Best side hustles in Alaska

Are you looking to generate extra cash in The 49th State? In this article, we explore the top side hustles in Alaska. From earning $20-$25 an hour as a part-time Snow Plow Truck Operator for JEFFCO Inc. in Fairbanks to making $17.15-$18.06 an hour as a temporary Seafood Processor at OBI Seafoods in Kodiak, there are various ways to supplement your income. 

flexible side job opportunities in Alaska

Other options include becoming a Harbor Snow Shoveler for the City of Valdez or a Morning Cleaner at Michaels Stores. Alternatively, you can work remotely online as a virtual math teacher on Elevate K-12. These side jobs provide multiple income streams and flexibility, suitable for those juggling a full-time job.

56 Best Side Jobs In Alsaka To Supplement Your Income

Accounting Services and Tax Preparer

Seasonal tax preparation and accounting services are crucial in Alaska. Freelancers or part-timers can give tax advice, prepare returns, or offer bookkeeping services to individuals and companies. For instance, you might work as an independent contractor, preparing individual returns during the tax season.

Responsibilities: Preparing tax returns, reviewing financial records, giving tax advice, and offering bookkeeping services.

Skills Required: Attention to detail, knowledge of tax laws and regulations, confidentiality, problem-solving ability, and expertise in accounting software.

Potential Employers: Individual taxpayers, small businesses, corporations, nonprofits, or you can set up a home-based service.

ResourcesAmerican Institute of Professional BookkeepersNational Association of Tax ProfessionalsIRS Tax Return Preparer DirectoryInternal Revenue Service (IRS) Annual Filing Season Program.

Being a tax preparer or providing accounting services can offer an additional income stream during the tax season. You can offer these services on a project basis, providing flexible work options and a great way to supplement your income.

Adjunct Instructor and Temporary Teaching Jobs

Alaska’s educational institutions often need adjunct instructors or temporary teachers for part-time work. These roles include teaching courses in colleges and universities or offering private tutoring services.

Responsibilities: Preparing and delivering lectures, evaluating student performance, and offering tutoring services.

Skills Required: Knowledge in a specific subject area, practical communication, patience, and organizational skills.

Potential Employers: Universities, community colleges, private tutoring centers, adult education programs.

ResourcesAmerican Association of University ProfessorsAlaska Department of Education & Early DevelopmentNational Tutoring Association.

By becoming an adjunct instructor or temporary teacher, you can share your knowledge while earning extra income. This is a rewarding side job where you can influence students’ lives while working full time in your regular job.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers a lucrative way to earn extra cash in your spare time. Promote other companies’ products and make a commission for sales through your referral link.

Responsibilities: Promoting products, generating traffic to the product page, and creating content.

Skills Required: Sales skills, online marketing knowledge, content creation, understanding of SEO, SMM.

Potential Employers: Online retailers, marketing firms, and individual businesses looking for product promotion.

ResourcesAffiliate SummitClickBankAmazon Affiliate ProgramAffiliate Marketing Courses.

Affiliate marketing provides the luxury of working from home while earning significantly. It’s a reliable part of the gig economy where you can make passive income without a degree or significant experience.

AI-based Content Generation

AI-based content generation is an emerging field offering numerous opportunities. Freelancers or part-timers can work on projects developing and fine-tuning AI models for content generation.

Responsibilities: Developing AI models, fine-tuning algorithms, testing, and evaluating AI-generated content.

Skills Required: Proficiency in AI and machine learning, understanding of natural language processing, coding skills, and creativity.

Potential Employers: Tech companies, online businesses, digital marketing firms.

ResourcesGoogle AI HubMicrosoft’s AI SchoolAI & Machine Learning Courses from Coursera.

AI content generation is among the high-earning side jobs in the tech industry. As an independent contractor, you can work on fascinating projects while boosting your income.

AI Model Training

AI model training is a lucrative field where you can offer your skills on a project basis. It involves training and fine-tuning AI models to perform specific tasks.

Responsibilities: Training AI models, fine-tuning algorithms, validating and testing models.

Skills Required: Knowledge of AI and machine learning, coding, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Potential Employers: Tech companies, research institutions, online businesses.

ResourcesDeepAINVIDIA Deep Learning AIAI & Machine Learning Courses from Coursera.

AI model training is an exciting and rewarding side job. As a digital nomad, you can work remotely and earn a substantial income while contributing to advancing AI technology.

Arts and Crafts Vending

Arts and crafts vending offers a creative outlet for making money. You can sell your handmade products at local markets, online platforms, or craft fairs.

Responsibilities: Creating unique handmade items, marketing products, and managing sales.

Skills Required: Artistic talent, creativity, good customer service, sales and marketing skills.

Potential Employers: Art and craft galleries, online platforms, local markets.

ResourcesEtsyArtfireHandmade at Amazon.

Arts and crafts vending is a fantastic way to monetize your creativity. You can start this as a side job and turn it into a full-time entrepreneurial venture.

Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning jobs in Alaska range from housekeeping, industrial cleaning, and janitorial work to specialized tasks like window cleaning. These offer a steady source of additional income, especially during the tourist season.

Responsibilities: Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, organizing spaces, and deep cleaning tasks.

Skills Required: Attention to detail, physical stamina, reliability, knowledge of cleaning products and techniques.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, commercial businesses, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, offices, public parks, and cleaning companies.

ResourcesMolly Maid CareersHomeAglowAlaska Commercial Cleaning.

Cleaning side jobs can provide repeat customers and a consistent income stream. By securing contracts with commercial businesses or homeowners, you can supplement your income while working full-time.

Cook Jobs

Cook jobs in Alaska are abundant during the tourist season in restaurants, lodges, and cruise ships. You can offer your culinary skills on a contract basis to various establishments.

Responsibilities: Preparing meals, maintaining kitchen cleanliness, planning menus, and following health and safety regulations.

Skills Required: Culinary skills, creativity, time management, and understanding of health and safety regulations.

Potential Employers: Restaurants, hotels, lodges, cruise ships, private households.

ResourcesAmerican Culinary FederationSeasonedHolland America/Princess Alaska-Yukon LandCulinary Institute of America.

Cooking jobs offer a perfect way to showcase your culinary skills while earning extra income. You can work part-time or on a per-project basis, making it a flexible option for those passionate about cooking.

Cryptocurrency Investment and Stock Market Trading

Cryptocurrency investment and stock market trading have become popular ways to make money in your spare time. You can trade or invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies and earn money based on market trends.

Responsibilities: Researching market trends, buying and selling stocks or cryptocurrencies, and managing investments.

Skills Required: Analytical skills, decision-making abilities, understanding of financial markets, risk management.

Potential Employers: Self-employment

ResourcesCoinbaseRobinhoodAlaska Permanent Fund Corporation.

Cryptocurrency investment and stock market trading can provide substantial returns. But it’s imperative to understand the risks involved. It’s a legitimate work-from-home opportunity that requires careful research and strategic decision-making.

Customer Service Jobs (Representative, Agent)

Customer service jobs are plentiful in Alaska. You can work as a customer service representative or agent, handling customer queries and providing support.

Responsibilities: Handling customer queries, providing product or service information, and resolving complaints.

Skills Required: Communication skills, problem-solving abilities, patience, and knowledge of the product or service.

Potential Employers: Retail companies, telecom companies, banks, online businesses.

ResourcesAmerican Customer Satisfaction IndexAlaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development

Customer service jobs offer a way to earn extra income while improving your communication and problem-solving skills. You can find these roles in various industries, providing many opportunities.

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry positions offer an excellent starting point for those interested in remote work opportunities in Alaska. Many businesses require data entry support for various tasks, including updating databases and managing customer information.

Responsibilities: Accurately inputting data, maintaining databases, ensuring data quality, and performing administrative tasks.

Skills Required: Fast typing speed, attention to detail, basic software skills, and data accuracy.

Potential Employers: Government agencies, healthcare providers, online retailers, or any business requiring data management.

ResourcesNOLS JobsnetworkCraigslistUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks jobsFederal Government Jobs, and AVMA Veterinary Career Center.

Data entry roles offer an appealing avenue to earn extra cash from the comfort of your home. They provide the flexibility to work per project, making them an excellent side job for those looking to supplement their income.

Delivery Driver

As a delivery driver in Alaska, you can earn extra income while exploring the beautiful landscapes. This job involves delivering goods or food to customers, often on a flexible schedule.

Responsibilities: Picking up and delivering items, maintaining timely schedules, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Skills Required: Good driving record, time management, and customer service skills.

Potential Employers: FedEx, Uber, Grubhub, DoorDashInstacart Shoppers.

ResourcesFedEx CareersUberDoorDash DriverInstacart Shoppers10 Roads ExpressCarlile Transportation, and Black Gold Express.

Working as a delivery driver provides the freedom to make money in your spare time while enjoying the scenic beauty of Alaska. This gig economy job is a great way to earn additional income while maintaining a flexible schedule.

Digital Marketing Services

Offering digital marketing services is an excellent remote side hustle for those with marketing expertise. This includes search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, and social media management.

Responsibilities: Building marketing strategies, creating and managing content, analyzing metrics, and improving online presence.

Skills Required: Knowledge of digital marketing tools, analytical skills, creativity, and understanding of marketing trends.

Potential Employers: Small businesses, start-ups, nonprofit organizations, and online businesses.

ResourcesReesby ITJazzHRAppen jobsMTurksUpworkFiverrExcellent Careers.

Digital marketing services provide a promising avenue for contract work as businesses increasingly depend on online visibility. This work can be done remotely, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an independent contractor opportunity in Alaska.

Dishwasher Jobs

Dishwashing roles are temporary labor opportunities available in restaurants and hospitality venues in Alaska. These positions often require no experience, making them an ideal entry-level job.

