Best Side Hustles In Maine

In the picturesque state of Maine, finding the right side hustle can be rewarding and financially beneficial. The Pine Tree State offers various opportunities to supplement their income while working full-time. For example, consider a Maintenance Technician position with Maine Realty Advisors in Rockland, ME, which is perfect for those skilled in temporary labor. 

Best side hustles in Maine

If you enjoy the brisk outdoor environment, a part-time snow shoveler at Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley could be a refreshing way to earn extra cash. For the more socially inclined, becoming a Brand Ambassador for the University of Maine at Fort Kent offers a flexible, high-earning side gig, paying $25–35 per hour.

These roles provide a supplemental income stream and fit seamlessly into a full-time work schedule, embodying the essence of the gig economy. 

Whether you’re an independent contractor or just looking for a second job, Maine’s diverse job market caters to various interests and skills, even for those seeking to make money without experience or a degree.

39 Profitable Side Jobs In Maine, ME To Supplement Your Income

Affiliate Marketing with YouTube and TikTok

Affiliate marketing is a high-earning side job suited for individuals with a knack for creating engaging content. You can create content on YouTube and TikTok, driving sales through affiliate links.

Responsibilities: Create engaging content, promote affiliate products, and track sales through affiliate links.

Skills Required: Video creation, social media marketing, audience targeting, understanding of SEO, and affiliate marketing basics.

Potential Employers: Various brands offering affiliate marketing programs.

Resources: Amazon Affiliates, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten.

Affiliate Marketing with YouTube and TikTok is a lucrative side job for those who create captivating content. Capitalizing on your social media influence can lead to a substantial income stream from commission on sales.

AI Content Creation Services

As AI automates various tasks, AI content creation services like AI article writing, video creation using AI software, and generating AI images for businesses. It offers a new frontier for gig economy workers in Maine and worldwide.

Responsibilities: Creating AI-written content, managing AI software, and offering personalized solutions.

Skills Required: Familiarity with AI content-creating tools, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Potential Employers: Startups, tech firms, online businesses, entrepreneurs.

Resources: ChatGPT, Invideo, Hostinger AI Website Builder,, AIWiseMind, Deep Art Effects, DALL-E, MidJourney.

AI content creation is a promising venture in the digital world. Offering your expertise in AI-generated content can help businesses streamline their operations while netting you a nice profit.


Babysitting is a traditional part-time job that offers flexible work options. In Maine, families often seek responsible individuals to watch their children as needed.

Responsibilities: Supervising children, preparing meals, organizing activities.

Skills Required: Childcare experience, patience, creativity, and first-aid training.

Potential Employers: Families, babysitting agencies.

Resources:, Sittercity, UrbanSitter, Facebook Groups (local community groups).

Babysitting is a beginner-friendly way to earn extra cash while working part-time. It’s an ideal job for individuals who enjoy spending time with children and can responsibly care for them.

Beachcombing and Selling Found Items

With its scenic beaches, Maine offers an unconventional side job – beachcombing and selling found items.

Responsibilities: Hunting for valuable items on beaches, cleaning and restoring items, and selling online.

Skills Required: Knowledge of valuable items, negotiation skills, and online selling skills.

Potential Employers: Online buyers, antique stores.

Resources: eBay, Facebook Marketplace, local flea markets.

Turning a leisurely beach stroll into an income-producing endeavor is a unique way to capitalize on Maine’s coastal beauty. This entrepreneurial venture can turn found trinkets into added income.


Being a carpenter in Maine is a rewarding side job for those who are skillful with their hands and are creative thinkers. For example, you can make an extra $18-$30 an hour working as a (part-time or contractor) carpenter in Monson, Portland, and Wells. Some companies like Archadeck will pay up to $50 an hour for premium carpentry work in Augusta.

Responsibilities: Constructing and repairing building frameworks, installing structures and fixtures, interpreting blueprints and sketches.

Skills Required: Prowess in manual labor, strong mathematical skills, attention to detail, and general carpentry knowledge.

