is perfect for tech enthusiasts looking for a side hustle that complements their skills and interests. It offers the opportunity to work on various projects.

High Yield Savings Accounts

Managing High-yield Savings accounts is a brilliant side hustle, especially for those interested in finance. It involves putting money in a savings account with higher interest rates than a usual savings account.

Responsibilities: Researching high-yield savings accounts, managing funds, and tracking interest.

Skills Required: Understanding banking and finance, saving discipline, and good judgment.

Potential Employers: Anyone looking for financial advice. 

Resources: Ally Bank, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Discover Bank, Synchrony Bank.

This side hustle is a great way to earn extra income passively, without much effort. It’s suitable for people who are diligent about saving and seek to grow their income over time.


Investing in real estate, stocks, and other assets is a profitable side hustle. It requires knowledge of the financial markets, effective monitoring, and analyzing market trends.

start investing in real estate

Responsibilities: Research investment options, buy and sell assets, and track market trends. 

Skills Required: Financial literacy, risk management, analytical skills, patience. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed individuals needing investment advice. 

Resources: Robinhood, E*TRADE, TD Ameritrade, Vanguard.

Investing can be a profitable way to make passive income while working full-time. You can get high returns, but you may also lose money. It requires knowledge, patience, and the ability to withstand market uncertainties.

Playtest Cloud (Game Testing)

Playtest Cloud offers a fun side hustle for gamers in Florida. It involves testing new games and providing feedback to game developers to help improve the game’s overall quality.

Responsibilities: Playing games, identifying bugs or glitches, and providing feedback. 

Skills Required: Familiarity with different game genres, good communication skills, and attention to detail. 

Potential Employers: Game developers, Playtest Cloud. Resources: Playtest Cloud, Upwork, LinkedIn.

Game testing allows you to make money from playing video games and provides valuable experience and insight into the game development industry. (Website Testing)

Website testing is a popular side job in Florida for tech-minded individuals. offers opportunities to test new websites or apps for usability errors or bugs.

Responsibilities: Testing websites or apps, identifying bugs, and providing feedback. 

Skills Required: Knowledge of website systems and mobile apps, attention to detail, and good communication skills. 

Potential Employers: Website developers, app developers, 

Resources:, Hired, Upwork, Freelancer.

Website testing provides a flexible schedule and the ability to work from anywhere, making it a convenient side job. If you have an eye for detail and enjoy problem-solving, this could be your perfect side hustle.

Content Research using Bing AI/Copilot

Content research using Bing AI/Copilot is a unique side job in Florida that is perfect for writers, bloggers, or entrepreneurs. The job involves using Bing AI/Copilot to gather relevant information and insights for content creation.

Responsibilities: Defining research topics, using AI tools, analyzing and compiling findings. 

Skills Required: Research skills, basic understanding of AI tools, analytical skills, writing skills. 

Potential Employers: Content creators, bloggers, marketing agencies, businesses needing content. 

Resources: Bing AI/Copilot, Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush.

Content research using AI tools can be a lucrative and intellectually stimulating side job. It offers an opportunity to learn about various topics and aids in producing high-quality content.

Video Editing for Short-form Content

Video editing for short-form content is a sought-after side hustle in Florida. This job involves editing short video clips for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube shorts.

Responsibilities: Editing video clips, adding effects or transitions, syncing audio. 

Skills Required: Video editing skills, creativity, attention to detail, time management. 

Potential Employers: Social media influencers, brands, marketing agencies. 

Resources: Descript, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Canva, and Filmora. Fiverr and Upwork to create your gig.

If you have a keen eye for detail and enjoy storytelling through video, this gig is perfect. It allows you to utilize your creative skills and work on various types of content.

Content Creation Using a Phone

Content creation using a phone is a fantastic side hustle for creative individuals in Florida. It refers to creating engaging content for social media or websites using a smartphone.


Responsibilities: Creating images, managing social media posts, videos, or written content, and engaging with the audience. 

Skills Required: Creativity, knowledge of social media platforms, photography or videography skills, writing skills. 

Potential Employers: Social media influencers, brands, businesses. 

Resources: Canva, Snapseed, Inshot, LinkedIn.

Content creation using a phone is a flexible side job that offers a creative outlet. This can be a fun and gratifying additional source of income if you are a skilled cell phone user.

Personalized Meal Planning

Personalized meal planning is a popular side job in Florida for those passionate about nutrition and health. This job involves creating tailored meal plans based on a client’s dietary preferences, health goals, and lifestyle.

