Internships: How To Get Your First Job

Getting a job is the ultimate goal for many people; however, getting a job is not that easy, and you have to intern at a couple of places first before you can land a job. Internships are great because they allow you much corporate exposure and also help you gain real-life skills.

The life we experience in university and the actual life present outside are very different, and many people have difficulty adjusting in and take quite a lot of time to gel into the corporate world. The internship hunt can, however, get crazy with all your peer competing against you. I have compiled a comprehensive list of reliable companies offering internships even during the hard time that we experience now.

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Online Internships & Online business internships

The world is becoming increasingly global, and therefore there are multiple online internships that you could take part in from the comfort of your homes.

Kpmg Virtual Internship

One of the big names in audit is that of KPMG, and the KPMG virtual internship is an excellent opportunity for those that are considering specializing in the audit department. The internship is entirely online and also self-paced, and it is up to you if you want to complete the internship in breaks or take it all in one go.

You also get to compare your work with KPMG real-life graduates and workers and get to learn valuable skills on the job and even on the go.

This internship is free and does not pay its interns because of the large number of interns completing the internship automated program at a time. You get to view model solutions from KPMG employees once you have completed the internship.

Virtual Internships

Remote internships mean that you can complete your internships from anywhere around the globe from the comfort of your laptop. The virtual internship website gives you a guarantee that you will be placed as an online intern at any location of your choice around the world.

You are also assigned an internship coach that can help you go through all the internship stages so that your online internship feels like a real one. You need to fill out the form online and pay the acceptance fees to get accepted into the program.

Shopify Internship

The Shopify internship gives you command over the way the firm is being run, and you are also given responsibilities, and you end up performing tasks that can impact the consumer and seller base. The internship program allows you to connect with mentors that help guide and teach you throughout the internship process.

You get paid $28 per hour, and the application is online, but you are interviewed in their office and are required to show up and be punctual. Luckily Shopify is present in many places around the globe; therefore, it is not that hard to find. You don’t need to be a student to be eligible for a Shopify internship.

Microsoft Explore Internship

Interning at Microsoft is considered to be a big deal, and you can do an internship at Microsoft through their 12-week Microsoft explore internship. The internship is exclusively designed for first-year and second-year students and is rotational, which means that you can go around the different functions of Microsoft and gain exposure about all the work that is required in various functions.

This internship is specially designed for people from technical majors, and your resume needs to include your full name and relevant contact details. In this internship, you will work with small teams to complete various projects.

The internship claims to offer competitive pay and transport services. They usually pay their interns around $32 per hour. In some cases, they also provide relocation facilities as well.

Microsoft Research Internship

If you’re a geek who loves research or is someone who majors in research, then you can apply for this internship. Microsoft research provides its interns with a research environment and also research labs that are recognized by interns.

In this internship, you get to follow professionals around and learn from them. You are also paired with interns and mentors and often take up many different collaboration endeavors.

Interns able to secure positions at Microsoft are paid 32$ per hour, and Microsoft often helps sort out your visa issues in some cases.

Twitter Internship

Twitter is more than a cool information-sharing platform. Instead, it also has various internship programs. They offer a 12-week internship program for internships all around the world.

You are also supervised by a manager and have a mentee that guides you throughout the internship process. An internship at twitter pays you $37 per hour. Twitter has internship opportunities all around the globe and is pro-diversity; therefore, you can be an intern at twitter from anywhere around the world.

Google Bold Internship

The Google Bold internship is an internship that challenges you to unleash your inner creativity. Through this internship, you will learn project management. You need to be an undergraduate to be able to apply for this internship. All the other details are mentioned on their website.

The internship pays $26 per hour and requires you to work from their San Francisco office.

Snapchat Internship

Snapchat interns are very well paid and earn an average of $10,000 per month. The silicon valley internships end up paying many interns well. The internship is full time and is located in Los Angeles, where you will be required to work with a mentor and learn throughout the process.

Pinterest Internship

Pinterest has a 12-week internship program where you will be able to experience work like a full-time employee. Pinterest is also famous for offering high rates at approximately $9000 per month. All you need to do is be in the process of getting an undergraduate degree.