Responsibilities: Cleaning dishes, maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen, assisting with food prep if needed.

Skills Required: Physical stamina, teamwork, attention to detail, and reliability.

Potential Employers: Restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and event venues.

ResourcesDenny’s Jobs OpportunitiesPoached JobsHCA HealthcareHolland America/Princess Alaska-Yukon Land Operations.

Dishwasher jobs are reliable gigs for those looking to earn money on the side in Alaska. These roles provide an opportunity to gain experience in the hospitality industry and can often lead to more advanced roles.

E-book Publishing

E-book publishing is a profitable online business for those with a talent for writing or a unique story to share. From fiction to how-to guides, there is an audience for every genre.

Responsibilities: Writing content, editing, formatting, and marketing your e-book.

Skills Required: Creativity, writing skills, basic formatting knowledge, and marketing skills.

Potential Employers: Self-employment or work for an e-book publishing company.

Resources: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, InTuition LanguagesExcellent CareersUbi

E-book publishing allows you to turn your passion for writing into a lucrative side job. This creative endeavor can be pursued anywhere, making it an ideal remote work opportunity for Alaskans.

Fish & Wildlife Technician Seasonal and Temporary

Seasonal and temporary jobs in Fish & Wildlife as a technician or biologist provide an opportunity to work outdoors and contribute to the conservation efforts in Alaska.

Responsibilities: Collecting and analyzing data, conducting research, monitoring wildlife, and maintaining equipment.

Skills Required: Knowledge of environmental science, fieldwork skills, data analysis, and physical fitness.

Potential Employers: Department of Fish and Game, National Parks, environmental consulting firms, and conservation organizations.

ResourcesAmerican Fisheries SocietyConservation Job BoardUSAJobsNAAEE Jobs – North American AssociationEnvironment For The Americas – Trakstar.

Jobs in fish & wildlife provide a unique chance to blend your passion for nature with your career. These are excellent opportunities for those who wish to make a difference in the conservation field while enjoying the majestic outdoors of Alaska.

Fitness Coaching or Personal Training

Becoming a fitness coach or personal trainer is a great part-time job for fitness enthusiasts in Alaska. It involves guiding clients through exercise routines and helping them meet their fitness goals.

Responsibilities: Creating workout plans, providing fitness advice, monitoring progress, and ensuring client safety.

Skills Required: Physical fitness, knowledge of exercise techniques, motivational skills, and a certification in personal training.

Potential Employers: Gyms, fitness centers, corporate wellness programs, or as a self-employed trainer.

ResourcesLinkedInCareers At Circle KGenuine Parts CompanyAutoZone CareersEcho Myjobs.

Fitness coaching or personal training allows you to turn your passion for fitness into a successful side job. With the flexibility to work in a gym or as a self-employed trainer, this is a perfect fit for those seeking a rewarding, active job.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a lucrative side job for those with a knack for words. From blog posts to articles, there are plenty of businesses in need of quality content.

Responsibilities: Writing engaging content, proofreading and editing, researching, and meeting deadlines.

Skills Required: Excellent writing skills, creativity, research skills, and proficiency in grammar and punctuation.

Potential Employers: Blog owners, marketing agencies, authors, and businesses.

ResourcesUpworkFiverrDaily TranscriptionExcellent CareersHappy Scribe.

Freelance writing allows you to work from anywhere, making it a great remote side hustle for Alaskans. With the ability to choose your clients and projects, this job offers unmatched flexibility while enabling you to get paid for your creativity.

Guide (Tour Guide, Hiking Guide, Canoe Guide, Excursion Guide, Rock Climbing, Fishing or hunting guide)

Fishing and hiking guide in Alaska

Working as a guide in Alaska allows you to share your passion for the outdoors with others. Whether you’re leading hiking trips or canoe excursions, this job lets you spend your days in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness.

Responsibilities: Leading groups, ensuring safety, providing information about the area, and planning trips.

Skills Required: Knowledge of the area, outdoor skills, first aid certification, and excellent communication.

Potential Employers: Tour operators, national parks, adventure companies, and fishing or hunting lodges.

ResourcesCoolWorks.comDenali National Park and Preserve, AKUSAJobsKamper JobsPreserveNet.

Being a guide provides a unique opportunity to turn your love for nature into a rewarding job. This role enables you to share the beauty of Alaska with others while doing what you love.

Handmade Crafts

Selling handmade crafts is a creative and profitable side job. Whether you’re skilled in knitting, woodwork, or jewelry making, there’s a market for unique, high-quality items.

Responsibilities: Crafting unique items, managing inventory, marketing your products, and customer service.

Skills Required: Crafting, creativity, business acumen, and marketing skills.

Potential Employers: Self-employment through online platforms or local craft fairs.

Resources: Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Facebook Marketplace, local craft fairs,

Creating and selling handmade crafts allows you to monetize your creativity. This entrepreneurial venture can be done on your schedule, making it an excellent remote work opportunity for Alaska residents.