Responsibilities: Consulting with clients, creating personalized meal plans, and providing nutritional advice. 

Skills Required: Nutritional knowledge, good communication, creativity, and organization skills. 

Potential Employers: Individuals seeking healthier lifestyles, gyms, and health clinics. Resources: Nutritionist Pro, Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn,

Personalized meal planning offers a rewarding and flexible side job if you have a strong interest in nutrition and enjoy helping others achieve their health goals.

Ebook Authoring

eBook authoring is a great side hustle for those with a writing talent. This job involves creating and self-publishing eBooks on various topics for sale on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Responsibilities: Writing engaging content, proofreading, editing, creating covers, and marketing the eBook. 

Skills Required: Excellent writing skills, creativity, marketing, and self-discipline. 

Potential Employers: Self-employment through eBook sales. 

Resources: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Grammarly, Designrr, Google Docs, Canva, Fiverr.

eBook authoring allows you to earn extra money from your writing and is suitable for digital nomads. You must research to know if there are enough searches for your writing.

Print on Demand

Print-on-demand is a profitable side hustle in Florida for creative entrepreneurs. This job involves selling custom-designed products, such as t-shirts, mugs, or posters, using a print-on-demand service.

Responsibilities: Creating unique designs, uploading designs to a platform, and promoting products. 

Skills Required: Graphic design skills, creativity, marketing and sales skills, customer service.

Potential Employers: Self-employment through product sales and brands. 

Resources: Printful, Teespring, Zazzle, Etsy.

Print-on-demand allows you to express your creativity while earning income from product sales. It’s a great option if you’re interested in design and entrepreneurship but want to avoid managing inventory.

Social Media Account Management

Social Media Account Management is a booming side job in Florida. This job involves managing a brand’s social media accounts, posting content, and engaging with followers.

Responsibilities: Creating social media strategies, crafting engaging posts, and responding to follower comments. 

Skills Required: Social media management, creativity, customer service, problem-solving. Potential Employers: Brands, businesses, influencers. 

Resources: Hootsuite, Later, Sprout Social, LinkedIn.

Social Media Account Management allows you to work remotely on a flexible schedule. It’s ideal for those who enjoy social media, have a knack for engaging with audiences, and can think strategically.

Online Course Creation

Offering online courses is a profitable side hustle for skilled individuals. You can share your knowledge or expertise to make money on the side.

Responsibilities: Creating course content, marketing courses, and supporting students. 

Skills Required: Knowledge of your chosen subject, good communication skills, and basic video editing skills. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed. 

Resources: Kajabi, Teachable, and Thinkific to create your website. Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare to sell on a marketplace.

Online course creation is an excellent opportunity to establish your brand, earn passive income, and interact with learners worldwide. You control course materials and marketing and can often work on your schedules.

Creating GPTs for Small Businesses

Creating GPTs (General Purpose Technologies) for small businesses is an excellent tech-based side hustle in Florida. If you possess coding skills, this side job involves creating software or technologies that can be universally adopted.

Responsibilities: Developing software or technology, troubleshooting, and providing customer support. 

Skills Required: Expertise in coding and software development. 

Potential Employers: Small businesses, IT consultancies. 

Resources: Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr.

Designing GPTs offers a high potential income, mainly if your invention is widely adopted. It’s an opportunity to use your skills to solve a universal problem or improve business processes, contributing to business growth.

Investing in Dividend Stocks

In Florida, investing in dividend stocks is a viable side hustle that can generate passive income over time. It refers to buying shares of companies that regularly pay dividends and generate income from the payouts.

Responsibilities: Researching companies, investing in stocks, monitoring market trends. 

Skills Required: Knowledge of the stock market and analyzing financial reports. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed. 

Resources: Vanguard, Fidelity, Scottrade.

Investing in dividend stocks provides an additional income stream and can be done without leaving your primary job. It requires some initial investment, but the potential returns can be substantial if carefully managed.

Automating a Side Hustle

Automating a side hustle is a smart way to earn residual income in Florida. Here are some automation job ideas based on the search results:

1.   Equipment Operator: There are openings for equipment operators in Florida, such as in Orlando, with a salary range of $68k-$123k.

2.   Office Services Assistant (Office Automation): Positions for office services assistants focusing on office automation are available in Florida, with an annual salary of $46,696.

3.   Automation Technician: Job opportunities for automation technicians are accessible in Florida, offering a practical role in automation.

4.   Automation Engineer: Florida has numerous openings for automation engineers, with salaries ranging from $70,000 to $121,000.