Potential Employers: Construction companies, homeowners, and local businesses.

Resources:, MaineJobs, Craigslist, LinkedIn, WANE Jobs.

Delving into carpentry, you’ll find many opportunities to turn wood into supplementary income. It’s the perfect gig for those who enjoy crafting beautiful art or functional pieces from raw materials.


A cashier position, though traditional, remains a suitable part-time job for individuals seeking steady work in Maine’s retail sector.

Responsibilities: Processing payments, customer service, and maintaining a clean work area.

Skills Required: Basic math, customer service, and attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Grocery stores, department stores, restaurants.

Resources: Local newspaper job listings, LinkedIn, The Diversity Hiring Coalition Of Maine, Careers At Circle K, The Home Depot Careers,, Seasoned, Boyne Resorts Careers, Target Careers, Learn4Good, and Store job boards.

Working as a cashier provides a steady stream of income. It’s ideal for those seeking a job with regular hours and direct consumer interactions.

College Jobs – Campus jobs

College or campus jobs are convenient ways to earn extra income for college students and for higher education professionals.

Responsibilities: Depending on position (teaching, guiding tours, promoting brands, babysitting).

Skills Required: Organizational skills, communication skills, specific skills for job positions (i.e., childcare experience for babysitting).

Potential Employers: Colleges, universities, parents, and brands.

Resources: CampusReel, Higher Ed Jobs, Chronicle Of Higher Education, ServingSchools, Community College Jobs, The Diversity Hiring Coalition Of Maine, Wyndy, College job boards, Facebook Groups (Local community groups), LinkedIn.

College jobs help supplement your income and provide practical experience and networking opportunities. Whether it’s an adjunct position or a role as a brand ambassador, these gigs offer a convenient way to earn while learning.

Cooking Classes or Culinary Tours

chef in a cooking class with a group of students

If you are a good cook, offering cooking classes or culinary tours could be an enjoyable side job in Maine.

Responsibilities: Teaching cooking techniques, organizing culinary tours, and sourcing ingredients.

Skills Required: Cooking skills, people skills, and knowledge of the local food scene.

Potential Employers: Tourists, locals, and food enthusiasts.

Resources: Airbnb Experiences, EatWith, Cozymeal. Heights Platform and Classplus allow you to create and sell your cooking courses online.

Sharing your culinary expertise can be both fulfilling and profitable. It’s an opportunity to showcase Maine’s gastronomic culture while teaching others the art of cooking.

Delivery Driver

A delivery driver is a flexible job in high demand, making it a promising side gig in Maine.

Responsibilities: Delivering packages, maintaining accurate records, and customer service.

Skills Required: Time management, driving skills, customer service skills.

Potential Employers: Courier companies, restaurants, online stores.

Resources: UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, Instacart.

Delivery driving can be a profitable way to leverage your free time, particularly with the rise of online shopping and food delivery apps.

Dietary Aide

As a dietary aide in Maine, you can make a difference in the lives of others while earning extra income. Many healthcare facilities in areas like Bangor and Lewiston are constantly looking for dependable individuals to help serve meals.

Responsibilities: Preparing and serving meals, adhering to dietary restrictions, and maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen.

Skills Required: Food safety knowledge, attention to detail, strong communication skills, and physical stamina.

Potential Employers: Hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Resources: LiveAndWorkInMaine, Healthcare Source Job Board, Paylocity, National Labor Exchange Veterans Jobs,, Maine Medical Center, Genesis HealthCare Dietary Aide.

Working as a dietary aide is an excellent side job for anyone with expertise in healthcare and nutrition. You’ll earn an extra $15-$23 an hour for a steady income while contributing positively to the community and individuals’ health.

Email Marketing Specialist

With businesses moving online, an email marketing specialist can offer their expertise as a remote side hustle.

Responsibilities: Crafting emails, managing email lists, and analyzing customer engagement.

Skills Required: Copywriting, analytical skills, knowledge of email marketing platforms.

Potential Employers: Online businesses, marketing firms, entrepreneurs.

Resources: MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, LinkedIn.