Home Renovation Services & Handyman

Home renovation services and handyperson jobs are prominent in Alaska, particularly during the warm season. You’ll repair and upgrade homes and other buildings as a part-time handyman.

Responsibilities: Performing carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting, and general maintenance tasks.

Skills Required: Technical skills, physical stamina, problem-solving abilities, and customer service skills.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, real estate agencies, construction companies.

Resources: Home Depot jobs10 Roads ExpressCarlile TransportationGenuine Parts CompanyMeetATruckDriver.comCareers At Circle K.

From small repair jobs to large renovation projects, handyman services provide a steady stream of income and the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills. You can find opportunities on job boards, construction companies, or through word of mouth.

Homestay Hosting

Homestay hosting involves welcoming travelers into your home for short periods, providing them with accommodation and sometimes meals. It can be a great source of income, particularly during the peak tourist season in Alaska.

Responsibilities: Providing clean, comfortable accommodation, possibly providing meals, and ensuring guests have a positive experience.

Skills Required: Hospitality, customer service, communication skills.

Potential Employers: Self-employed, various homestay platforms.

Resources: AirbnbHomestay.comCouchsurfing.

Hosting guests in your home can be a rewarding experience that allows you to meet people worldwide. It’s also a fantastic way to earn extra income, especially during Alaska’s busy tourist season.

House Sitter

As a house sitter in Alaska, your role involves taking care of someone’s property while they’re away. This could involve various tasks, from watering plants to taking care of pets.

Responsibilities: Taking care of the property, watering plants, feeding pets, collecting mail.

Skills Required: Trustworthiness, reliability, attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, house sitting agencies.

Resources: HouseSitter.comTrustedHousesittersHouseCarers.

House-sitting can be a great way to earn extra income and provides plenty of flexibility. It’s particularly bustling during the holiday seasons when homeowners are away. You can find house-sitting gigs on various online platforms or through local agencies.

Instacart Shoppers

As an Instacart Shopper in Alaska, you provide a valuable service by shopping for groceries and delivering them to customers’ homes. This can be a flexible and rewarding way to earn extra income.

Responsibilities: Shopping for groceries as per customer’s order, delivering groceries to customer’s home.

Skills Required: Attention to detail, ability to follow instructions, and customer service skills.

Potential Employers: Instacart.

Resources: Instacart ShoppersUber EatsDoorDash.

Whether looking for a full-time job or just a way to make some extra money, working as an Instacart Shopper can be a great option. It offers flexible hours and the opportunity to earn income on a schedule that suits you.

IT Support (Work from home, contractor, and part-time)

Many companies require IT support services, and these roles can often be performed remotely. This opportunity is perfect for those with technical skills seeking a flexible work option.

Responsibilities: Assisting with technical issues, maintaining systems, troubleshooting.

Skills Required: Technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills.

Potential Employers: IT companies, small businesses, large corporations.

Resources: TEKsystems CareersJazzHRReesby IT.

Whether you’re providing IT support on a contract basis or as a part-time remote worker, this field offers numerous opportunities. You can find roles on various job boards or by contacting companies directly.

Life or Business Coaching

Life or business coaching involves working with individuals or groups to help them achieve their personal or professional goals. This can often be done remotely and offers a rewarding way to earn an income.

Responsibilities: Providing guidance, setting goals, and developing strategies.

Skills Required: Communication skills, empathy, motivational skills.

Potential Employers: Self-employed and coaching agencies.

Resources: International Coach FederationThe Life Coach SchoolCoach Training Alliance.

Whether you’re a seasoned coach or just starting, there are numerous life or business coaching opportunities in Alaska. You can set up your practice or work with an agency, providing services in-person or remotely.

Online Course Creation

Creating online courses allows you to share your knowledge and skills with others and earn income simultaneously. This can be done on various topics, depending on your expertise.

Responsibilities: Creating course content, promoting your course, and updating course material.

Skills Required: Expertise in a specific field, teaching, and communication skills.

Potential Employers: Self-employed, various online learning platforms.

Resources: UdemySkillshareCoursera.

Creating online courses can be a rewarding and lucrative venture. You can build courses on a topic you’re passionate about and reach students worldwide, all while earning passive income.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring allows you to share your knowledge and skills with students worldwide. From math and science to language studies, there are numerous subjects you can tutor in.

Responsibilities: Teaching students, preparing lesson plans, and assessing student progress.

Skills Required: Expertise in a specific subject, teaching, and communication skills.

Potential Employers: Various online tutoring platforms.

Resources: Tutor.comWyzantChegg Tutors.

Online tutoring offers the flexibility to work from anywhere and set your hours. Whether you’re a certified teacher or someone with expertise in a particular field, online tutoring can be a great way to earn extra income.

Outdoor Services like Gardening or Landscaping

Providing outdoor services like gardening or landscaping can be a great seasonal job in Alaska. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy working outdoors and know how to make spaces attractive.