5.   PLC Automation Jobs: There are also opportunities in the field of PLC automation, with a salary range of $64k-$106k, and various job openings in Florida.

6.   YouTube Automation: YouTube automation refers to creating and monetizing YouTube channels without the creator needing to appear on camera or produce original content. Instead, the approach typically involves outsourcing the creation of videos to virtual assistants or freelancers.

7.   Auto Blogging: Auto blogging, also known as automated blogging, is the process of generating and publishing content on a website automatically, without any manual intervention. You can get SEO-optimized content using or AIWiseMind to automatically create and publish blog posts.

8.   Email Marketing Automation: Email marketing automation uses technology and software like GetResponse to automate email marketing campaigns. You can use it for various purposes, such as welcoming new subscribers, nurturing leads, sending abandoned cart reminders, and engaging with customers. Email automation helps you boost sales and make money while you sleep.

Responsibilities: Identifying automatable tasks, implementing automation, and maintaining the system. 

Skills Required: Knowledge of automation software, creativity, and troubleshooting skills. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed, businesses, online sellers. 

Resources: HubSpot, Zapier, Integromat, and any relevant AI tool regarding the automation.

Once set up, an automated side hustle can generate income with minimal intervention, giving you more time to focus on your full-time job or other activities. It may require initial time and effort, but the potential passive income makes it worthwhile.

Making Online Content

Making online content is one of the most popular side hustles in Florida. From blogging to video creation, content creators have numerous opportunities to monetize their skills.

Responsibilities: Creating and editing content, SEO optimization, and content promotion. 

Skills Required: Writing or video editing skills, creativity, and knowledge of SEO. 

Potential Employers: Social media platforms, businesses, blogs. 

Resources: Google AdSense, Patreon, WordPress, Affiliate Networks, and social media platforms.

As a content creator, you can earn income through ad revenue, sponsored content, or subscriptions. This side hustle allows you to explore your creativity and connect with a diverse audience while making money.

Private Investing

Private investing involves funding startups or small businesses and expecting a return. It’s a suitable side hustle for those in Florida with extra cash to invest and understand startup trends and market scenarios.

image of downtown Miami

Responsibilities: Evaluating business plans, risk assessment, and monitoring business progress. 

Skills Required: Business insight, understanding of financial reports, risk tolerance. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed. 

Resources: AngelList, SeedInvest, MicroVentures.

Private investing carries risks but can provide significant returns if the business succeeds. Due diligence, market research, and sound judgment are essential.

Creating a Digital Tool

If you’re tech-savvy, creating a digital tool can be a profitable side hustle in Florida. It involves identifying a need and developing a digital solution (app or software) to meet that demand.

Responsibilities: Identifying needs, designing and creating the digital tool, marketing, and selling the product. 

Skills Required: Coding skills, creativity, marketing skills. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed software companies. 

Resources: GitHub, Google Play Developer, App Store Connect.

Creating a digital tool requires technical skills, creativity, and understanding user needs. However, success can result in a significant passive income stream.

Renting Out Your Stuff

Renting out your stuff is a simple side hustle for Florida residents. Whether it’s a spare room, a car, or even tools, you can earn extra money by letting others use them.

Responsibilities: Listing items for rent, maintaining the condition, and managing transactions. 

Skills Required: Customer service skills, organization. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed. 

Resources: Airbnb, Turo, ToolRent.

This side hustle requires minimal effort and can generate income based on the value and demand of the items you rent. It’s a great way to monetize items that would otherwise sit unused.

Internet Scoping

Internet scoping, or editing transcripts for court reporters, is a flexible work-from-home job. It is a niche skill but can be learned through online courses.

Responsibilities: Edit and proofread legal transcripts to ensure accuracy and completeness. 

Skills Required: Attention to detail, knowledge of legal terminology, and typing skills. 

Potential Employers: Court reporters, legal firms. 

Resources: Internet Scoping School, Proofread Anywhere.

Internet scoping can be done from anywhere, making it a suitable side hustle for those looking for flexible hours. It’s a high-demand skill with consistent work available, making it a stable source of extra income.

Telehealth Coordinator

Being a telehealth coordinator is a suitable side job for medical professionals in Florida. You will be responsible for coordinating virtual health services for patients.

Responsibilities: Scheduling virtual appointments, managing patient data, and administrative tasks. 

Skills Required: Knowledge of medical terminology, organizational skills, and communication skills. 