Being an email marketing specialist allows you to create impactful online campaigns. This role provides the flexibility of remote work while also delivering a significant income potential.

Farm Labor and Agricultural Jobs

Rural areas like Aroostook County and Kennebec Valley in Maine are ripe with opportunities for farm labor and agricultural side jobs. Anyone in good physical shape can earn an extra $15-$28 an hour as a seasonal farm worker.

Responsibilities: Planting crops, feeding livestock, harvesting, and transporting products.

Skills Required: Physical strength and stamina, knowledge of farm operations, machine operations, and maintenance.

Potential Employers: Farmers, agricultural businesses, and greenhouses.

Resources: Agricultural Council of Maine, Maine Farm Bureau, Seasonal Jobs – U.S. Department Of Labor, Good Food Jobs,, Farm Hiring, Jooble.

An agricultural side job is ideal for those who love nature and physical work. It provides an alternative income source and a rewarding outdoor experience.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness training offers a dynamic job for health-conscious individuals seeking to earn money on the side in Maine.

Responsibilities: Designing workout plans, training individuals or groups, and tracking client progress.

Skills Required: Fitness knowledge, motivational skills, and certification in personal training.

Potential Employers: Gyms, private clients, wellness centers.

Resources: IDEA FitnessConnect, ACE Fitness, and local gym websites.

Fitness training allows you to turn your passion for health into a lucrative side job. It’s an ideal role for those who enjoy motivating others and leading an active lifestyle.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a flexible option for those with a talent for crafting compelling content. With its vibrant literary scene, Maine is a conducive environment for writers.

Responsibilities: Writing articles, blogs, or other content, proofreading, and research.

Skills Required: Writing skills, knowledge of grammar, creativity, and research skills.

Potential Employers: Digital marketing agencies, online magazines, businesses.

Resources: Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn, ProBlogger, Contena, WriterAccess, Fiverr.

Freelance writing can be lucrative, offering the freedom to work on diverse projects. It’s an ideal role for those who enjoy the creative process and wish to monetize their writing skills.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an excellent avenue for creative individuals seeking additional income streams in Maine. Freelancers can make attractive earnings by designing logos, flyers, or social media posts. According to, the average entry-level graphic designer salary in Portland, Maine, is $58,701, with a range typically falling between $52,301 and $67,101.

Responsibilities: Designing graphics, logos, and other visual content, collaborating with clients, and managing projects.

Skills Required: Proficiency in graphic design software, attention to detail, creativity, and time management.

Potential Employers: Small businesses, advertising agencies, non-profits, and individual clients.

Resources: Behance, Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr.

A career in graphic design offers flexible work options, allowing you to design from anywhere at any time. Your creativity and demand for digital content make this side hustle a lucrative option.

Guided Tours and Charter Services

As a state known for its scenic beauty, Maine is an excellent place to offer guided tours and charter services. This part-time job can generate a good income, especially during the tourist season.

Responsibilities: Researching and planning routes, providing informative commentary, and managing bookings.

Skills Required: Communication skills, local knowledge, customer service, and physical stamina.

Potential Employers: Tourist attractions, boat companies, and independent clients.

Resources: TripAdvisor, Airbnb Experiences, GetYourGuide.

If you love sharing your local knowledge and interacting with people, this side hustle offers a great way to make money. Your services can contribute to the local tourist economy, making it a fulfilling choice.

Handyman Services

man fixing a window

Offering Handyman services in Maine is a feasible way of increasing your income. It ranges from home repairs to minor renovations with an average pay of $20-30 per hour.

Responsibilities: Plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting, and other maintenance tasks.

Skills Required: Manual dexterity, problem-solving, customer service, and knowledge of safety practices.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, property managers, and small businesses.

Resources: HomeAdvisor, TaskRabbit, Angi (formerly Angie’s List).

Handyman services can be a lucrative and flexible work option for those proficient in varied household tasks. It’s ideal for those who enjoy problem-solving and working with their hands.

