iOS Developer Jobs

Website and mobile developments are one of the most flourishing and advanced working sectors. The job of an iOS developer is to:

  • build and and design new apps
  • maintain and improve existing app by adding new features for example
  • fix bugs and security breaches
  • ensure that apps follow guidelines and recommendations

for devices powered by Apple’s iOS operating system.

App development is a high-income skill that can make you more than $10k a month. More and more people are interested in iOS developer jobs but not all of them know where to start. Here are a few simple steps to become an iOS developer:

Find a remote online job and work from home: 4 steps to becoming an iOS developer. Objective C and Swift are the main languages for iOS app development. And you will need to know how to use the interface Xcode. 
Software developer salary is great, and you can have your apps in the Apple store where thousands of people may find them. Follow app design trends to produce in-demand apps with the best design and functionality.

Why you should become an ios developer

There are many benefits of being an iOS developer such as:

● Numerous people choose a developer career because they will be able to make a decent living, and by an increase in experience, the pay scale increases drastically.

● The next reason iOS skills are in high demand is because of the popularity that Apple products have gained. It is rewarding to work with one of the most successful company in the world. In addition, people who work for/with Apple gain credibility that they can leverage later if they want to apply for another job.

● You would be able to target a vast amount of Apple users. You don’t have to advertise since Apple customers will see your apps.

● Apple is already one of the leading companies in the world and keeps growing. Since the third quarter of 2019 the number of iOS apps has been increasing to reach 1.85 million by the first quarter of 2020. Even though the number of iOS developers has already exceeded the 20 millions Apple still needs new inventive programmers.

● As a member you will get access to a huge number of features, tools and apps. You will be able to use some beta versions even before they become available for the public.

● It could be a flexible job and you can work online remotely from your comfort of your home.

During this period of uncertainty, this is important to know that you can still keep working at home and make good money if we experience another quarantine.

All About iOS Developer Jobs

iOS is Apple’s mobile software operating system, and you might not know about it, but iOS is known as the second most popular operating system. Once you get into this career, you would be able to notice that it is so vast and customizable that you would be able to make any sort of changes in the applications developed for the iOS operating system.

All sorts of iOS applications are created with the help of Apple’s self-built development software, such as Xcode and Swift. With the help of this two-development software, you would be able to create any kind of application, no matter if its for iPhone, iPad, macOS, or watchOS platform.

If you are a bit aware of android development, you might be tempted to use a virtual machine to use Xcode on a PC. Although it is possible, the best practice is to invest in a Mac and get to know the Apple ecosystem.

Xcode represents the development platform to create any software and app designed for Apple devices. It free to use on the Mac App Store for registered developers that meet certain criteria. Xcode has all the tools a developer may need to create any application.

Language For iOS Developers

If you want to build your iOS development career, then you should invest your time in Objective-c and Swift. Although Objective-C is a programming language that was used with older iOS applications, we suggest you learn that too.

Because in the future, if you have ever need to deal with an earlier developed app, you would have to do that with the help of the objective-c programming language. The latest iOS applications are being developed with the help of the Swift programming language only. If you want to get started with iOS development, you should get started with objective-c or Swift.

Even though Swift is the new language that any iOS programmer should learn, many big companies have an existing app built with objective-c (they will need app maintenance from developers who know both programming languages).

iOS Training and certification programs

There are numerous iOS online training centers that you can find in the market, they will help you learn iOS development from its basics to an expert level.

You can even join offline coaching classes for iOS development training. If you are someone who does not want to invest money in learning iOS development, then you would be able to find numerous websites offering free online training where you can learn iOS development skills within no time.

  • Complete iOS swift and objective-c course on Udemy
  • Find an iOS developer course on Coursera
  • Become an iOS developer with Udacity
  • Learn with a free iOS developer tutorial on YouTube

Some of these platforms offer training with a certification course. A certificate of completion can increase your chance of finding your first iOS development job.

Apple Developer Academy

The Apple Developer Academy is situated as the University of Federico, where you would be able to take admission and learn about iOS development and many more things related to it. This place is specially designed by Apple, from where you would be able to learn iOS development from the latest updates made by Apple in their development software.

