How To Make Money On Amazon [Amazon remote jobs]

Amazon offers plenty of opportunities to earn money online from home. Association with a big online marketplace is a great way to get started as a remote worker. As a giant multinational company, in 2020 Amazon has around 840,400 employees and also works with independent contractors.

If you want to make money from home, here are a list of 30 Amazon remote jobs: [for Amazon Web Services and more]

  • Architect job openings on Amazon
  • Commercial sales strategy lead, AWS
  • Customer practice manager
  • Customer service associate
  • Customer solutions manager
  • Delivery station manager/Site manager
  • Digital devices and Alexa support associate
  • Financial services business development
  • Front-End engineer
  • HR operations assistant
  • IT, virtual location
  • Labor economist
  • Manage, solutions architecture
  • Principal consultant
  • Principal product manager
  • Principle sales specialist
  • Regional EHS manager
  • Sales planning and workflow automation
  • Security assistant
  • SLG enterprise account manager
  • SR product marketing manager
  • SR security data scientist
  • SR field auditor
  • Software development engineer
  • Selling partner support associate
  • Senior customer delivery architect
  • Senior practice manager
  • Senior product manager technical
  • Senior regional compliance officer
  • Technical account manager
Image of Amazon fulfillment center

This is not an extensive list of telecommuting Amazon jobs, you will find later a link to all AWS jobs. Who knew amazon, which was started as a small business for selling books, could grow so much that people would think of this online platform for buying and selling almost anything you could think of.

Work from home for amazon

While you are searching for opportunities, look for the work from home opportunity by amazon. Job offers are available in many countries and different languages. It can be part-time, full-time, or seasonal. The Amazon virtual locations are for people who are interesting in a remote position.

Amazon jobs

Amazon careers are not limited to work from home but cover a large range of offers, for students for example, and jobs in about 33 different categories. Which represents tens of thousands of openings. The work is not only related to customer service but also for the people with the background of technology and many more.

Amazon is a great place to look for employment because it is a marketplace that has an excellent reputation and can promise good turnout based on your efforts. If you need more ways to earn, apply for the jobs at Amazon, we can help you out.

· Start with searching for the appropriate job. You can search here for the job.

· Once you have carefully researched for the job based on your background and specialization, you will find the option of applying now.

· Fill all the requirements in the form. Wait for the follow-up.

This is a simple process, but it will require a lot of research to score the job that you can work on. If you are willing to work as the associate for a warehouse for the Amazon fulfillment center, you can find all the relevant information here.

Once you have applied for the job, wait for the follow-up from the amazon team. Feel free to ask the question from the team. Here you can request an item and find out others frequently asked questions on Amazon.

Affiliate marketing with amazon

Becoming an Amazon Associate is another remote opportunity where you do not have to go to work on fixed hours. The main motive of the amazon affiliate is to accelerate sales and drive traffic. You must be thinking, does it work.

If you have a website or a blog that has considerable traffic, you can add special amazon links to the products. To be able to make money blogging with a commission-based earning, you need to write content that is effective enough that people end up purchasing the amazon products.

Among all the social media platforms, YouTube is probably one of the best ways to advertise, promote affiliate products and make money. Although affiliate marketing is not as easy as it was before, it is still possible to earn up to six figures as an affiliate.

Some people know how to navigate and take advantage of the abundance of free online resources, but others just get lost watching hundreds of videos without taking action. The results are not typical and it is highly recommended to take a course at the beginning in order to learn the basics: best traffic sources (social media and paid traffic), how to drive traffic that converts, direct linking vs web content vs landing page, email marketing and how to build a list, and more. Are you willing to explore more?

Amazon associate earnings

Kindle publishing. How to publish a book through Amazon Kindle?

Start selling on Amazon KDP

You need to know what is Amazon Kindle; The Amazon Kindle is a service for reading, browsing, buying, and downloading an e-book. Kindle publishing is an in-house publishing platform of Amazon that lets you publish your e-books through it.

Moreover, if you are thinking, why you should choose the Amazon Kindle for publishing your e-book, the answer is simple. The world is revolutionizing, so is the process of publishing. People no longer buy only hard copybooks but they also buy more and more eBooks.

Now is the time when people look for an online solution. It is a lot more challenging to publish a book with any other publisher. Even though there is no guarantee of profit, Amazon is a safe place to publish a book. When you plan to publish a book on Amazon KDP you still have to think about a way to drive traffic and to make people discover your book.

After a while, if you manage to have a book with good content, proper keywords in the description, good reviews and, consistent sales, Amazon will begin to give a better ranking to your book. Amazon is a giant marketplace that has a lot of customers every day. If you can get a fraction of these people to buy your book then you will make profits.

Picture of a man working on a computer

Here is how you can publish a book through Amazon Kindle.

· Firstly, you need to find the niche that you want to write your book about.

· Once you are done with the research, start writing the book. Writing, editing, and formatting, the cover: you can do it all by yourself or with the help of a ghostwriter using a freelance website or a professional ghostwriting company.

· Add a title and a cover page along with the e-book.