Mozilla Internship

Another 12-week internship option is Mozilla. This internship is for technologically savvy people and pays $20 per hour. Mozilla internships happen at their offices, and you need to be currently enrolled in their undergraduate degree.

Facebook Internship

Facebook university internship is a program that is targeted to get the underprivileged communities with much-needed exposure, and it is an inclusive internship that includes people from all walks of life.

The internship is designed for engineers and undergraduate students. Facebook pays its interns nearly $8000 per month. There are different types of internship opportunities that range both from remote and at the site.

Government Internships

USA Job Internships

If you are a current student or a recent undergraduate, then you are eligible for a federal internship. They have multiple internship positions open throughout the year with different positions and role requirements.

If you want to gain a governmental internship, then you need to keep checking their portal for new openings or internship postings. Agencies may end up hiring you for one year or periods for more than one year. You will also be required to meet the specific job qualifications of the particular internship.

There is no fixed pay rate because of the diversity of government jobs.

Australian Government Internships

If you are an Australian looking for an internship opportunity, then you can try your hand at securing an Australian governmental internship. For this, you will need to continually keep checking their portal for job openings and vacancies and hope that something pops up.

They also have a dedicated blog that can help students with advice and assist them throughout their internship journey. If you are unsure of your career path, then you can try getting a couple of governmental internships that can help you.

There is no fixed payout rate as the government only provides a platform through which you can get hired, and the hiring is done by agencies.

Internships In Ireland

If you’re an Ireland national or someone that loves to travel, then you can consider getting your internship from Ireland. The portal claims to be a specialized service that filters out and makes available the best internship opportunities.

You can also choose to live with a host family. You can get internships in most sectors, and the platform will help assist you during the internship process as well.

Internship In UK

If you’re a UK national or just someone that would like to explore the sights of the UK, then you should look for internship opportunities in the UK so that you can tour the country and also use your time productively.

The portal, like all other portals, has multiple job openings from different firms almost all the time, and you need to keep a vigilant eye on the portal for your dream internship to pop up on it. To be able to find internships, you will need to register yourself on the site.

Student Job Internship Portal

Among all the platform for students, you can also apply on student job to get a job as a student or an internship.

This portal is specifically designed to facilitate the internship process and has a wide variety of internships from every industry. There are also no rigid internship requirements in place because you are picked up by agencies, and each internship quite naturally has different needs.

The portal requires you to register, and they will then keep sending you relevant internship opportunities via email.

Center For American Progress Internship

The internship at the center for American progress is a 10-week internship that requires you to be either a high school student, a college student, or someone in between their Ph.D. program. Graduates are also welcome to apply, provided that they have not exceeded the period of their graduation.

The application process requires you to add your cover letter, resume, and also writing samples. This internship pays $15 per hour and also provides its interns with metro benefits.

Canadian Government Internship

Travel the world and explore multiple internship opportunities in Canada. There are a wide range of internships provided by the government of Canada, and you can get volunteer, part-time internships as well.

There are also many different internship opportunities and youth ambassador programs. You can also take training programs that can help improve your language skills. You can also take part in a variety of conservation projects as well.

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Healthcare internships

Flat Iron Health Internship

If you’re someone specializing in healthcare, then this internship opportunity is ideal for you: a career in Flatiron. You get to work with researchers, oncologists. The place has more internships for tech-related personnel than other departments.

Flatiron pays its interns $18 per hour and requires most of its interns to report to their centers.

Highmark Internship

Highmark Health has programs for young talent so that they can bring in new ideas and solutions into the healthcare sector. Through Highmark internship programs, you get to transform and revolutionize the health landscape, and you also get paid $17 per hour alongside. The internship requires you to report to their office regularly.

CVs Internship

In light of the current pandemic situation CV internship has accelerated its internship program to allow the maximum amount of people to take part so that healthcare is provided faster to those who need it.

The place pays $17 per hour and has a wide range of medical and nonmedical internships available.

Northwell Health Internship

The internship is geared towards health services and provides its interns with an average hourly salary of $17. The internship program focuses on training individuals to tackle the health crisis and also assists doctors and nurses on the job.

You need to report to their centers and fill out an online form.
Find an internship to land your first job.
23 opportunities to work for a big company or for the government.

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