Not only that, getting a place here to learn iOS development is extremely difficult, and every student that takes place here would be able to learn about the software and hardware of Apple products from iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and many more.

This academy was opened in 2016, and since then, they have educated 1000 students. All these students were able to get good jobs with better pay scales at various high-end companies.

In short, we can say that with the help of Apple Developer Academy, you would be able to get valuable knowledge about iOS and its development platforms

Apple Developer Program & Apple Developer Account

You can not just build an application and right after completion publish it on the App Store.

The first step is to join the Apple Developer Program by creating an Apple developer account. This membership will give you access to everything you need to create your first app. To enroll in the Apple Developer Program as an individual, you will need:

  • an Apple ID (to create an Apple ID click here)
  • a valid email
  • a cell phone number
  • to pay $99 subscription fee for a yearly membership
  • to be at least 18 years old

Apple is a very respected company and they want to keep it that way. This is why they create a paid subscription to filter people who submit apps (because when you pay for something you generally put much effort to do it properly). On top of that, they require two-factor authentication to keep your account protected.

How to get your app approved by apple

From CodeWithChris YouTube channel: Publishing to the App store

iOS Developers Salary

iOS development is a career option that enables one to get some impressive salary packages. If you are someone in the United States trying to get started with iOS development and want to form a career in it, then you would be able to earn more than $100K a year.


“The median annual wage for software developers, applications, was $103,620 in May 2018.”

“The median annual wage for software developers, systems software, was $110,000 in May 2018.”

The numbers differ depending on the source, here are some estimates for the average iOS developer salary in the US for the past few years:

SourceAnnual salary
Neuvoo.comAverage iOS developer salary $122,645 / year
Salary.comEntry-level iOS developer salary $79,503 / year
Payscale.comAverage iOS developer salary $86,622 / year
Glassdoor.comAverage iOS developer base pay $96,016 / year
Buitinnyc.comAverage iOS developer base salary in New York $132,338 / year

Examples of iOS developer salary in the US

The average salary is a good indicator for the expected salary but you have developers making more than $170k a year.


Chances are you have heard about the 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC20) where Apple announced the launch of several new products. The best ones were the iOS 14 update for all those iPhones that were supported with iOS 13.

Not only that, but they also throw the latest macOS update, which is known as macOS Big Sur. macOS Catalina supported those MacBooks would be able to get the macOS Big Sur update soon; you can expect your macOS update by September.

Along with these things, they also made numerous changes and updates in their development program and software.

iPhone App Developer

iPhone app development is a more difficult job than Android app development; this is because, with iOS development, you would never be able to take advantage of any extra addition for coding or other such development software.

You would be able to develop your iPhone app with the help of Xcode and Swift only. No other application is designed to develop iPhone applications.

Apple iTunes Developer:

Apple iTunes development is a vast section of iPhone app development, with the help of making changes and developments into Apple iTunes. Under Apple iTunes development, you would have to deal with iTunes application, backup, and other such factors.

Apple TV app development

Building an apple TV app uses similar programming languages to other iOS apps but the way you think about the app is different. For example, people watching TV can be several meters away from the TV and can not type as they do on a mac. With the event of 4-way technologies, iOS developers have even more opportunities to develop high-quality apps.

12 iOS development key skills

To be an efficient developer you need many skills, we will not try to list all the skills but instead focus on 10 of the most important ones:

  • learn two programming languages: objective-c and swift
  • know how to use these platforms for coding: Xcode and Swift
  • guidelines designing [Design guidelines] (Model View Controller, iOS delegate pattern)
  • working with APIs and networking (app interactions with the web, JSON data)
  • learn how to use Git and GitHub
  • use third party libraries for ios (ReactiveCocoa, AFNetworking, Alamofire, …)
  • know how to be good at spatial reasoning
  • ios unit testing
  • (GCD in iOS) Grand Central Dispatch usage (treads, iOS concurrency, …)
  • core data (“framework to save, track, modify and filter the data within iOS apps”)
  • master databases (know how to use the SGLite or realm)
  • team collaboration tools for ios (slack ios, swiftland, …)

You are not required to know everything about iOS but putting more eggs in your basket will give you the edge over other developers and increase your chances to land a job. For even more opportunities you may consider becoming an Android developer.

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