House Cleaning and Commercial Cleaner

Maine has a high demand for House Cleaning and Commercial cleaning services. You can make an average of $13-28 per hour as a cleaner.

Responsibilities: Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens.

Skills Required: Attention to detail, physical stamina, reliability, knowledge of cleaning products and techniques.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, commercial businesses, and cleaning companies.

Resources: Handy,, Craigslist

This side job is perfect for those who take pride in creating clean environments. The high demand for these services in Maine makes it an appealing choice for steady income.


For those with a green thumb, landscaping services are a profitable side hustle in Maine. Landscapers can earn between $15-25 per hour.

Responsibilities: Garden designing, planting, lawn mowing, trimming hedges, and maintaining outdoor spaces.

Skills Required: Knowledge of plants, creativity, physical strength, and basic machinery handling.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, businesses, property management companies.

Resources: TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Craigslist

This side job allows you to work outdoors and create beautiful spaces. It’s great for physically active people who love working with nature.

Lobstering and Fishing

Lobstering and fishing are part of Maine’s identity, with commercial and recreational opportunities. You can earn substantial income during the fishing season.

Responsibilities: Setting traps, retrieving catches, maintaining equipment, and marketing seafood.

Skills Required: Maritime skills, physical strength, knowledge of seafood species, perseverance.

Potential Employers: Fish markets, restaurants, individual customers.

Resources: Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance, Maine Aquaculture Association, Craigslist

Lobstering and fishing offer a unique way to supplement your income if you are comfortable with marine life and hard work. The sense of community and tradition make it a rewarding choice.

Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technicians can find plenty of work in Maine on residential and commercial properties. Based on multiple sources, the average hourly rate for maintenance technician jobs in Maine is approximately $18 to $22 per hour.

Responsibilities: Repairing appliances, troubleshooting electrical problems, HVAC maintenance.

Skills Required: Problem-solving, manual dexterity, knowledge of safety measures, customer service.

Potential Employers: Realty companies, commercial businesses, homeowners.

Resources: TaskRabbit, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Manpower Maine, Aerotek Jobs, CBRE Jobs, Boyne Resorts Careers, New Balance Jobs.

As a Maintenance Technician, you can manage your workload and choose your projects. It’s a great side job for those who enjoy technical tasks and problem-solving.

Marine Photography and Art

Maine’s rich marine life and breathtaking coastal scenes offer an excellent opportunity for marine photography and art. You can sell your high-quality images or artwork to interested buyers.

Responsibilities: Taking photographs, editing images, creating and selling artwork.

Skills Required: Creativity, technical skills (photography/painting), marketing.

Potential Employers: Magazines, art galleries, individual customers, tourist shops.

Resources: Etsy, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Society6.

Marine photography and art can turn your passion into extra cash. This side hustle allows you to capture the beauty of Maine’s coast while earning an income.

Online Tutor

Online tutoring offers a chance to share your knowledge while earning extra cash. You can assist students in Maine and beyond with various subjects or test preparation.

Based on various sources, the average hourly rate for an online tutor ranges from $18 to $28, but it can vary significantly based on qualifications, the subject, the employers, and other factors.

SourceAverage Hourly RateRange of RatesNotes
Preply$18.30$10.00 to $38.90Varies based on subject and tutor’s qualifications$50 or moreTutor-set ratesTutors have the flexibility to set their own rates$28$24 to $35Average hourly wage in the United States
ZipRecruiter$19Varies based on locationSome variation based on location and other factors

Responsibilities: Preparing lessons, explaining concepts, and grading assignments.

Skills Required: Expertise in a subject, communication, patience, time management.

Potential Employers: Parents, students, and educational institutions.

Resources: Wyzant,, Preply, Chegg Tutors,, Skooli.

Online tutoring offers a flexible schedule and enables you to use your expertise effectively. It’s a fulfilling side job with the opportunity to impact students’ academic success.

Park Ranger

Maine’s vast and beautiful parks offer fantastic opportunities for part-time park rangers. You can earn money on the side while ensuring the preservation of Maine’s natural beauty from Baxter State Park to Acadia National Park.

