Part-time Jobs for Students [Remote Jobs for Students]

More suitable job for students

Find a part-time job is one way students pay for getting a degree. Thus, working online remotely is suitable for students as they spend less time commuting. A student working part-time from home can manage more easily studying and making money on the side.

Remote part-time jobs for students is often a good idea as it serves as an opportunity to earn money, and in some cases, you can use it to build a relevant career or portfolio.

Data from the National Center for education statistics (NCES) in the U.S shows that as of 2018, only 43% of full-time students had one form of employment or the other, compared to the 81% of part-time students. By exploring remote job opportunities, these numbers for both types of students could increase significantly.

Full-time students work hours vs part-time students work hours.
Charts showing the numbers of hours worked by students. Comparison between full-time students and part-time students.

Illustration: Percentage of undergraduate students who were employed, by attendance status and hours worked per week for the year 2018 (Source:

With the help of research, we have put together useful and practical information about how you can make money from home to cover your expenses as a student.

College students looking to make money for tuition or accommodation can take part in these job listings. It could serve as a way to explore the skill you have on the side. High school students can also take part. Some of them are just a quick and legitimate way to make money while in school. Others are long-term and might need particular skills.

We tried to make sure that we have listed opportunities for everyone regardless of what you are studying.

Remote jobs for students [according to skills]

This category explains different opportunities where you can earn money from home according to your skills.

1. Home based graphic design jobs for students

Any student who has an artistic background or some graphic designing skills, can capitalize on the abundance of opportunities and make money from home. You can get jobs creating artistic and unique covers for brands. You can work as a social media graphic designer.

What you’ll need is creativity and the ability to use software for your design. You don’t have to be a top-notch designer; you can start uploading your works as soon as you start learning.

Graphic Designer Career Video from CareerOneStop

Your options are to contact brands directly and offer them your skills or to register on websites where you can compete for jobs and get hired according to your portfolio. Two great graphic design websites for graphic designers, beginners, and experts are 99designs and DesignCrowd.

These two websites already have millions of users and clients that go on there to search for graphic designers. That means you have a lot of visibility and better potential to get hired. While you are at it, you get to build a portfolio and learn how to market your skill.

2. Transcription and translation for college students

These jobs differ from each other, but are often sought for on the same platform. To get them, you need to pass certain tests that prove that you are bilingual (for translation) or that you have an acceptable typing skill and accuracy.

No educational qualifications are required whatsoever. The employer or client just wants to know that you are qualified for the job. You either get paid per-hour or per-job for a transcription or translation job.

How students can find a flexible translation jobs

You can become a freelancer, set your fees, and find clients yourself via freelance websites, and online job boards. A great place to find clients is on YouTube, where you can message vloggers and offer to translate their video content.

There are also translation and transcription companies that you can work for on a part-time basis, two great websites to work for as translators are and You get to decide when you are available to work and log off when you aren’t. On average, you can earn $20 an hour for this kind of work.

3. Content writing jobs for students from home [Content creator]

The increase in the number of people and brands trying to create a strong and unique online presence has opened room for content creators and content writers to thrive. Therefore, social media content creators and content writers can earn reasonable incomes.

This doesn’t need skills in particular, but it does require you to be creative. You have to understand trends, the market, and the audience to be able to come up with unique content. Content writing, on the other hand, has to do with creativity and research – it is similar to writing an essay.

All college students have had to write an essay at some point. It means that most students can become content writers. You can message brands and clients directly, or you can compete for jobs on websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

There is a wide range of how much you can earn as a content writer. A beginner may write a piece of content for $10 while a pro writer can charge more than one hundred dollars for a single article.

Man writing on the computer

4. Students ghostwriting jobs online [Writer]

If you have a good command of written grammar, you can make money as a writer. You can decide to have a personal blog which will be a long-term project and will take some time before you start making money. Or you can work as a ghostwriter for blogs, authors, publishers, etc.

On, there are thousands of opportunities for students to earn money through writing. There are different job ads, some of them are one-time gigs, and some are long-term. There are also different kinds of writing in demand, so as long as you show interest, you are bound to find something.

Besides Problogger, Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork are great places to start writing as a student. These websites are advisable because you do not spend a lot of time trying to find clients. You only compete for jobs listed. You can also choose to write resumes instead, on ResumeEdge or any of the previously mentioned platforms.

5. Remote part time editing and proofreading jobs

Editing and proofreading require a lot of reading and nitpicking on vocabulary and grammar. You also have to be able to paraphrase sentences to help them sound better. You can earn money part-time at your school if you contact professors and students. Find out if they have essays and thesis that they need help proofreading, and then charge them for it.

Proof reading can be a side hustle and can also make a lot of money at home if done full time

You can also find work on freelance websites, where you get to meet clients and help them remotely. Also, you can set yourself up as a freelancer and market yourself online. This job can be completely remote. You just need to share files between you and the client and sometimes (rare occasions) discuss via voice calls. Some tools like Grammarly are useful for grammar errors and plagiarism, they can help you provide a service of better quality.

6. Video and photo Editing

Video and photo editing are skills that pay very well. You need to be proficient and to know your beans for you to sell. But when you look at freelance websites, clients are usually willing to pay a lot for video and photo editing. You can start branding yourself out together a portfolio, then reaching out to clients.