Responsibilities: Planting, mowing, trimming, leaf removal, design, and installation of landscapes.

Skills Required: Physical stamina, knowledge of plants and gardening techniques, creativity.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, businesses, and landscaping companies.

Resources: Landscaping JobsHorticulture JobsLandscaping Network.

Whether working for a landscaping company or offering your services independently, outdoor services can be a rewarding and profitable venture. It provides the chance to work in the fresh air and create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Park Ranger

Park ranger in Alaska

Working as a park ranger in Alaska’s stunning national parks is a great seasonal job. Your role is to protect and preserve parklands while ensuring visitors enjoy their stay.

Responsibilities: Patrolling parks, providing information to visitors, enforcing park regulations.

Skills Required: Knowledge of wildlife and conservation, customer service skills, and physical fitness.

Potential Employers: National Park Service, state parks.

Resources: USAJobsUS National Park

Working as a park ranger combines a love for the outdoors with a commitment to conservation. It’s a rewarding job that allows you to interact with visitors and help protect Alaska’s beautiful natural resources.

Pet Sitter & Dog Walker & Pet Groomer

Pet sitting, dog walking, and pet grooming are in demand in Alaska, especially during the tourist season when pet owners are away. This could be a profitable side job if you’re an animal lover, with flexible working hours.

Responsibilities: Taking care of pets, walking dogs, grooming pets, feeding, and administering medication if needed.

Skills Required: Love for animals, patience, reliability, communication skills.

Potential Employers: Pet owners, pet stores, animal shelters, dog daycares, and pet hotels.

Resources: Careers At Circle KHouseSitter.comHome Depot jobsUPSFedEx Careers.

Engaging in pet services allows you to combine passion and income with the potential for repeat customers. Small business owners, homeowners, and pet stores could be potential employers. 

Photography Services (Event, Drone, Nature, and Wildlife)

Photography services thrive in Alaska’s splendid landscapes and richness, especially event, drone, nature, and wildlife photography. This could be a vibrant freelance work option given the influx of tourists and numerous local events.

Responsibilities: Capturing high-quality photos, editing images, setting up equipment, and client consultation.

Skills Required: Creativity, technical photography skills, familiarity with editing software, and interpersonal skills.

Potential Employers: Event organizers, media companies, travel agencies, tourists, local businesses.

Resources: WREG JobsPapa Johns’ PizzaUSAJobsKNWA & FOX24 JobsCraigslist.

You can showcase Alaska’s beauty as a photographer while earning extra income. Consider freelancing for event organizers, media companies, or tourists looking to capture their Alaskan adventure. 


Podcasting is a unique side job in Alaska, allowing you to establish a personal brand or promote local culture, history, or nature. It can be a remote work opportunity that can be done from anywhere at any time.

Responsibilities: Creating content, recording episodes, editing, and promoting the podcast.

Skills Required: Communication skills, content creation, technical skills (recording, editing), and marketing skills.

Potential Employers: Online platforms, local radio stations, media companies, self-employment.

Resources: LinkedInThe National Labor ExchangeDoorDashCommunity College JobsChronicle Of Higher Education.

Podcasting is a flexible and potentially profitable way to leverage your expertise or passion. Through podcasting, you can reach a global audience while working from Alaska.

Property Management

Property management is a prominent part-time job in Alaska, especially for those who enjoy hands-on work and dealing with people. This role usually involves maintaining rental properties and ensuring they meet the needs of tenants or guests.

Responsibilities: Looking after properties, coordinating repairs, communicating with tenants, and managing rental contracts.

Skills Required: Communication skills, reliability, problem-solving skills, and basic maintenance skills.

Potential Employers: Property owners, real estate agencies, vacation rental companies.

Resources: Home Depot jobsCraigslistGovernmentJobs.comUSAJobsAramark Global Careers.

Property management is a rewarding part-time job that involves various tasks, making each day different. You can earn substantial income while working full time in another job. 

Recreation Jobs

Recreation jobs, including roles in parks, campsites, or sports facilities, are abundant in Alaska, especially during summer. This temp job is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors and interacting with people.

Responsibilities: Supervising activities, ensuring safety regulations, customer service, and facility maintenance.

Skills Required: Interpersonal skills, leadership, physical fitness, and knowledge of recreational activities.

Potential Employers: Parks and recreation departments, campsites, tourist attractions, sports facilities.

Resources: Denali National Park and Preserve, AKNAAEE Jobs – North American AssociationUSAJobsKamper

Recreation jobs allow you to enjoy Alaska’s beautiful outdoors while working. The roles are diverse, ranging from park rangers to camp counselors and fitness instructors. 

Remote Consulting

Remote consulting is a lucrative side job in Alaska, allowing you to provide global expertise and advice to clients. This remote side hustle can be in various fields like finance, management, marketing, or HR.

Responsibilities: Provide expert advice, develop business strategies, and manage projects.