Responsibilities: Patrolling parks, enforcing regulations, assisting visitors, conducting tours, and maintaining trails.

Skills Required: Good physical fitness, knowledge of local flora and fauna, first aid skills, and customer service.

Potential Employers: Local and state government agencies.

Resources: Maine Conservation Corps, National Park Service, 123work, Caribou, ME – Geebo.

A park ranger side job in Maine is perfect for nature lovers who desire to protect the environment while earning additional income. It is an incredible way to work outdoors and experience the beauty of Maine’s landscapes firsthand.

Personal Chef And Chef

Becoming a chef or personal chef in Maine allows budding culinarians to make the most of their culinary skills. Whether catering to events, private dinners, meal prep services, or making gourmet dishes, it’s a chance to turn your passion into an additional income stream.

A Chef typically works in restaurants, preparing multiple recipes for various customers, while a personal chef focuses on individual clients, dietary needs, and preferences, often cooking in the client’s home.

Here’s a table summarizing the rates for a personal chef based on different factors:

Rate TypeAverage CostDetails
Hourly Rate$30 to $100 per hourVaries based on location, experience, and job nature
Weekly Cost for Family Meals$200 to $300 per week for five mealsFor a family of four, excluding groceries; cost varies by city
Meal Preparation for Events$45 per person to $440 for 8 guestsFor private dinner parties; varies based on services and add-ons chosen

These are average estimates, and actual costs may vary based on specific requirements, location, and the chef’s experience.

Responsibilities: Meal planning and preparation, sourcing fresh ingredients, maintaining a clean kitchen, and following food safety guidelines.

Skills Required: Culinary knowledge, cooking skills, creativity, time management, and excellent interpersonal skills.

Potential Employers: Private households, event organizers, and catering companies.

Resources: Personal Chef Association in Maine, Maine Chefs Network, HireAChef, Dineable, Thumbtack,

Being a chef or personal chef is the perfect part-time job for those who love to cook and interact with people, and it brings a fulfilling culinary journey to the table. Risk-taking, entrepreneurial ventures, and options for remote work opportunities can make it a successful venture in the gig economy.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a popular and profitable side job in Maine, especially during vacation seasons. You can earn between $15-25 per pet per day.

Responsibilities: Feeding pets, walking dogs, cleaning litter boxes, and providing companionship.

Skills Required: Love for animals, patience, reliability, and basic pet care knowledge.

Potential Employers: Pet owners and pet care companies.

Resources: Rover,, PetBacker, word-of-mouth. 

Pet sitting provides a flexible way to earn money while spending time with animals. It’s great for those who love pets and want a job with a feel-good factor.

Sales Associate

A sales associate job is a go-to side job for those who possess a knack for persuasion and enjoy interacting with customers in the retail sector of Maine. You can take part-time positions at local stores or independently promote products online for commission.

Responsibilities: Customer service, inventory management, processing transactions, and promoting products.

Skills Required: Good communication, product knowledge, customer service skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Potential Employers: Retail stores, independent businesses, and online retailers.

Resources: LinkedIn, Maine Retailer’s Association, Maine State Chamber of Commerce.

Being a sales associate is a flexible side job that can enhance your communication and sales skills. It can provide an additional income stream, offering flexible work hours and unique opportunities to establish networks within the local community.

Seafood Processing and Sales

Engaging in seafood processing and sales is a lucrative side hustle typical in Maine, thanks to the state’s plentiful seafood resources. It entails handling, packaging, and selling seafood products to restaurants or individual customers.

Responsibilities: Processing seafood, packaging, sanitation, and direct sales.

Skills Required: Knowledge of seafood handling, sales skills, physical stamina, and attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Seafood companies, local restaurants, and independent buyers.

Resources: Maine Seafood Guide, Maine Aquaculture Association, Local Catch Network.

Seafood processing and sales can be a challenging yet rewarding side hustle. 

Senior Caregiver and Elderly Sitting Jobs

Senior caregiver or elderly sitting jobs are in demand in Maine owing to its aging population. This part-time job enables you to offer companionship and assistance to the elderly while earning extra income.

