Launch jacking: The Fastest Way To Make Money As An Affiliate

What is launch jacking? How does it work?

Launch jacking is a method affiliate marketers use to take advantage of upcoming products. The main goal is to produce content that will have time to rank before the launch. Affiliates make money on the launch date and after by creating a product review/overview on YouTube, blogs, or other social media platforms.

how does launch jacking work

Vendors and affiliate networks engaging in JV marketing capitalize on affiliate marketing to promote their products and increase sales.

Launch jacking is more effective for big launches and whenever there is a buzz around an upcoming event. Experienced and new affiliates use Muncheyes and alternatives to find new product launches. Their role is to gather enough information to produce a good review that will generate sales.

Although it is often for promoting digital products like software and training courses, launch jacking can also be effective for physical products. You can usually have higher commissions for digital products.

One highly effective strategy combines blogging, YouTube, and email marketing. You write a review on your blog and upload a video on YouTube. Then, embed the video on your blog and use an opt-in form to collect emails. Most vendors provide an email sequence that you can use in an autoresponder.

MunchEye and alternatives

Before you start as an affiliate and try launch jacking, you need to find new releases or upcoming product launches. On MunchEye and alternatives, you will find all the offers.

What is MunchEye? And how to use it.

MunchEye is a full IM launch calendar gathering information related to upcoming products. It allows vendors to put their products in front of future JV partners. It also showcases new releases. On the platform, the products are in three categories: 

  • big launches where you generally find experienced vendors and the ones who invest massively in advertising
  • all launches where you have all the offers
  • just launched for new releases 

MunchEye is entirely free, relatively easy to use, and does not require any signup. Here is the information available on the platform:

  • The product name
  • Information related to the vendor
  • Launch date
  • The price and the commission rate
  • The affiliate network
  • The Jv page, including all the information for affiliates 

You need to join the affiliate networks that manage the products you intend to promote. Most of the products are on the affiliate networks JVZoo and WarriorPlus. But you also have some products hosted on other networks like PayKickstart and Clickbank.

Many products are launched every day, and you can make as many promotions as you want, providing that you get accepted by the affiliate networks. 

Best Muncheye alternatives for affiliates

  • Get on the lists of the most reputable vendors in your niche to stay up-to-date regarding their new products.
  • When you decide to join affiliate networks, you can choose to receive notifications about new launches for some of them.
  • Get notified of upcoming launches by joining MATTMCWILLIAMS 
  • Offervault is an aggregator and search engine where you can find hardly any information about affiliate marketing and CPA offers. 
  • JV Notify Pro is mainly a community connecting vendors and affiliates. It has a launch calendar helping you find the best product to promote to maximize your earnings.  

It is also possible to make affiliate commissions utilizing The Amazon associate Program and the Amazon Hot New Releases.

What affiliate network to choose?

Your choice depends on the product and your experience. If you are a beginner, pay attention to the application process and research the networks that can welcome you. Digistore24, Clickbank, and Amazon Associates have a low barrier of entry and provide automatic approval.
However, JVZoo and WarriorPlus are very suitable for launch jacking. They have many launches, and it is easy to know when you should start promoting.

5 steps to making money from launch jacking

Launch jacking relies on a simple principle and works with a four-step-by-step method:

  • research and find products
  • join the right affiliate network and apply to become an affiliate
  • produce and upload content
  • email automation and bonuses (optional but effective)
  • boost and promote your content

You can get started even on a tight budget but you need to understand the fundamental of content creation and learn how to create content on your chosen platforms.

Step by step guide to make money launch jacking. 
Step 1: Choose a niche and find a product
Step 2: Join a network and apply to become an affiliate
Step 3: Produce content 
Step4: Publish and boost your ranking
Step 5: promote your content on social media

Here are five steps you can implement to make money with launch jacking:

Find a product to promote on Muncheye and alternatives

Here are some key elements to select a product to promote on Muncheye and alternatives:

  • choose a niche or category 
  • check the quality of the product and the reputation of the vendors
  • decide the best price structure for your audience and your marketing skills: impulse purchases, recurring commissions, high-ticket sales
  • find products with JV pages offering marketing tools like email swipes, videos, review copy, pre-launch checklist
  • check if the seller can give you prior access to the product to create your review
  • check if the vendor has a whitelist
  • choose products that launch in 3-4 weeks  
  • make sure the affiliate network hosting the product will accept you 

When you find your product, you move to the next step.