Skills Required: Expertise in a particular field, analytical skills, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Potential Employers: Businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and individuals.

Resources: UpworkFiverrLinkedInThe MuseWorkday.

Remote consulting offers the flexibility to work from anywhere and the potential for substantial income. As a remote consultant, you can present your expertise to a broad client base, making this an exciting contract position. 

Seafood and Fish Processing Jobs

Seafood and fish processing jobs are prevalent in coastal Alaska. These temporary labor positions involve processing seafood ready for distribution, a vital part of Alaska’s economy.

Responsibilities: Sorting and grading fish, operating machinery, packing and freezing seafood, cleaning and maintenance.

Skills Required: Physical stamina, attention to detail, reliability, teamwork.

Potential Employers: Seafood processing companies, fishing boats, and seafood markets.

Resources: American Fisheries SocietyAlaska Municipal LeagueUSAJobsAlaska Wildlife Conservation CenterCareers In Food.

Seafood processing jobs can be demanding but offer a unique experience and decent wages. You could work for processing companies, on fishing boats, or at seafood markets.

SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is a specialized digital job that can be done remotely from Alaska. As an SEO consultant, you help businesses optimize their online presence and visibility on search engines.

Responsibilities: Conducting SEO audits, keyword research, content optimization, and building strategies.

Skills Required: SEO expertise, analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and understanding of web analytics.

Potential Employers: Companies, digital marketing agencies, website owners.

Resources: UpworkFiverrLinkedInReesby ITAppen jobs.

SEO consulting allows you to work remotely with clients worldwide, providing expertise that can significantly impact their business. If you have SEO skills, consider this gig economy option. 


Working as a server in restaurants, bars, or cafes is a classic seasonal job in Alaska. This role involves providing excellent customer service in a fast-paced environment.

Responsibilities: Taking orders, serving food and drinks, cleaning tables, and providing customer service.

Skills Required: Interpersonal skills, physical stamina, multitasking, attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Restaurants, bars, cafes, catering companies, tourist attractions.

Resources: US Foods JobsSeasonedPoached JobsDenny’s Jobs OpportunitiesHolland America/Princess Alaska-Yukon Land Operations.

Working as a server offers flexible hours and the chance to earn good tips. Restaurants, bars, and cafes are among the potential employers. 


Working as a personal shopper can be a flexible and rewarding side job in Alaska. You could work for a shopping service or offer your services independently to those unable to shop for themselves.

Responsibilities: Shopping for groceries or other items, delivering purchases, and providing customer service.

Skills Required: Attention to detail, time management, customer service skills, and knowledge of products.

Potential Employers: Shopping services, individual clients, elderly care facilities.

Resources: Instacart ShoppersDoorDashWalmart CareersExpress Delivery Service, IncUber.

You can set your hours as a personal shopper and build a regular customer base. This role is ideal for those who enjoy shopping and helping others.

Ski & Snowboard Instructor

With its abundance of snow-covered mountains, Alaska is a prime location for ski and snowboard instructors. Whether you’re an expert shredder or have a knack for teaching, seasonal ski and snowboard instructor jobs in Alaska can be a thrilling part-time job that puts you in the heart of the alpine action.

Responsibilities: Teaching skiing or snowboarding techniques, ensuring safety guidelines are followed, assessing abilities, and adjusting lessons accordingly.

Skills Required: Strong skiing or snowboarding skills, effective communication, teaching ability, CPR/First Aid certification.

Potential Employers: Ski resorts, private ski schools, and sports facilities.

Resources: NOLS JobsnetworkUSAJobsHolland America/Princess Alaska-Yukon L

As a ski & snowboard instructor, you can turn your passion for winter sports into a viable income stream. The job pays well and immerses you in the beauty of Alaska’s winter wonderland.

Social Media Content Moderator

A social media content moderator role can be an ideal remote temp job for those with an eye for detail and an understanding of online etiquette. Tasked with monitoring user-generated content, you’ll ensure a safe and engaging digital community.

Responsibilities: Reviewing and moderating user-generated content, enforcing community guidelines, and reporting problematic content.

Skills Required: Knowledge of social media platforms, strong communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to handle sensitive content.

Potential Employers: Social media agencies, tech companies, digital marketing firms.

Resources: TEKsystems CareersJazzHRAppen jobs

Being a social media content moderator allows you to engage with online communities and uphold communication standards. This part-time job can be a stepping stone for those interested in digital media or community management careers.

Social Media Manager

For digital-savvy individuals, a part-time role as a social media manager can be a fulfilling and lucrative job. You’ll spearhead a brand’s online presence and engage with its audience, all while earning extra income.

Responsibilities: Creating and scheduling posts, managing social media campaigns, and monitoring analytics.

Skills Required: Understanding social media platforms, strong communication skills, creativity, and analytical thinking.

Potential Employers: Small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and marketing agencies.

Resources: LinkedInWalmart CareersUpwork.