Responsibilities: Providing companionship, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and medication reminders.

Skills Required: Patience, empathy, good communication, and basic first-aid skills.

Potential Employers: Families, senior care agencies, and nursing homes.

Resources: Maine Council on Aging, Maine Healthcare Association, Maine Association of Area Agencies on Aging, Amada Senior Care, Health ECareers,, KNWA & FOX24 Jobs, Right At Home Maine.

Being a senior caregiver or companion sitter offers enriching, meaningful interactions and an avenue to earn money in your spare time. It can be a stepping stone leading to a healthcare career.


Working as a server in Maine’s thriving restaurant industry is a popular way to earn money on the side. This part-time job allows you to interact with diverse customers while honing multitasking skills.

Responsibilities: Taking orders, serving food and beverages, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Skills Required: Customer service skills, physical stamina, patience, and multitasking.

Potential Employers: Restaurants, bars, and catering companies.

Resources: Maine Restaurant Association, Maine Tourism Association, Olive Garden Careers, LongHorn Steakhouse Careers, Hawthorn Senior Living jobs.

Additional income as a server is financially beneficial and offers invaluable customer service experience. The flexible schedule and tips are added advantages, making this a viable side hustle.

Ski Resort Jobs

With its numerous ski resorts, Maine offers ample opportunities for part-time ski resort jobs. This seasonal work is perfect for those who thrive in a wintry outdoor setting.

Responsibilities: Maintaining ski equipment, assisting guests, and teaching skiing classes.

Skills Required: Skiing skills, customer service, and physical fitness.

Potential Employers: Ski resorts and snowboard parks.

Resources: Ski Maine Association, Maine Winter Sports Center.

Ski resort jobs offer a chance to combine work with leisure, making it a unique side job. It’s an exciting way to earn extra cash while enjoying winter sports and meeting tourists.

Snow Removal Services

Providing snow removal services is a common winter gig in Maine. This temporary job offers a chance to make money in your spare time while assisting locals during heavy snowfall.

Responsibilities: Removing snow from driveways, walkways, and roofs.

Skills Required: Physical fitness, time management, and basic knowledge of snow removal equipment.

Potential Employers: Homeowners, businesses, and snow removal companies.

Resources: Craigslist, Maine Landscape & Nursery Association, Maine Municipal Association.

Snow removal is a physically demanding yet high-earning side job. It’s a seasonal gig that offers temporary work opportunities and a way to supplement your income during the winter season.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a modern remote side hustle suitable for individuals adept at navigating social media platforms. This gig economy job enables you to manage an online presence for businesses or individuals while working remotely.

Responsibilities: Creating content, managing posts, interacting with followers, and analyzing metrics.

Skills Required: Understanding of social media platforms, creativity, writing skills, and basic knowledge of analytics.

Potential Employers: Businesses, influencers, and entrepreneurs.

Resources: Social Media Breakfast Maine, Maine Small Business Development Centers, Maine Entrepreneur’s Growth Forum.

Being a social media manager offers the flexibility of remote work, making it a great side job for those seeking to make money with no experience in traditional employment. It provides the opportunity to sharpen digital marketing skills while growing online brands.

Summer Camp Jobs

Seasonal roles at summer camps in Maine are a dynamic side job opportunity for individuals who enjoy working with children and have a passion for outdoor activities. Summer camp jobs can be a great way to supplement your income, with hourly rates ranging from $10-$16.

Responsibilities: Supervising and leading camp activities, ensuring camper safety, role-modeling positive behavior, and maintaining the campsite.

Skills Required: Communication, leadership, creativity, patience, stamina, and basic first aid.

Potential Employers: Local community centers, private and public schools, and outdoor recreational organizations.

Resources: SchoolSpring, CoolWorks, YMCA Camp of Maine, American Camp Association – New England, Adventure Job Board,, Maine Tourism Career Center, ServingSchools.