Potential Employers: Hospitals, clinics, health platforms. 

Resources: American Telemedicine Association, Doximity, Telehealth Gigs.

The telehealth industry is rapidly growing, giving rise to many job opportunities. This side hustle involves helping patients receive medical care remotely, offering convenience and flexibility for patients and workers.

Live Chat Specialist

Working as a live chat specialist is a popular remote side hustle in Florida. This job involves responding to customer inquiries instantly via a chat interface.

Responsibilities: Responding to customer inquiries, troubleshooting, and providing product information. 

Skills Required: Typing skills, customer service skills, problem-solving skills. 

Potential Employers: E-commerce businesses and customer service agencies. 

Resources: LiveChat, Zendesk,

As a live chat specialist, you can work from home and choose flexible hours. It is a fast-paced job and requires patience, empathy, and excellent communication skills.

Content Moderator

Content moderation is a crucial task for any platform where users generate content. As a content moderator in Florida, you can work remotely and ensure the online community adheres to the platform’s guidelines.

Responsibilities: Reviewing user-generated content, deleting inappropriate content, and enforcing platform guidelines. 

Skills Required: Attention to detail, understanding of platform guidelines, and decision-making skills. 

Potential Employers: Social media platforms, websites, forums. 

Resources: ModSquad, LiveWorld, Crisp Thinking.

Content moderation jobs can typically be done remotely, making it a suitable side hustle for those seeking flexibility. This role plays a vital part in maintaining the quality of content and ensuring user safety on digital platforms.

Business System Admin

A business system admin requires technical skills to manage and optimize business software applications. It can be a lucrative side hustle in Florida, especially for those with IT backgrounds.

Responsibilities: Implementing and maintaining business software, troubleshooting, and user support. 

Skills Required: Knowledge of business software, problem-solving skills, and technical knowledge. 

Potential Employers: Businesses, non-profit organizations, IT consultancies. 

Resources: Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics.

As a business system admin, you can work part-time or on a project basis. This side job empowers businesses to use their software more effectively to improve their overall growth and efficiency.

Apple Home Advisor

Becoming an Apple Home Advisor is a fantastic work-from-home opportunity. This role involves providing customer service for Apple products.

Responsibilities: Answered customer inquiries, troubleshot, and provided product information. 

Skills Required: Knowledge of Apple products, communication, and problem-solving skills. 

Potential Employers: Apple. 

Resources: Apple Jobs, Apple Support College Program.

As an Apple Home Advisor, you get to work with a globally recognized brand and can enjoy flexible hours. It’s an excellent side hustle for those who like helping others and have a knack for technology.

Customer Success Manager

As a customer success manager, you’ll work with clients to ensure they get the most out of a product or service. It’s a suitable side hustle for those with excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Responsibilities: Building customer relationships, identifying needs, and offering solutions. 

Skills Required: Communication, problem-solving, and understanding of the product/service.

 Potential Employers: Software companies and marketing agencies. 

Resources: Gainsight, ChurnZero, Totango.

You can work as a part-time customer success manager, helping businesses retain their customers and enhance customer satisfaction. This role is vital in today’s customer-centric business scenario.

Designing Coloring Books

Designing coloring books is a fun and creative side hustle in Florida. This job requires artistic skills to create engaging and attractive illustrations for coloring.


Responsibilities: Creating illustrations, designing book layout, publishing, and marketing the book. 

Skills Required: Illustration skills, creativity, basic knowledge of self-publishing. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed. Resources: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Lulu, Canva.

This side hustle can be quite profitable with the popularity of adult and kids’ coloring books. Once created, a coloring book can provide a passive income stream over time.

Advertising Stickers on Cars

Placing advertising stickers on your car is an easy way to make extra money in Florida. You must drive as usual and get paid to advertise a company’s services or products.

Responsibilities: Apply advertising stickers and drive regularly. 

Skills Required: Safe driving skills. 

Potential Employers: Advertising agencies and local businesses. 

Resources: StickerRide, Wrapify, Carvertise, Nickelytics, and

This side job requires minimal effort; you must drive your vehicle as usual. It’s a great way to monetize your commute or regular driving routine.

Carpet and Mattress Cleaning

Carpet and mattress cleaning is a lucrative side job, especially for people who enjoy cleaning. This service is in Demand in Florida, as keeping these items clean can prolong their lifespan and improve home hygiene.

Responsibilities: Cleaning carpets and mattresses, customer service. 

Skills Required: Knowledge of cleaning techniques and physical stamina. 