A social media manager’s role is not just about posting updates; it’s about creating meaningful interactions and building a brand’s online reputation. This job can be rewarding to leverage your digital skills while working from home.

Snow Plow Truck Driver/Operator

When winter hits Alaska, snow plow truck drivers are in high demand. If you have the required licenses and enjoy working outdoors, this seasonal job can provide a steady income during the snowy months.

Responsibilities: Clearing roads and parking lots of snow, maintaining equipment, and adhering to safety protocols.

Skills Required: Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), physical stamina, knowledge of operating heavy machinery.

Potential Employers: Municipalities, private businesses, landscaping companies.

Resources: Alaska Municipal LeagueUSAJobs10 Roads Express

By becoming a snow plow truck driver, you’ll perform a crucial service for your community while earning a solid income. Plus, it’s an excellent way to stay active and enjoy the winter season in Alaska.

Snow Shovelers and Snow Removal

Snow removal service is a lucrative side job in a state like Alaska, where snowfall is inevitable. If you’re not afraid of some physical labor, you can earn a good income by shoveling snow during winter.

Responsibilities: Shoveling or blowing snow from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots, applying salt or sand to icy surfaces.

Skills Required: Physical strength and stamina, knowledge of safe snow removal techniques.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, property management companies, and business complexes.

Resources: CraigslistGovernmentJobs.comWREG Jobs.

Snow removal is a strenuous but rewarding job. Not only will you significantly contribute to your community, but you’ll also get a good workout and a steady income throughout the winter.

Summer Camp Jobs

Summer camps in Alaska are always on the lookout for dedicated staff. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a sports coach, or an artist, there’s a role for everyone in this dynamic, rewarding environment.

Responsibilities: Leading activities, supervising campers, ensuring safety.

Skills Required: First Aid/CPR certification, leadership skills, communication skills, expertise in a specific area (like sports, arts, etc.).

Potential Employers: Youth organizations, educational institutions, religious organizations.

Resources: CoolWorks.comKamper JobsSitka Fine Arts Camp Career Opportunities.

Working at a summer camp is more than a job; it’s a life-changing experience. You’ll have the chance to inspire young people, make lasting memories, and spend your summer amid Alaska’s unparalleled natural beauty.

Transcriber and Remote Transcription Jobs

If you’re a fast and accurate typist, remote transcription could be your ticket to flexible part-time work. Transcribers convert audio into written text, making this a perfect job for those with excellent listening skills.

Responsibilities: Listening to audio recordings and typing them into text, proofreading and editing transcripts.

Skills Required: Fast typing speed, excellent listening skills, strong command of the English language.

Potential Employers: Market research companies, legal firms, and healthcare providers.

Resources: UpworkFiverrDaily Transcription.

Transcription work offers the convenience of working from anywhere at any time, making it ideal for those looking for a flexible side job. Plus, it’s an excellent way to improve your typing speed and listening skills.

Translation Specialist and Foreign Language Interpreter

If you’re fluent in multiple languages, consider leveraging your skills as a translation specialist or foreign language interpreter. This part-time job can be done remotely, making it a perfect fit for a digital nomad lifestyle.

Responsibilities: Translating documents or interpreting conversations, proofreading translated texts.

Skills Required: Fluency in at least two languages, strong communication skills, and attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Resources: ProZTranslatorsCafeGengo.

Translation and interpretation services are in high demand in our increasingly globalized world. This job lets you capitalize on your language skills while gaining valuable cross-cultural experiences.

Truck Driver

Given the region’s expansive and scenic routes, driving a truck in Alaska can be a rewarding seasonal job. You might work as a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) holder or a Class A or B driver or even specialize in long hauls, line hauls, box trucks, or heavy trucks.

Responsibilities: Safe operation of the vehicle, adhering to delivery schedules, vehicle maintenance.

Skills Required: CDL, driving skills, physical wellness, navigation skills, communication skills.

Potential Employers: FedEx, UPS, Careers At Circle K, Echo Myjobs, Domino’s, Express Delivery Service, Inc, Waste Connections, Sysco Careers, Republic Services Career,, 10 Roads Express, Carlile Transportation, Holland America/Princess Alaska-Yukon L, Black Gold Express.

Resources: FedEx Careers, UPS, Careers At Circle K, Echo Myjobs, Domino’s Careers, Express Delivery Service, Inc, DoorDash, DoorDash Driver, Alaska Municipal LeagueUSAJobs, University of Alaska Fairbanks jobs, Federal Government JobsAlaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Seasonal truck driving jobs offer opportunities to explore Alaska while earning a stable income. These positions are perfect for those who enjoy independent work, the open road, and the unique challenges of driving in the Alaskan environment.


Videographer roles in Alaska offer breathtaking landscapes as the background for your shoots. You can work on various projects, including wildlife documentaries, travel videos, and local events.

Responsibilities: Filming, video editing, equipment maintenance.

Skills Required: Video editing skills, creativity, technical proficiency with video equipment, and attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Tourist agencies, local television stations, freelance clients, and event companies.