Maine’s summer camp jobs are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a summer side hustle that allows you to enjoy the outdoors temporary work, interact with young people, and make a positive impact. 

Travel Nurse RN

Working as a Travel Nurse RN is a high-earning side job in Maine’s healthcare market. This temp job involves providing nursing services to healthcare facilities in different locations for specific periods.

Responsibilities: Providing patient care, administering medication, and maintaining patient records.

Skills Required: RN license, clinical skills, adaptability, and strong communication skills.

Potential Employers: Hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare agencies.

Resources: Maine State Nurses Association, American Nurses Association-Maine, Maine Healthcare Association.

Travel nursing is a lucrative contracting job that allows you to explore various parts of Maine while gaining broad healthcare experience. It’s perfect for RNs seeking temporary labor options and diverse work environments.

Vacation Rentals

Managing vacation rentals is a fruitful entrepreneurial venture in Maine, known for its vacation spots. This side job involves renting out private homes to tourists via platforms like Airbnb.

Responsibilities: Listing the property online, maintaining the property, and communicating with guests.

Skills Required: Customer service, basic maintenance skills, and marketing.

Potential Employers: Self-employment or property management companies.

Resources: Vacation Rental Professionals of Maine, Maine Tourism Association, Airbnb.

Managing vacation rentals is a perfect side hustle for those seeking an extra income stream without a degree. It’s an online business opportunity that capitalizes on Maine’s tourist appeal and offers multiple income streams.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a popular remote job in the gig economy. This flexible role involves providing administrative services to clients from home or any remote location.

Responsibilities: Managing schedules, responding to emails, and performing administrative tasks.

Skills Required: Organizational skills, communication abilities, and proficiency in office software.

Potential Employers: Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professionals.

Resources: Virtual Assistant Networking Forum, LinkedIn, Maine Small Business Development Centers.

Being a virtual assistant is a thriving independent contractor role offering flexibility and diverse work options. It’s an opportunity to provide crucial support for businesses while working full-time elsewhere.

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse work in Maine is a flexible job option for individuals seeking consistent, physical work. With base pay rates ranging from $12-$18 per hour, this gig offers an additional income stream for those willing to engage in manual labor.

Responsibilities: Loading and unloading merchandise, inventory management, maintaining a clean work environment, and potentially operating machinery.

Skills Required: Physical fitness, attention to detail, basic math knowledge, and ability to operate relevant machinery.

Potential Employers: Retail businesses, distribution centers, and manufacturing companies.

Resources: SimplyHired, Preferred Staffing Solutions, Maine Staffing Group, Adecco Staffing – Portland

Whether you’re interested in part-time work, temporary labor, or a second job, working in a warehouse can be lucrative. It’s a side job that requires dedication and physical strength but returns a steady income and potential for skills development.

Web Developer

Web development is a profitable freelance work option for tech-savvy individuals in Maine. This part-time job involves designing and maintaining websites for businesses or individuals.

Responsibilities: Coding, designing layouts, fixing bugs, and updating websites.

Skills Required: Proficiency in coding, problem-solving skills, creativity, and attention to detail.

Potential Employers: Businesses, individuals, and digital marketing agencies.

Resources: TechMaine, Maine Technology Users Group, LinkedIn

Working as a web developer provides an opportunity to earn a significant income per-project basis. It’s an ideal side job for those seeking remote work options in tech while enhancing their coding skills.


Maine offers many profitable side jobs for those looking to enhance their income. For healthcare professionals, the role of a travel nurse RN in Ellsworth stands out, offering an impressive $3,142 per week, perfect for those seeking contractor or temp work. Alternatively, the digital nomad can thrive as a part-time virtual tour guide at Kaplan University-Maine Campus in South Portland. 

Additionally, janitorial cleaning in Fort Kent provides a straightforward way to earn an extra $18 per hour, ideal for supplementing income while working full time. 

These opportunities, ranging from high-earning contract jobs to simple, entry-level gigs, demonstrate Maine’s dynamic gig economy, catering to various skills and lifestyles, even for those aiming to make money without a degree or prior experience.

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