Best Side Hustles in Vermont

Vermont offers incredible opportunities for side hustles. With the second-highest per-capita percentage of people with second and third jobs in the US, Vermonters have found a way to turn their passions into profitable ventures.

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Whether you’re looking to make some extra income or pursue your true passion, Vermont has a wide range of side hustle options to choose from. From pottery and photography to craftwork and web design, there’s something for everyone.

So, if you’re ready to explore the world of side hustles in Vermont, read on to discover the best opportunities for extra income and part-time work. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities that await!

Key Takeaways:

  • Side hustles in Vermont offer a way to earn extra income while pursuing your passion.
  • Vermont has a high percentage of residents with second and third jobs, making it a hotspot for side hustles.
  • From pottery and photography to craftwork and web design, there are diverse side hustle options available in Vermont.
  • Consider your skills and interests when choosing a side hustle, and start earning extra income in Vermont today.
  • Explore Vermont’s vibrant arts scene and community while fueling your entrepreneurial spirit through side hustles.

The Rise of Side Hustles Across the Nation

Side hustles have become increasingly popular nationwide, allowing individuals to earn extra income and pursue their passions outside of their primary jobs.

Vermont may have a high percentage of residents with second and third jobs, but the trend of side hustles extends far beyond the state’s borders. According to a survey from Bankrate, 44 million American adults have a side gig in addition to their primary source of income.

This includes people from all walks of life, but millennials, in particular, embrace the side hustle culture. In fact, 28 percent of those aged 18 to 26 have an additional job.

Side hustles offer a myriad of benefits. They allow you to explore your interests, develop new skills, and earn extra money. Whether you’re a freelance writer, graphic designer, or dog walker, plenty of side job opportunities are available in Vermont and nationwide.

“Having a side hustle not only provides me with extra income, but it also gives me a sense of fulfillment and creative freedom. It’s a way for me to pursue my passions and diversify my income streams,” says Sarah, a part-time web developer and aspiring photographer.

So, if you want to make some extra cash or explore a different career path, consider joining the millions of Americans who have embraced the side hustle trend. With so many opportunities available, you’re sure to find a side gig that aligns with your skills, interests, and schedule.

Top Summer Side Hustles for Extra Income

Looking to make some extra income during the summer months in Vermont? Here are some of the best side hustles that can provide flexibility and boost your wallet.

Whether you’re a student on break or simply looking to earn extra cash, these summer side hustles have covered you.

Pet Sitting

If you’re an animal lover, pet sitting can be a fun and rewarding way to make extra income. Many pet owners travel during the summer and need someone to care for their furry friends.

You can offer your services through local pet-sitting websites or by word of mouth. Enjoy the warm weather and spend time with adorable pets while earning money.

Airbnb Accommodations

Do you have a spare room or vacant property? Renting it out through Airbnb can be a lucrative side hustle during the summer.

Travelers always seek unique and affordable accommodations, especially in popular Vermont destinations. Ensure your space is clean, welcoming, and well-equipped to attract guests and earn extra income.

Delivery Driver

The demand for delivery services is rising, and summer is the perfect time to take advantage of this side hustle.

Platforms like UberEats, InstaCart, and GrubHub constantly seek delivery drivers to fulfill orders. Enjoy the flexibility of setting your hours and explore the scenic routes of Vermont while making extra cash.

These summer side hustles offer flexible work hours, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful Vermont outdoors while earning extra income. Choose the side hustle that aligns with your interests and skills, and start making money this summer.

Whether you’re pet sitting, renting out accommodations, or delivering meals, these opportunities provide a chance to have fun, meet new people, and achieve your financial goals.

Freelancing as a Side Hustle

Freelancing can be a lucrative side hustle option if you have creative, marketing, or financial skills. It allows you to work on projects that align with your expertise and interests while earning extra income.

Freelance opportunities in Vermont include writing, editing, videography, illustration, social media management, and bookkeeping. With the rise of remote work and online platforms, freelancing has become more accessible and flexible than ever.

Freelancing as a side hustle offers several benefits. First, it allows you to diversify your income streams and reduce reliance on a single job. This can provide financial security and stability, especially during uncertain times.

Second, freelancing offers the flexibility to choose your own projects and work schedule. Depending on your availability and workload, you can take on as many or as few gigs as you want.

Additionally, freelancing enables you to work with clients from different industries, expanding your professional network and skillset.