Potential Employers: Homeowners, businesses, and cleaning companies. 

Resources: HomeAdvisor, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack.

Carpet and mattress cleaning provides an essential service for homes and businesses. It offers flexible hours and can provide a steady stream of clients, especially with the right marketing strategies.

Professional Dog Poop Removal

Professional dog poop removal is a unique yet in-demand side hustle in Florida. Most pet owners prefer outsourcing this task, making it a potentially lucrative business.

Responsibilities: Cleaning up dog poop, disposing of waste properly. 

Skills Required: Physical strength, patience, and a liking for animals. 

Potential Employers: Dog owners and pet care companies. 

Resources: Pooperoni, DoodyCalls, Pooper-Scooper.

This side job requires minimal startup costs and offers flexible hours. While it may be a dirty job, it’s also a service that pet owners greatly appreciate, making it a rewarding and profitable hustle.

Renting or Selling Baby Gear

Renting or selling baby gear offers a way to make money from items your child has outgrown. From strollers to cribs, these items are in high demand among parents in Florida.

Responsibilities: Listing items for rent/sale, maintaining items in good condition, and managing transactions. 

Skills Required: Organization and customer service skills. 

Potential Employers: Self-employed. 

Resources: BabyQuip, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace.

Renting or selling baby gear lets you declutter your home while simultaneously making money. This side hustle is perfect for parents, involving items they already have.

Rideshare Driving

Rideshare driving is a popular side hustle in Florida, particularly in urban areas and tourist hotspots. It offers flexibility and the opportunity to earn based on how much you drive, making it an attractive option for many.

Male rideshare driver driving his car

Responsibilities: Driving passengers to their requested destinations, maintaining vehicle cleanliness and safety, and providing excellent customer service.

Skills Required: Good driving skills, familiarity with GPS apps, people skills, patience, punctuality.

Potential Employers: Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare apps.

Resources: Local DMV for necessary permits, your car or rental via Uber’s Vehicle Solutions, and local rideshare driver groups on Facebook for tips and experiences.

Rideshare driving can provide a steady income, especially during peak tourist seasons. It’s ideal for those who enjoy meeting new people and exploring the city while earning.

Food and Grocery Delivery

Food and grocery delivery has gained in popularity in Florida. Whether delivering meals from restaurants or groceries from the supermarket, the job provides flexibility in work hours.

Responsibilities: Picking up and delivering food or groceries, ensuring order accuracy, and providing excellent customer service.

Skills Required: Familiarity with GPS apps, punctuality, and strong communication skills.

Potential Employers: DoorDash, GrubHub, Instacart, and similar delivery services.

Resources: Your vehicle, smartphone for delivery apps, and insulated delivery bags for food preservation.

Food and grocery delivery is the perfect side job for those seeking flexible schedules. It’s particularly lucrative during weekends and mealtimes.

YouTube Content Creator

YouTube content creators create engaging content on various topics, like travel, lifestyle, and food, leveraging the state’s vibrant culture and beauty.

Responsibilities: Creating and editing videos, promoting content on social media platforms, and responding to viewers’ comments.

Skills Required: Creativity, video editing skills, social media management, communication skills, topic research.

Potential Employers: Self-employed, sponsored partnerships with businesses.

Resources: YouTube Creator Academy for tips and tutorials, local creator meetups. Invideo, Vidnami, Animoto, Lumen5, YouTube, VidIQTubebuddy Adobe Premiere Pro, or similar for editing.

Creating content for YouTube can be a fun and creative outlet and a profitable side job. Consistent content and engagement with your audience can result in a substantial income over time.

Theme Park Jobs

Florida’s numerous theme parks, including Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort, and Universal Orlando Resort, offer a variety of part-time roles.

people entering Disney park in Orlando

Responsibilities: Providing customer service, operating attractions, selling merchandise, or playing characters.

Skills Required: Customer service skills, communication skills, physical stamina, flexibility to work evenings and weekends.

Potential Employers: Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, or other theme parks.

Resources: Company websites for job listings, Local staffing agencies like Randstad USA in Orlando, and networking with current employees.

Working at a theme park brings a steady income and offers unique perks like free park access. It’s a great opportunity for those who enjoy working in dynamic, fun-filled environments.

Part-Time and Temporary Farm Jobs via Seasonal Jobs – US Department Of Labor

Part-time and temporary farm jobs are a great side hustle for those looking for seasonal employment in Florida. This job provides the chance to work outdoors and experience the agricultural side of the state.

