Best Remote Jobs For Single Parents

If you are a single parent you are probably struggling with time management and making money. Most of the time while working by day we need to hire a nanny for taking care of the children or else find a daycare. Some of us are lucky and have grandpa or grandma living in the same area, they can save a lot of headaches and really help with the kids.

Single mon and single dad working and taking care of their baby

Eventually, when they enter kindergarten parents have more time and may think about planing different activities like for example working out, going to the supermarket, etc. One of the best ways to be able to manage work, social activities, and the kids is to work from home.

In that case, you will be able to save time on commuting, make your own schedule and save some money. For example, if you go to the office you may spend money on transportation and eating out.

Let us have a look at some high-paying jobs that you can do online while working from the comfort of your home. Some of them are project-based where you can make a good amount of money per project. Many of these jobs do not require a degree.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant offers services to companies, businesses, or entrepreneurs and usually works from home. Virtual assistants can have a wide range of roles: customer support, help to build a website, manage social media accounts, take care of promotional campaigns, email management, online store fulfillment, and much more.

For example, if you like spending time on Pinterest and know how to grow an account you can try to be a Pinterest virtual assistant. Website owners are looking for ways to get consistent free traffic to their websites and Pinterest is perfect for that. You need some skills in a particular area, an internet connection and a computer (phone, or laptop) to start.

This is a good job for a stay-at-home mom since you get to work remotely and can set your own working hours. You can make a full-time income and have time to spend with your family even if you are a single parent.

Depending on your skills and experience virtual assistant can be a high-paying job. The salary varies a lot, from $1,250 to $10,875 according to ZipRecruiter. Here are the top 50 virtual assistant companies. Some of them may be hiring!

Dog sitting, dog walking, and dog boarding

If you like pets, and particularly dogs there are some companies that will give you the opportunity to make money while taking care of dogs. It is important to have some experience with pets to have some understanding of animal behavior and animal care. Here are a few companies to work with:

Life coach

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a life coach is “someone who helps clients decide what they want in their life and how to achieve it”. As a life coach, you can do your job from anywhere and you also have the freedom to set your own work schedule.

It can be versatile since you may work with individuals, companies, professional athletes. But you can also decide to pick a niche, for example working only with women other than 40 who want to lose weight. A life coach will be a guide on the path of success and self-improvement.

According to an article by the universal coach institute, the average salary of a life coach is about $61,900 in North America and $55,300 in Western Europe. However, the hourly rate can vary a lot: a new life coach may begin around $70 per hour whereas an experienced mentor coaching a celebrity can charge $1000 per hour.

And, according to the website, Martha Beck who was the coach of Oprah Winfrey earns about $1,000,000 per year. Not everyone will make this kind of money, but it is possible to work as little or as much you want and therefore you will be able to earn enough money to achieve financial freedom.

This is not a job that anyone can do because it requires mastering many skills for example “being a good listener” and having this ability that enables you to help people. As a doctor you must help your client while keeping enough distance, not being affected by someone else problems in a way that can prevent you from helping.

Generally, in a course for life coaching, you will have to work on your own behaviors and deal with Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It is possible to join a training academy in your area or find a program online.

The price can vary a lot since some programs just offer the certificate and others offer additional supports like for example helping you find your first customers or set up your business. Become a certified life coach and begin a life coaching business with teachable. It is an amazing career that you can develop over time slowly and perfect for stay-at-home moms.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers can be people who create logos, channel art/ thumbnails for YouTube, pins for Pinterest, downloadable products to sell on Etsy, and so on. Many of us have learned to use software like Photoshop, GIMP, Acorn, PicMonkey for our personal use or to make a presentation for school.

Why not leveraging this skill to make money. If you do not know yet, this is something that can be learned in a few weeks and the use of websites like Canva makes it even easier than before. There are so many online entrepreneurs who need graphic design.

For example, I prefer buying a $10 logo on Fiverr for my website and save this time to write more articles. You will have the possibility to earn money by project and not necessarily per hour, this is much better because some companies are willing to spend a lot of money on a single project.

Try to think of a field you want to specialize in: for example, logo makers can make good money but they need a lot of clients for that. However, website design can pay more money per project. You can also sell your services as a graphic designer by working with some of the top 100 graphic design companies.

Online business manager (OBM)

An online business manager manages an online-based company or business. He negotiates deals, manages projects, helps structure a business, leads operations, supervises employees, and much more.

This is an important role because the success of a business may rely on the effectiveness of the business manager. According to glassdoor “the national average salary for an online business manager is $63,388 in the United States”.

Because you will be having a crucial role most businesses will not hire you unless you have some experience or you become a certified online business manager. Here are a few openings in 2020 for OBM:

Retail arbitrage

If you are interested in reselling products from one online platform to another, you can make a decent amount of money. Visit the blog post: How to make money on Amazon.

Social media manager

If you know how to manage and grow a social account, you should consider working as a social media manager. It can be done from home whether you are a single dad or a stay-at-home mom.

So many people do not know how social media work, especially the older ones. Young people are born in the era of social media and most of them use regularly YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

A social media manager can increase organic traffic on a website and improve brand awareness. This is very important for any business that wants to make money online. If you need extra training on social media management, you can take a course on Coursera or Udemy. To have an idea of what social media agencies do, here are the top 100 social media agencies.

Working for a remote company

It is possible to find companies that have a website offering remote jobs. I strongly advise verifying if a company is legit before making any engagement: read reviews, look for some YouTube videos, etc. Fortunately, we have selected some remote companies suitable for a stay-at-home mom or a single dad.

Working for Toggl: Toggl hires worldwide

Working for Alorica: Alorica allows you to get a flexible remote job that will help you balance family life and work.

Source: Alorica, Inc YouTube channel – What We Do

Working for Invision: Invision is a digital design platform hiring remote workers.

Source: InVision YouTube channel – Remote Work Tips for Design Teams

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