Before embarking on your freelance journey, reviewing any employment agreements or contracts with your main job is essential. Some companies may have restrictions on freelancing or require you to disclose your side hustle activities.

Ensure that you understand and comply with these terms to maintain a positive working relationship with your employer. Once you have clarified the legalities, you can start marketing your services and building a client base.

Utilize online platforms, social media, and professional networks to showcase your skills and attract potential clients.

Freelancing allows you to turn your passion into profit. Whether you’re a skilled writer, designer, or marketer, there are numerous opportunities to monetize your expertise. Take the leap and start freelancing as a side hustle in Vermont, and you may find yourself on a path towards financial success and personal fulfillment.

Table: Popular Freelance Jobs in Vermont

Job TitleSkills RequiredAverage Earnings
Freelance WriterStrong writing skills, research abilities$25 – $100 per hour
Social Media ManagerProficiency in social media platforms, content creation$15 – $50 per hour
Graphic DesignerDesign software knowledge, creativity$20 – $80 per hour
Web DeveloperHTML, CSS, programming languages$30 – $100 per hour
Marketing ConsultantMarketing strategies, analytical skills$50 – $150 per hour

Table: Popular Freelance Jobs in Vermont showcasing various freelance opportunities and their average earnings. These figures may vary depending on experience, skill level, and client demand. It’s essential to research market rates and set competitive pricing for your services.

Reselling for Extra Income

If you’re looking for a side hustle in Vermont, consider becoming an online reseller. Reselling items on platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Poshmark can be a profitable way to earn extra income.

Finding unique and in-demand items can turn a simple hobby into a thriving business. Whether you’re interested in vintage clothing, designer accessories, or pop culture memorabilia, there’s a market for almost anything.

Take the time to research current trends and popular categories to maximize your chances of success. By knowing what buyers are looking for, you can source items strategically and sell them at a higher price.

Building a successful reselling business requires attention to detail and effective marketing. Take high-quality photos of your items and write compelling descriptions to attract potential buyers.

Offer excellent customer service and ship items promptly to maintain positive reviews and build a strong reputation.

Online reseller

In addition to online platforms, consider selling at local flea markets or hosting garage sales to reach a wider audience. Engage with your customers and build relationships to encourage repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

Reselling is a flexible side hustle that allows you to work on your schedule. With dedication and a keen eye for valuable items, you can turn your passion for thrifting and finding unique treasures into a profitable venture.


Looking for part-time work in Vermont? Consider exploring side hustles for extra income. Vermont has a thriving community of individuals working multiple jobs to pursue their passions and increase their monthly earnings.

A range of side hustles are available, from freelancing opportunities like writing, editing, and social media management to online reselling platforms such as eBay and Etsy. These side jobs allow you to utilize your skills and interests while boosting your financial goals.

Whether you want to pay down debt or save up for a dream vacation, side hustles offer a flexible way to earn extra income. Vermont’s high percentage of residents with second and third jobs make it an ideal location for finding rewarding part-time work.

So, why not explore the side hustle options available to you? Find an opportunity that aligns with your skills and interests, and start earning that extra income today. With part-time work in Vermont, you can achieve your financial goals while pursuing your passions.


Are side hustles only popular in Vermont?

No, side hustles are popular across the nation. In fact, according to a survey from Bankrate, 44 million American adults have a side gig in addition to their primary source of income.

What are some popular side hustles in Vermont?

Popular side hustles in Vermont include pottery, photography, taxidermy services, craftwork, woodwork, small market gardening, honey collection and selling, small engine repair, web design, marketing consulting, coaching sports or outdoor activities, and teaching yoga.

What are some good summer side hustles in Vermont?

Some good summer side hustles in Vermont include pet sitting, offering Airbnb accommodations, and working as a delivery driver. These options provide extra income and flexible work hours.

Can freelancing be a side hustle in Vermont?

Definitely! Freelancing is a popular side hustle option for those with creative, marketing, or financial skills. Opportunities include writing, editing, videography, illustration, social media management, and bookkeeping.

How can I start reselling items as a side hustle in Vermont?

To start reselling items in Vermont, you can use platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Poshmark. It’s important to understand the market and find items that are in demand. Reselling can be a lucrative side hustle if done right.

Do side hustles in Vermont provide extra income?

Yes, side hustles in Vermont, like in any other location, provide individuals with the opportunity to earn extra income. Whether you want to boost savings or pay down debt, side hustles offer a way to increase monthly income and achieve financial goals.

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