Responsibilities: Planting, harvesting, maintaining crops, and potentially operating farm machinery.

Skills Required: Physical stamina, reliability, potential operating of machinery, and knowledge of planting and harvesting processes.

Potential Employers: Local farms, agricultural companies, and through the US Department of Labor.

Resources: US Department of Labor, Local Florida farm job postings, Agricultural Job Search

Securing a part-time or temporary farm job through the US Department of Labor gives you seasonal employment and offers insight into Florida’s agricultural industry. It is perfect for those individuals who love outdoor work and physical activity. Temp farm works are available in Alva, Homestead, Immokalee, and other rural areas. 

Property Sales Agent / Real Estate Agent

Thanks to the thriving real estate market, becoming a Property Sales Agent is a lucrative side hustle in Florida. It involves helping individuals or businesses sell and buy properties. It’s suitable for people with strong communication and negotiation skills.

Responsibilities: Listing properties, negotiating sales agreements, overseeing inspections, scheduling viewings, and providing property appraisals.

Skills Required: Customer service, negotiation, communication, interpersonal skills, and knowledge of the local real estate market.

Potential Employers: Real estate agencies, property developers, and individual property owners.

Resources:, Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC), National Association of REALTORS, LinkedIn.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income of real estate agents in Florida ranges from $24,856 to $162,283, with average annual earnings varying by location, experience, and hours worked.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative is an excellent side job, especially if you are good at problem-solving and enjoy helping others. This role involves interacting with customers to handle complaints, answer questions, and provide information about products and services.

Responsibilities: Resolving customer complaints, providing product information, processing returns, and handling customer inquiries.

Skills Required: Communication, patience, problem-solving skills, empathy, and knowledge of the product/service.

Potential Employers: Retail businesses, call centers, insurance companies, and banks.

Resources: Call Center Jobs, Customer Service Jobs, LinkedIn, Florida Customer Service Association.

Customer Service Representatives are always in demand, allowing for a steady stream of part-time job opportunities. It’s perfect for those who are good listeners, have a patient demeanor, and thrive in helping others.

Tutoring and Teaching Side Jobs

Tutoring is a popular side hustle in Florida, mainly due to the state’s dense population of students. From helping elementary kids with homework to preparing high school students for SATs, you can specialize in myriad subjects.

Tutor with her student

Responsibilities: Providing educational support, preparing lesson plans, tracking student progress, and grading assignments.

Skills Required: Good communication skills, patience, thorough subject knowledge, ability to motivate and encourage students.

Potential Employers: Private clients, tutoring agencies, after-school programs, and online teaching platforms.

Resources: Wyzant,, Chegg Tutors, VIPKid,

Tutoring is a flexible way to make money on the side. At the same time, you share your knowledge and skills. It’s a rewarding opportunity to help others succeed academically.

Temporary Nursing Jobs

With Florida’s large aging population, temporary nursing jobs are a rewarding side hustle. It involves providing medical care and support to patients, making it an optimal choice for healthcare professionals seeking extra income.

Responsibilities: Administering medication, monitoring patient health, and providing essential care.

Skills Required: Medical knowledge, patient care, compassion, attention to detail, and strong communication skills.

Potential Employers: Hospitals, nursing homes, private residences, and medical staffing agencies.

Resources: American Nurses Association (ANA), Florida Nurses Association (FNA), LinkedIn.

Temporary nursing jobs are in high demand, providing an opportunity for a steady income and increased flexibility. It’s an ideal choice for qualified nurses seeking a balance between their professional and personal lives.

QA Freelance Jobs

Quality Assurance (QA) freelance jobs are rising in Florida, especially in the booming tech sector. This involves testing products to determine if they meet specific standards before they reach the market.

Responsibilities: Identifying and reporting bugs, conducting tests, writing test cases, and communicating with development teams.

Skills Required: Attention to detail, analytical skills, knowledge of testing methodologies, and understanding of software development process.

Potential Employers: Tech companies, software development firms, and individual entrepreneurs.

Resources: UTest, Freelancer, LinkedIn.

QA Freelance jobs allow you to make some extra money remotely. It’s for individuals with a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving.

Final Thoughts

Florida offers various profitable side hustles that can help you generate extra income. Its gig economy, prosperous with entrepreneurial ventures, provides diverse pathways to financial independence and skill monetization. From moonlighting in vibrant locales to engaging in creative outlets like freelance work, the Sunshine State’s dynamic sectors provide a canvas for those seeking to diversify their income and balance work-life dynamics.

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