Join the right affiliate network and apply for the chosen product

JVZoo, WarrioPlus, and Clickbank usually accept beginners, but Clickbank provides automatic approval for most products. This means you must apply individually for each product to get the vendor’s acceptance on JVZoo and WarrioPlus. It is a two-step process:

  • Join the network that host the product
  • Get your affiliate link by applying to a specific offer

The process can take a few days, depending on the network and how the vendor accept new affiliates. 

Create your affiliate content (product review)

Create a review in the form of a written article or a video. It would be better if you could buy the product or get prior access as an affiliate. But it is still possible to produce a great review by compiling information on the net. In any case, the best reviews are accurate and enticing simultaneously. 

You can also make a tutorial on how you have used the product to have a specific outcome. You speak to an audience that needs to achieve something and provide the solution. This method is powerful, and you usually have a lower refund rate when you teach someone to use software or the recommended products. 

Focusing on the outcome and a buyer persona will help you make the right content. Even if your end goal is to make affiliate sales, providing value will give you an edge over your competitors. The quality of your reviews will affect your ranking and how people behave regarding your affiliate links.  

To get a blog, you need web hosting. I have several websites, and for most of them, I use SiteGround. They make it easy to set up a blog, offer affordable prices, have a fast loading time, and more.

If you decide to produce the content by yourself, here are some helpful tools I use to create my content.

For my blog post and written content, I use Grammarly to assist me in writing and checking for plagiarism. I had tried it for free for a few weeks before I decided to upgrade to the pro version. Whether you are an English native speaker, it will enhance your writing and help you save time.

Get Grammarly Here

To produce my infographics, I use Powerpoint and Canva. If you need ready-to-use templates and do not have much time, Canva will help you create all your infographics and short videos. It allows me to get content for all social media platforms and makes blog articles more attractive.

Try Canva For Free

Outsourcing is also an excellent way to start for the ones who:

  • want to produce more content
  • do not have the skills
  • are short in time

Here are the websites I use to outsource some of my content creation:

Whenever I do not have the time to write myself, I outsource my article on Fiverr and iWriter. They both have pros and cons, and I had to do some testing before finding some good writers. But now, it is much easier for me to focus on finding the best products to promote and other essential tasks.

Fiverr gives you a wide choice in content creation for your blog articles, videos, and any visual content. I found the platform extremely easy to use, and over time you may build a long-term professional relationship with some freelancers.

Publish and boost ranking with backlinks

Once you have created and published your content, you can take an extra step to give you advantages over your competitors. White hat SEO will improve your ranking on search engines while following Google TOS. 

You can use guest posting on Quora, Reddit, and Medium to get backlinks and boost your traffic. For example, you can increase your ranking by using Seoclerks to acquire backlinks for YouTube and blog reviews.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Affiliate Content

Social media is a traffic source that can be highly effective in generating affiliate sales. Choose one or two social media accounts and post several times a week to benefit from free traffic. Try to focus on a specific niche to get a better result. 

Any social media platform can work if you put in the effort, but here are some elements to consider before making your choice:

  • your audience
  • the amount of time you can allocate
  • how often can you post content
  • long-term or short-term strategy

For example, I use Tailwind to grow my Pinterest and Instagram accounts to schedule my posts. It enables me to be more consistent even if I can not go on the platforms for a few days. Pinterest allows me to drive constant traffic to my review articles for launch jacking. In contrast, an Instagram post is a smart move that can boost affiliate traffic around launch dates.

Tips and tricks to increase affiliate sales

  • Offer bonuses, especially for high ticket offers
  • Collect emails and add the prospects to an email sequence using Getresponse or ActiveCampaign.
  • Buy the product or contact the vendor to ask for a review copy.
  • Show people how to use the product (free short tutorial) or show the results you get from using the product.

Final thoughts: Expectations and challenges of launch jacking

Launch Jacking means benefiting from the hype vendors and prominent marketers create around a new product. Although it is a simple business model, it is sometimes hard (but doable) to compete with experienced affiliate marketers who offer bonuses for big launches. 

Choosing the right products, producing content, and staying up-to-date are other challenges of launch jacking. As a beginner affiliate, you may try to find great products with few published content offering a $30 – $100 commission. 

If you want higher commissions, you will not benefit from impulse purchases. Try to model what the big affiliates do and think about what can get you the advantage.

It is essential to write honest and factual reviews if you expect to build a sustainable business. It is not entirely passive, but your review can generate sales for months or even years. Launch jacking can make you a full-time income if you stay consistent and publish content at least once a week. 

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