· Now, the next step is to set up the Amazon KDP account for publishing the book.

· Now that everything is set up for the book, you can move further with fulling all the requirements of publishing the book and proceed with the publication.

Selling physical products on Amazon: Amazon FBA and retail arbitrage

Becoming a seller for amazon is the best option for earning money, but it is risky as well; you can not be sure of the drawing without having the proper research and knowledge of what you need to do. There are two options for the sellers on amazon.

One is the Amazon FBA option where the seller or the supplier ships all the inventory to Amazon, which is taken care of later by amazon for the shipping. You will also have to decide at the very beginning whether you are going for private labeling or not.

Although private labeling does require more work upfront it is better to develop a brand in order to build a sustainable business. Let us have a look at a quick overview of what each party has to do.

You as an amazon seller:

– Find a niche.

– Product research, a tool like jungle scout can be very helpful and is used by many successful sellers.

– Find suppliers, you can try US suppliers, Alibaba or any other supplier depending on your location and your budget.

– Ship the products to an Amazon warehouse following the guidelines they will give you. Be aware that Amazon has specific requirements like package size, bar code, etc. If you don’t follow the guidelines you may be subject to extra fees or delays.

– List your product using Amazon seller central, make sure you have a good product description with relevant keywords and great pictures.

– Manage your stock, a very important part to avoid being penalized by Amazon. Plan ahead of time and calculate how many items to buy regarding your previous selling rate and a little bit of spying on the competition, follow the trend and decide if you can still sell a product.

– Drive traffic to your product listing

What is the role of Amazon?

– Stock your products

– Taking care of payment and shipping

– Offer customers service

Keep in mind that Amazon FBA is not a get rich quick but instead a real business. What does that mean?

You will need to invest time and money before making money and profits. You may need several months before beginning to sell and again several months before making any profit. Results are not topical, some good online marketers manage to build a profitable business from Amazon FBA within 3 months and others will need a year to see profits.

Compare to a traditional business making some profits within a year is still very good. Like any business, some people are going to fail but it is a scalable stream of income. For example, Larry Lubarsky managed to build a company that makes millions of dollars each year selling physical products on Amazon.

Amazon selling center

Amazon retail arbitrage

You can also try the retail arbitrage to earn some money. What you need to do is to resell the products that you have already bought.

– How to find products

To begin you can install the Amazon seller app on your mobile phone. It allows you to scan any product in a store and to see all the information about this product on Amazon.

Another way is to use Brickseek to find products to sell on Amazon or eBay for retail arbitrage. Brickseek is very accurate and allows you to see the best deals on most of the well-known shops like Walmart, Target, Lowe’s and many more.

After comparison, you can decide if it is a good product to choose for retail arbitrage.

– How to determine the price of a product

When it comes to setting a price, every seller has his own rule. First, you need to know in detail all your expenses and Amazon fees. Then, you will set a price that will allow you to make some profit. Here are some of the rules that can help you set a price.

Sell your product at a price three times higher than the original price (better for low priced items). Your profit margin can be anywhere from 40% to 60% depending on the volatility of the market you are in. Plan a net profit of at least 3 to 4 dollars.

Knowing that you can benefit from impulse buying for a selling price under $30 it is best to start with products priced from $20 to $30. That way you can get at the same time enough customers and a good net profit. For example (10/25)x100 = 40, which means the product cost and all your fees (the Amazon fees, shipment to amazon warehouse, UPC code, etc.) should be $15.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Do you know what Amazon Mechanical Turk is? Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing domain for people who want to work remotely and from home. It is more for side hustles rather than earning big money. Although it is not a high-paying source, you can make good money with it if you are dedicated enough.

There are various types of work available on MTurk. You can apply following the specialization and your background. These are a few domains you can work on.

  • Image and video processing
  • Data mining
  • Date verification and clean up
  • Information gathering
  • Data processing
Chart showing how MTurk marketplace works

Here are several tips and tricks to keep in mind while you are starting your journey with MTurk.

  • It can take some time to review the application, and it can also be rejected.
  • It may also take time for you to qualify for the high-paying gigs, but you need to work on the low-paying HITS to qualify.
  • Keep checking for the HITS as the high-paying HITS can be taken quickly.
  • Make sure you check the rating before applying for the jobs.
  • Do not spam the requesters or avoid working with spammy requesters.
  • Do not take this as permanent work. Keep it as a side hustle.

These are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while you are researching for work opportunities through Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Make money with Amazon Appstore

If you are a developer or you are simply good at coding, you should consider making some decent money by monetizing your apps on Amazon. First, you need to create a free developer account and follow the instruction.

With Amazon Appstore, you can generally reach a larger audience and avoid some of the hassles of publishing an app by leveraging the power of Amazon. For example, you will be able to build apps for Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire tablets, Android phones, and many more.

Wrap up

Earning money is not always an easy task, either it is through Amazon or any other market place. Before you apply for a job on Amazon, be sure you know what your skills are and look for the options that are best for you.

Quote by Lily Tomlin: “The road to success is always under construction”.

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