Become An English Tutor [35 best online tutoring websites]

Online English tutor

An online English tutor helps people to reach a higher level of proficiency in English. Contrary to in-person tutoring, tutoring online requires the use of video conferencing software like Zoom and some computer skills. It is a flexible job and thanks to time zones classes can be scheduled at any given time.

Man taking English online classes at home with female tutor on the computer

A home-based English tutor can either have students coming at home or look for remote online teaching jobs. There is a huge diversity of online teaching jobs. Here are some target audiences to focus on if you want to get paid to tutor English:

  • Learning to read for kids
  • Playful English for young kids
  • Academic English
  • Conversational English
  • English grammar
  • Business English
  • English for travel
  • English fluency and pronunciation
  • Exam and test preparation
  • Teaching English as a foreign language for adults
  • Writing and essay
  • Learning English for citizenship tests
  • English for beginner
  • Advanced grammar
  • Teach English online to Korean students
  • Teach English online to Chinese students

As a teacher, it is important to set goals at the beginning to state clearly what your students are going to achieve. For example, if the goal is to be fluent in English in 6 months then one of the steps may be to establish a daily routine of speaking (or to improve the pronunciation of one sound).

Certifications to teach English online

Each company has his own requirements and application process.

However, there are a few teaching certificates that are usually required to teach English from home.

CELTA certificate

Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults is a TEFL qualification awarded by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge. With a Cambridge certificate, you increase your chances of being accepted by any school or company offering English tutoring.


A TESOL certificate is for teaching English in an English-speaking country to non-native English speaker. For example, teaching English to foreigners in the UK. Recently the term TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) has become more popular and tend replace the use of TESL.

Learn more and discover how to get a TESOL certificate.

TEFL certificates

A teaching English as a Foreign language certificate (TEFL) allows to teach English to non-native English speaker in a country where English is not the first language. For example, teaching English in Spain.

Most schools or online teaching companies require at least 120 hours of training if you plan to take a TEFL. Although the prices vary a lot, it is possible to find a good accredited TELF course. Not all the courses are equal, pay attention to what is inside the course. Some of them are for people who plan to work for an online TEFL platform, to work as an independent, to work abroad, etc.

Trinity college London certificate

Trinity college London offer 4 different teacher training qualifications.

A Trinity college London’s certificate is (with also a Cambridge certificate) one of the most valuable assets you can get as an English teacher.

In general, many companies make no difference between these teaching certificates and will accept any of them.

4 ways to become an online English tutor

  • Build your own online education business
  • Join an online tutoring platform (one and one course, group course, MOOC)
  • Work remotely for a school
  • Community and governmental online tutoring jobs
Organigram showing how to become an English tutor: Degree, certificate, experience, tools, equipment, finding a job, online teaching skills

How much online English tutors make

According to the website an ESL teacher makes on average $45,336 per year.

However, earnings depend on several factors such as experience, qualification, and also the platform. For example, tutors at Magic ears can make from $15 to $26 per hour. $15-26/hr$15-26/hr.

35 online English tutoring platforms [start tutoring in 2020]

Whether you want a part-time online tutoring job or you plan to start a career as an online English teacher you need to check out these best sites for online tutoring jobs:

Online teaching have been on the rise for many years but since the recent events online education has become even more essential. In particular, online English tutoring is among the most in demand tutoring jobs.

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