Android Developer jobs

Today the whole world is driven by technology, from starting an AC from your home when you are away to self-driving cars. All these and many more things are technology-driven. Android powers most of them.

An operating system developed especially for mobile phones in 2008. Today it is driving nearly all the items in the world thanks to its simplicity and ease. It is more user-friendly.

Learn the skills to become an Android developer

It is thus because the skill is in high demand today. An average junior android developer can earn up to $98,000 (USD) annually. If you are also looking forward to making a career in this field, then there are some programming languages you have to be a master.

Android programming languages

Some of these programming languages are outdated, while some are recently added. In this article, you will get an idea about all the programming languages that can be used to develop android applications. Some major android languages are Java, C, C++, XML, Assembly language, Python shell script, Make D.

Java android

Launched in 1995 by Sun MicroSystems. It is the leader among all the programming languages. Originally it was developed for the game development industry. But today, it is present in all devices, including your smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It is the official language for the development of android apps.

Some Pros and cons associated with the Java are:

  • Best for the development of games as you have lots of free codes
  • It is recommended by google
  • It is used widely for the development of Android apps.


It takes time to get mastery.

C# for Android development

C# is an object-oriented programming language. It is a powerful programming language. And in combination with visual Basic, units can be used for creating 3D games.


  • Easy to learn
  • Object-Oriented
  • Easy to read


Have limited employment chances as android developer.

C++ android app

This programming language runs compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studios, which can be compiled for the Android apps by using the CLANG toolchain. However, the apps developed by C++ will not run on Java Virtual Machine.


  • Faster development of the 3D game.
  • There are various library in C/C++
  • It is based on OOP concept


Not popular among android developer.

Pycharm Android

Pycharm Android is one of the newest applications that has been designed by Google, and it comes packed with a massive number of features. It is an integrated development environment that is used exclusively for the Python developed in 2010. It is not directly used for the development of Android applications.

Android app with Python

Python is considered as a useful real-world language. It is a general-purpose, object-oriented, and high-level programming language created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. However, the android does not support Python but using some tools, and you can convert the codes from Python to APIC files, which are supported by the android.


  • The Python runs on a wide variety of hardware
  • The language support GUI
  • It is a scalable as it provides a better structure and supports


It is not directly be used on android devices

Building an Android app

Android developer training and courses

If you are looking for an easy way to get an Android developer job, you have come to the right place. This article will give you some information about the different Android developer courses you can take and what they have to offer.

Udacity: It is an online education portal that provides education/training on various courses. The courses consist of several lectures with quizzes that help students understand the concepts and apply them.

Udemy: Udemy was founded in 2010, is an American online learning platform. The company is in the business for more than ten years. It provides plenty of courses in many development sectors. Different courses on Python, and Java are available in Udemy. It also has IT Certification Courses.

Coursera: There are more than 3900 courses available on Coursera’s website, which you can access after simple registration on their website. Coursera collaborates with 200+ leading universities and companies over the globe. Due to this pandemic issue, they are offering a considerable discount on all of their courses.

Others certification programs

Amid the Corona pandemic, there has been significant growth in online education. Now numerous universities are providing different certification programs for android development. You can easily enroll in these programs and get a certification from them. These courses may or may not be free. Some popular are

  • Associate Android developer by google
  • GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst by GIAC
  • MCSD App builder by Microsoft
  • Salesforce certified platform app builder by the sales force

Android developer license

A developer license is a contract between you and the company providing the software or device that you want to create for the Android platform. You can either use the source code or your modifications in building your applications, but there is a cost involved, and there are also restrictions as to what you can do. The Android developer license is one of the most popular forms of licensing software.

Steps to publish an Android app in google play

There are some different steps to publish an Android app on Google Play Store. The first step is to choose the application language that you are going to choose from, and then you have to select the design language for the same.

You can choose the one according to your preference and according to your budget as per the Android Market. The steps to publishing Android apps on Google Play are quite straightforward.

The application must be appropriately formatted for the Play Store, and you must make sure that all the necessary files have been uploaded to the server, and all the required details must be provided along with the application. This is actually the most crucial part, as this is the leading platform that has to accept your request.

After you have applied to the server, it will be approved by the Play Store’s servers, and you will get a notification about it. The next step is to upload the images, videos, music, sounds, ring tones, etc. If you want to add any feature to your app, it is a must for you to add the required features. This will help the users to get the full features of the app.

Let me narrow down the steps this way:

  • Create a Developer account from Google Play Console. You can continue with your existing Google account. Google charges 25USD for an Android developer account. You’ll have an option for the merchant account if you are planning to upload a paid app. Once you create the merchant profile, it will to your developer account.
  • After successfully creating the developer account, you are all set to upload your app. You’ll be asked for the title and default language for your app in this stage.
  • Now, it’s time to upload the Android Package Kit (in short, APK) file to the Google server. In this step, you need to define the app release version too.
  • Make sure you have provided an appropriate content rating to your app. An inappropriate or misleading content rating may lead to suspend or delete your app from the store.
  • Before publishing the app, you need to fix the payment and revenue issue of your app. You have to set the price of your app at this stage. Remember: you can turn your app from paid to free anytime, but you can not make it paid from a free version. For that, you have to upload the app again from the beginning and set the price.
  • You’ve reached the final stage. Before the rollout of your app, make sure you’ve taken care of the store listing, content rating, and pricing and distribution sections of your app. If everything goes in the right direction, you are all set to publish and rollout your app release to your targeted countries and region.

Android Developer Salary

To be a successful Android developer, you need to understand the Android platform. A good understanding of the Android platform will allow you to make the right changes to make your apps popular and profitable. To be a successful Android developer, you should know how to earn a decent salary and attract potential employers.

Many companies are willing to hire Android developers, and you just have to make sure that you are in the right one. When it comes to the matter of payment of an Android developer, it varies between $8000 to $12000 monthly in an American-based company. The salary range is lower in other countries in comparison with the USA.

Moreover, the Nordic countries have an enormous demand for Android developers, and they pay higher. To find out whether the company is right for you, all you have to do is check their profile and see what it says about them.

Benefits of being an Android developer

The benefits of being an Android Developer are quite many.

  • First of all, you would be able to create the most innovative Android applications that would keep up with the latest trends.
  • Secondly, you would be able to create the most unique and creative Android applications, and this would also be able to keep up with the latest trends.
  • You would be able to keep yourself updated with the latest information related to Android development, and if you want to earn money by doing so, then you would be able to get your hands on the latest market trends in this field and keep yourself in touch with the latest trends in this field.
  • As an Android developer, you will have direct access to everything the expansive Android community has to offer by using an open-source platform. This includes licensing, royalty-free, and the latest and greatest technology framework available.
Learn Android developer jobs: learn programming languages, find Android developer training and courses, follow the steps to publish your app, developer salary, advantages of being a developer

The best part of being an Android developer is that you would also be able to help people all around the world in a big way, and this would be the greatest thing that you would ever want.

If you want to create Apps for other operating systems you may also become an iOS developer.

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