Contact YouTubers and offer them video and photo editing services. Before you do any of these, you can also inform people around you of your skills. They are usually the best starting point for networking any skill.

Examples of video and photo editing tools: Canva, Adobe premiere pro, VSDC, wondershare filmora

7. Coding jobs for students

On-demand skills like UI design to UX design pay very well. There are entry-level positions (coding jobs for high schoolers or coding jobs for college students) advertised online regularly, and you can apply and start making money. Even though there are often gigs for web developers on many freelance websites, is the most popular.

There are different job descriptions and roles are available for students who can code, and Automattic is specifically for coding. The company hires workers from all around the world for remote jobs. When you work with them, it is on a long-term basis. However, the recruitment process involves two to six weeks of contract employment at first, before it is made permanent based on the output of those weeks. You may also try making money from building apps.

Remote jobs that require no experience [or no particular skill]

These jobs usually just require your time and either a phone or a laptop. A student with no background that has a service to offer is more likely to find a job in the fields below.

1. Search engine evaluator and microtasks for college students

Students do not need any experience to be search engine evaluators. You are required to track and report on how search engines perform. Usually, completed tasks are tracked and rated per the number of hours the tasks are supposed to take. If it takes longer to complete, you do not get paid extra for that.

Micro job ideas for students with no experience

This job is perfect because it does not need experience or a particular skill, work hours and tasks are allocated to you weekly, and you can decide when to dedicate yourself to work. However, each job listing has requirements like a computer or mobile phone, internet speed, etc. Appen, Amazon Mechanical Turk, and Lion Bridge are great places to find a job as a smart engine evaluator or to find micro-jobs.

Life at Appen from Appen YouTube channel

You can complete the Appen application process in less than 10 minutes and you may receive your first job proposal within a week. You get to work on projects, micro-tasks, or surveys & data collection for different companies. You can start working as soon as you receive your login credentials.

2. Virtual Assistant jobs for students from home

Undergoing training as a virtual assistant will increase your prospect and your rates, but you can work as a virtual assistant right now. Your tasks can be diverse depending on whom you work for. You might have to organize files and schedules, make phone calls, keep track of bills, write, make reservations, etc.

Since you do not need a special skill set to work as a virtual assistant, you can start working immediately. Find a job on freelancing websites like Upwork, and Fancy hands to start making money. These jobs might be time-consuming, so you should thoroughly read through the job requirement before applying.

3. How to make money testing websites with no experience

New websites often need people to test them before they open to the public, and they pay you to do this. All you need is to have access to the website, and you can start working.

This is a job you can do on a browser, so even though the pay isn’t much, it is something. Some employers that will pay you to test websites are Usertesting, Userlytics, U-tests, Userbrain, etc.

From uTest – How to Write Your First Bug Report

4. Social media manager jobs from home for college students

This is pretty common lately; small and medium businesses often seek out people to manage their social media presence. Mostly, they need you to have a basic understanding of what the brand is about and be able to stay up to date with online trends.

If you are social media savvy, you can get started on this immediately. However, you will have to pitch to contact brands to get them to hire you.

5. Online tutoring jobs for students

Tutoring is common among students, but not everyone takes advantage of online tutoring. You can tutor students in subjects and courses you excel in. You don’t need to have a college degree. You only need to be good at some courses and prove it.

You can tutor from elementary school kids to your colleagues or juniors in college. It is that easy. You also get to earn anything between $13 to $20 an hour. To find online tutoring gigs, you can follow the steps here.

6. Voice over artist jobs for beginners from home [Voice actor]

Young woman recording voice over in office home. It is a perfect remote job for students who have speaking skills. It can be done in English or in any other foreign language.

All you have to do is have a great voice and be willing to speak into a microphone, and you can get hired. In addition to general freelance websites, you can find jobs doing voice-overs on, and Filmless and the average salary is about $40 per hour on freelance websites. Voice-over artists are in high demand for video commercials and lately for YouTubers.

Companies that offer remote part-time jobs for college students

Some companies offer remote jobs that students can do online, and you do not have to set yourself up as a freelancer. All you have to do is keep a tab on their websites, go through the listings, and find one that suits you.

These websites are excellent starting points to find remote part-time jobs that you can do. Some of these companies allow you to grow your career within and to work for them after you graduate.

1. Wayfair – Work as an online customer rep

2. On Arise, Liveops, and Working solutions you can make-up to 10$ per hour helping customers complete tasks.

3. Appen and Lionbridge – 10 to 17$ an hour – search engine evaluator, translator, etc.

4. Fancy Hands – online customer assistance available 24/7

5. Broadpath healthcare solutions – can earn 12 to 20$ an hour – for health students

6. Conduent and Concentrix – customer service and task support rep – from 10 to 13$ per hour

7. – There are so many jobs available, some of them are remote, and you can do them part-time.

8. Look on your school’s job board – There might be remote jobs listed even during holidays.

9. Work for Apple

10. Google jobs

11. Amazon also offer jobs for students

Infographic showing 20 part-time jobs for students: graphic designer, transcriptionist, translator, content writer, ghostwriting, video and photos editing, coding jobs, online tutoring, search engine evaluator, microtasks on MTurk for example, virtual assistant, websites tester, social media manager

Getting a job is not the only way students can pay for college. You can also benefit from scholarships and loans.

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