Resources: Vimeo Jobs, LinkedIn, Craigslist, University of Alaska Fairbanks jobsSitka Fine Arts Camp Career Opportunities, Resource Hub For Husson University Student, Providence Jobs, TEKsystems Careers, JazzHR.

As a videographer in Alaska, you can capture and share the state’s incredible beauty with the world. This seasonal job offers a creative outlet, the chance to improve your technical skills, and the opportunity to explore Alaska’s stunning landscapes.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is a remote job that can be done from anywhere, including Alaska. The job entails performing administrative tasks for clients around the world.

Responsibilities: Data entry, scheduling, customer service, email management.

Skills Required: Organizational skills, computer literacy, communication skills, and time management.

Potential Employers: Entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives.

Resources: Upwork, Fiverr, RemoteOnlineJob, MTurksWalgreens Data Entry Jobs, Apple Work From Home Job, Amazon Work From Home Job.

Virtual assistance is flexible and convenient, allowing you to work from home while assisting clients with administrative needs. 

Virtual Event Hosting

Virtual event hosting is a growing industry, and it’s handy in a place as geographically expansive as Alaska. Virtual hosts ensure that online events run smoothly, from webinars to conferences.

Responsibilities: Planning, coordinating, and facilitating virtual events.

Skills Required: Organization, tech-savvy, communication skills, problem-solving.

Potential Employers: Corporations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations.

Resources: LinkedIn, RemoteOnlineJob, UpworkFiverrWorkday, Reesby IT, Appen jobs.

As a virtual event host, you’ll be at the intersection of technology and hospitality. This role is perfect for organized, communicative, and tech-savvy people. With the increased remote work and digital communication, this role is more in demand than ever.

Voice-Over Work

Voice-over work in Alaska can vary from narrating audiobooks to voicing characters in animations or video games. This job can be performed from anywhere, making it a flexible choice.

Responsibilities: Provide voice talent for various media and maintain vocal health.

Skills Required: Clear speech, acting ability, versatile voice, and recording skills.

Potential Employers: Animation studios, advertising agencies, radio stations, video game developers.

Resources:, Voice123, Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, Daily TranscriptionExcellent Careers, Happy Scribe.

With voice-over work, you can use your unique voice to bring characters to life, narrate stories, or educate audiences. This remote side hustle offers creative fulfillment and the flexibility to work from anywhere, including during Alaska’s colder months.

Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse jobs in Alaska could involve working as a worker, associate, stocker, laborer, or cleaner. These roles often include managing inventory, organizing storage areas, and ensuring efficient operations.

Responsibilities: Loading and unloading goods, maintaining inventory, ensuring cleanliness and safety.

Skills Required: Physical strength, organizational skills, teamwork, and attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Retail stores, distribution centers, manufacturing plants.

Resources: Walmart Careers, Get Us Vocations, Home Depot jobs, The Home Depot Careers,, Cleaning Up! Careers.

Seasonal warehouse jobs in Alaska offer an excellent opportunity to gain experience in logistics and supply chain management. These roles often provide on-the-job training, making them accessible to those new to the workforce or looking to change careers.

Web Development

Web development is a highly sought-after skill, and as a web developer in Alaska, you can create and maintain websites for Alaskan businesses or work remotely for clients worldwide.

Responsibilities: Coding, debugging, and designing responsive layouts.

Skills Required: Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, strong problem-solving skills, and attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Tech companies, advertising agencies, freelance clients.

Resources: Upwork, Fiverr, RemoteOnlineJob, Job Junction CareersExcellent Careers, Reesby IT, Appen jobs.

Web development is a lucrative field with ample demand for skilled professionals. This job can be done remotely, allowing you to earn a good income while enjoying Alaska’s beautiful scenery.

YouTube Content Creator

Being a YouTube content creator in Alaska allows you to explore the state’s stunning landscapes, unique culture, and thriving wildlife populations while sharing your experiences with a global audience.

Responsibilities: Creating engaging content, editing videos, and responding to comments.

Skills Required: Video editing, creativity, communication skills, social media savvy.

Potential Employers: Self-employed, advertising partnerships.

Resources: YouTube, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Final Cut Pro.

YouTube content creation is an exciting option that allows you to be your boss, set your schedule, and express your creativity. This job can provide an excellent platform to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of Alaska while earning revenue from ad shares and partnerships.

Final thoughts:

There are several high-earning opportunities to make extra money in Alaska. From becoming a dog walker, house sitter, or package delivery driver in Anchorage to serving as a seasonal park ranger in Wasilla, plenty of gigs supplement your income. Alternatively, you might opt for remote work, like being an online English tutor on Cambly. 

These flexible, part-time jobs offer multiple income streams, perfect for those seeking to enhance their income while working full-time. So whether you’re craving the outdoor adventure, pursuing a remote side hustle, or yearning for a high-earning side gig, Alaska is brimming with opportunities.

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